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At Third Wave, our mission is more than a statement. As a team and as individuals, we walk the walk. Each of us has been profoundly impacted by psychedelic medicines. We are honored to align our professional expertise as individuals with our shared vision for a happier, more inspired world. We embrace our roles with joy, reverence, and a responsibility to the thousands of lives these medicines will impact through our work.

Paul F. Austin, Founder, CEO – Whitefish, Montana

Paul F. Austin is a pioneer in the 21st century for responsible use of psychedelics for healing, leadership, and personal transformation. He has been featured in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and WebMD for his work amplifying awareness around the benefits of microdosing psychedelics. Paul is the author of the book “Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life” and the founder of two companies in the emerging psychedelic space, Third Wave and Synthesis.

Through his initial seven-month microdosing protocol, Paul experienced the tangible benefits of microdosing LSD, including accelerated learning, easier access to flow states, and a deeper sense of presence. His experience with microdosing inspired him to push for legitimizing psychedelic substances via the topic of microdosing.

Most importantly, intentional psychedelic use helped him to further uncover his own truth, enabling an alignment of purpose and mission with contribution to community and society. Paul’s unconventional path has now placed him in a position to serve the lives of many millions through psychedelic education and literacy.


Vlad Tudorie, Systems Architect – Bucharest, Romania

As Systems Architect, Vlad is responsible for managing Third Wave’s business and technology systems—which is a fancy way of saying he keeps everything up and running. His purview spans the gamut, from administration (billing, technical support, permissions control), operations (business process development, optimization, and onboarding), and customer technical support to systems architecture (solutions implementation and integration), front- and back-end development (design, server admin, backups, automation), and marketing/systems design (automation, data analysis, reporting).

Educated in Economics and Information Technology, Vlad’s career journeyed from computer assembly lines to government computer contracts, before shifting into the software industry—where he worked first in QA and later in interactive game design for Gameloft. After a period of self-actualization, Vlad also spent some time as a journalist for the Romanian news media organization and nationally televised show Zona IT, before joining Third Wave soon after its inception.

Enthusiastic and curious about mechanisms, systems, and gadgetry, when there is ample time available, Vlad may be found wrenching, hammering, soldering, or designing something, when he’s not doing breathwork and meditation exercises. His personal psychedelic favorite is ayahuasca, although LSD and psilocybin also provided valuable, special experiences.

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Jenalle Dion, Head of Content – Nelson, BC, Canada

Jenalle dedicated her education in holistic nutrition to helping people conquer their health goals. She left the prairies to live in the magical ski town of Nelson, BC and soon found herself managing an editorial team at a retreat start-up and drinking ayahuasca with the co-founders. Jenalle freelanced in content marketing, working with organizations whose offerings ranged from luxury powder highway tours, massage therapy services, psilocybin integration courses, and upscale ecommerce products. Her side hustle is Wakeful Travel, a brand that encourages people to travel consciously, whether that’s externally through world adventures or internally with psychedelics.

When she’s not out exploring the world, or tapping into the finer parts of the brain, she’s ripping through pillow pockets at the ski hill, getting down to anything house, funk, or drum and bass, or reconnecting through her yoga practice.

She’s stoked to team up with Third Wave and work towards de-stigmatizing psychedelics and empowering others to harness them as tools for healing.

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Ginger Strand, Project Manager of Content and Marketing – Beaverton, Oregon

Ginger got a bachelor’s degree in fine art doing painting, sculpture, and ceramics, then launched into the business world, developing project management and creative skills in 13+ industries, including millinery (fancy hat making), confectionery, government bids, wedding DJ services, and art library archives. She is happiest doing a variety of tasks that engage both analytical and creative brain matter, and seeing patterns that help her solve challenges.

Raised in Texas, Ginger moved to Oregon in 2014 and considers it heaven. When she’s not out walking in the glorious Oregon scenery—regardless of weather conditions—she spends her time practicing singing lessons, playing with her goofy cats, and continuing to learn about psychedelics. Ginger enjoys various forms of dance, including contra, salsa, and swing, and specialized in Middle Eastern bellydance for 11 years. She is a costume fanatic, known for putting together fabulous costumes with thrift store finds, and has two boxes of wigs to top off her ensembles.

After a transformative psilocybin mushroom journey in May 2020, Ginger realized helping others to heal with psychedelic medicines is her life’s calling. She is honored to be working with Third Wave to deliver great psychedelic content, and is excited to be in Oregon at this historic time in mental health history.


Aviva Rabinovici, Head of Operations – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After graduating with a law degree and working with a major Canadian law firm, Aviva quickly discovered that the corporate world was not her jam. So she started up her own content marketing company instead. In that role, Aviva has developed long-term relationships with some of the world’s largest companies—a background that serves her well in her work with Third Wave. Today, she helps execute Third Wave’s partnership strategy, with a particular focus on cultivating win/win relationships with some of the psychedelic community’s leading organizations.

When not staring deeply into the shining light of her computer, she spends her time honing her decades-long yoga and meditation practice, roasting her own coffee, reveling in both real-world and inner-world journeys, and reading voraciously.

She is both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to play a role in helping to educate people about the power of psychedelics to heal ourselves and our world.

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Troy Allen, Head of Growth – Colorado

After graduating from ASU with majors in Business and Psychology and a minor in Communications, Troy moved to New York and started his digital advertising agency. After winning a few awards right out of the gate, Troy quickly turned a 2 man shop, working out of Starbucks, into a 25 person operation with offices on Madison Avenue.

Troy sold his agency and has since been working as a long-term growth-hacking consultant with several brands including Mindvalley in which he launched the owner’s NYT Best Selling Book, Code of The Extraordinary Mind. Troy’s most recent clients have included the tech start-up Five Tier and the world renowned author T Harv Eker.

Troy lives on Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah and depending on the season, you can find him either snowboarding or wakeboarding in his spare time.

Tim Sae Koo, Head of Product – Costa Rica

Tim Sae Koo is an entrepreneur at heart who bootstrapped, scaled, and exited his first software company by 28 and now focuses his time mentoring first time founders, angel investing in mission aligned startups, and co-hosts transformational retreats for heart-led leaders. After selling his first company, Tim traveled around the world to 16 countries in 12 months to reset in 2019, and in that time, remembered his deep purpose to support the elevation of consciousness through powerful entheogens for heart-led leaders and creators. In his downtime, he loves playing all sorts of instruments, mixing music, reading spiritual philosophies, dancing salsa, deepening his meditation practice, and studying the resurgence of the psychedelic movement.

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Gregory Frederick Ferenstein, M.Sc., Director of Research

Gregory Frederick Ferenstein, M.Sc. has been writing on innovation and psychology for over a decade. His peer-reviewed research was published in the leading journal of its field and his work appears in top media outlets, including New York Times, The Washington Post, and the BBC.

After designing large-scale economic reform in Congress, he conducted field research in Silicon ValIey and become convinced that mental health must be a national priority.

He is now dedicated to advancing world-class, personalized mental healthcare. He holds a Master’s in Mathematical Behavior Sciences, taught stastistics for jounalism at the University of Texas and resides in Austin.

Jeff Kimes, Third Wave’s Copywriter and Messaging Wizard

With a background in psychoneuroimmunology and extensive experience with plant medicine traditions, he brings a unique perspective to the Third Wave team. In the marketing universe, he’s masterminded multi-million dollar campaigns across multiple industries for change-making brands and big-name gurus.

A self-confessed rhythm freak, when Jeff isn’t writing he’s likely either drumming or thinking about drumming. He also loves being in nature, qi gong, mountain biking, yoga, meditation, traveling, reading broadly, and exploring deep into inner landscapes accessible through the world’s wisdom traditions. Originally from Seattle, he currently lives in the lovely town of Heidelberg, Germany with his wife and daughter.

Melissa Johnson, Executive Assistant – San Diego, California, USA

As an executive assistant with over 12 years of experience, Melissa has worked in many industries—including tech, health & wellness, and entertainment—helping mostly C-level executives to organize both their personal and work lives. She has a passion for organizing and for turning chaos into order. She joined Third Wave because she wants to support a company that helps people to reach their full potential.

Melissa spends her free time raising her two young boys, reading, dancing, hiking, boxing, surfing, practicing yoga, and traveling the world.

Jonathan Maxim, Head of Paid Media – Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan Maxim is a tech founder, creative agency owner and podcaster at “Zen Business”. His history is as a Marketing Strategist at Xfinity, eCommerce at Universal Music Group, and growth marketer at TikTok – known for gaining 18,000 new app installs overnight. Currently serves as managing director at K&J Growth Hackers – a boutique growth hacking firm serving clients like Monster Energy, Billie Eilish, Eminem, and Justin Bieber.

Matt Cooper, Coach – Los Angeles, CA

Coop is an integrative health consultant, and trainer in the Los Angeles area.  As an interdisciplinary researcher, he integrates both mind and body into his practice.  Coop helps individuals in the integration process with a biopsychosocial approach, ensuring that health and lifestyle are in a solid place as the body is the first person lens through which we experience the world.

Matt Gillespie, Design & Media – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Matt is a multidisciplinary designer with a deep background in early-stage startup marketing, having served as a foundational member and Director of Marketing with the green-tech startup GoSun. Formally trained as an industrial designer at the University of Cincinnati, Matt now applies his design thinking and problem-solving skills to a variety of strategic media marketing needs, including graphic design, web design, and video production.

After moving to the SF Bay area in 2018 with the core intention of assisting in the cultivation of the psychedelic renaissance, Matt joined Third Wave as an event coordinator and has stuck around helping with a variety of media marketing tasks since.

As a fan of all things consciousness-expanding, Matt has hosted a number of workshops exploring the Wim Hof Method and is a passionate proponent of the power of flow states and personal development to change lives. A part-time digital nomad, you may also find him enjoying life in Costa Rica, Peru, Oakland, or Cincinnati.

Matt’s favorite psychedelic is low-potency lemon-ginger psilocybin tea, best enjoyed while on an early morning hike through the woods.

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Martin Mikkelsen, Executive Podcast Producer & Head of Audio and Video – Bergen, Norway

Martin is the founder and CEO of Good Vibrations, where he helps artists and businesses achieve their artistic goals through creative consulting, content development, and total production solutions in music and audio. He is an alumni from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor degree in music production and engineering. A highly skilled musician and producer, Martin has an excellent ear for music and extensive experience within music and audio production. He has worked with many artists and brands, including Third Wave, Verse Libre, Adam Strauss, Design Revision, Majestic 12, Festspillene iBergen, Vill Vill Vest, Victoria TV, Lekk, Vestindien, AURORA, NOEMI, Mathea-Mari, Dan Sundhordvik,​ and more.

Martin was born and raised in Bergen, Norway, a city engulfed by mountains and subject to heavy rainfall, which helps fuel a rich and peculiar creative culture. He is deeply passionate about chasing novelty by experimenting with new creative expressions, building relationships, and helping artists and businesses grow through exploration and experimentation. Outside work, you can find him spending time in nature, exploring, traveling, reading, listening to music, and honing his serious set of cooking skills.

Jefton Sungkar, Graphic Designer – United Kingdom

Jefton is a visionary artist with a professional background in branding and graphic design. He started his career with agencies such as Landor, Interbrand and M&C Saatchi. After becoming disillusioned and losing his passion for the work he realised that he did not want to pursue the corporate world. He decided to drop it all to travel for the next 5 years. His journeys led him to Peru where he encountered Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Psilocybin mushrooms for the first time. With the help of these visions, he realised, after forgetting it since childhood, that his human mission is to create art.

He has since founded two companies and is now able to focus on his artistic exploration working with various ideas from world religion, eastern mysticism and yogic philosophy to existentialism, psychedelics, and inner states of being. No longer tied to the corporate game, he now channels his experience as a brand designer to a select few projects whose message and mission align with his own; the elevation of our collective consciousness.

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