Below you’ll find an overview of the resources we provide here at The Third Wave.


Our Ultimate Guides for all major psychedelics. These are comprehensive, long-form guides about various aspects of each major psychedelic, including the history, pharmacology, effects, research, and myths.


We are dedicated to making information and resources on microdosing psychedelics readily available for our community.

Below you’ll find our most popular content on microdosing including our infographic on microdosing, our new microdosing course, and our microdosing book.

We hope to teach you everything you need to know about using psychedelics in a safe, responsible, and outcome-oriented manner.


Cannabis A Comparison Between Indica, Sativa And Hybrid Cannabis In Medical Treatment
Cannabis is known for its medical and recreational use, and has several strains. Here are some comparisons among Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.
Robert Meyer · March 28th, 2020
Community 10 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself and Others During COVID-19
The following information comes directly from Dr. Dan Engle, a board-certified psychiatrist and neurologist who teaches that the true goal […]
Paul Austin · March 19th, 2020
Microdosing Two Organizations Focused on Microdosing Research Announce Partnership
The world is wondering what to do with psilocybin, one of the most promising drugs in the world. Three cities […]
The Third Wave · February 25th, 2020


Recently, we launched a podcast about psychedelics and their growing importance within a range of disciplines and fields.

On The Third Wave Podcast, we talk to a range of individuals who consider the psychedelic experience to be transformative in their life journey.

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Below you will find high-quality external resources that are in line with our mission at The Third Wave to change the cultural understanding of psychedelics.

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Recently, we launched a members only microdosing forum. In our private forum you can learn everything you want to know about microdosing – from other community members who have already gone through the process.

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