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Harness the transformative power of psychedelics and become an advocate for responsible use with the Third Wave Ambassador Program.

As a Third Wave Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in sharing research-based education, connecting seekers with vetted providers, and inviting them to join our global community of psychedelic believers.

By applying to the Third Wave Ambassador Program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn commission on referrals to our life-changing courses and products. Together, we are part of a growing psychedelic movement that seeks to shift personal practices towards safe, effective, and meaningful experiences.

Psychedelics have demonstrated profound therapeutic benefits, from addressing mental health challenges to uncovering deeper purpose and meaning in life. As a Third Wave Ambassador, you’ll actively contribute to the destigmatization of psychedelics as powerful tools for personal growth and healing.

Join us in supporting the growing recognition of psychedelics and help others discover their untapped potential through responsible use.

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Benefits of becoming a
Third Wave Ambassador:

  • Receive commission on referrals to all Third Wave courses and products
  • Commission rate (20-40%)
  • 45-Day Tracking Cookie Attribution Period (45 Days)
  • Ready-For-You promotional assets: emails, social media copy, graphics
  • Ample choices to direct traffic to from sales pages to blog content
  • Refer to our Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions for all the details

Start Earning Commissions In 5 Simple Steps

Apply and Get Approved
Go through the requirements and apply through the “Apply Now” button below. Once approved, you’ll receive a unique referral link and access to the Third Wave Ambassador dashboard.

Log in to Your Ambassador Dashboard
You’ll be provided with access to your personal affiliate dashboard hosted on WordPress. This is where you’ll be able to track your referrals, commissions, and payments.

Choose an Offer and Get Your Promotional Tools
Choose an offer that resonates with you and select a promotional method that suits your audience. You’ll be provided with a range of free creatives including email copy, social media copy, banners, and links to the Third Wave courses and products.

Promote to Your Audience
Share your unique referral link and the promotional materials with your audience. Every time someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase on Third Wave, you’ll receive a commission. Track your referrals, earnings and payments in real-time through your personal ambassador dashboard.

Track Your Performance and Optimize
Track your performance through your ambassador dashboard and optimize your promotional efforts based on the data. Experiment with different types of content and messaging to maximize your earnings.

Third Wave’s

As an ambassador for Third Wave, you will gain access to our large and engaged audience. The Third Wave website features a comprehensive directory of trusted providers and resources for individuals seeking safe and effective psychedelic experiences. In addition, The Psychedelic Podcast by Third Wave provides in-depth interviews with experts in the field, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the latest developments in psychedelic research and therapy. With a strong presence on social media and a dedicated community of followers, Third Wave has become a go-to resource for anyone interested in exploring the benefits and potential of psychedelics for personal growth and healing.


We are looking for brand ambassadors who align with our company’s value pillars: Trust, Integrity, Knowledge, and Clarity.

Here are the 4 qualities we seek in ambassadors who resonate with these values:

Relevant Niche
We are seeking ambassadors who are experts in niches that are relevant to our courses and products, such as personal growth, spirituality, mental health, mycology, holistic wellness, and psychedelics. Their expertise should reflect their deep knowledge and understanding of these subjects, aligning with our value of Knowledge.

Our brand values Trust and Integrity, and we value ambassadors who genuinely believe in the benefits of our offerings and are passionate about sharing them with their audience. We seek ambassadors who are authentic, transparent, and aligned with our brand values and mission.

Creative Collaboration
Collaboration is a key aspect of our value of Clarity. We are looking for ambassadors who are open to working collaboratively and creatively with us. We welcome innovative ideas and suggestions for promoting our products and courses. Ambassadors who can bring fresh perspectives and contribute creative strategies that align with our values and mission will be highly valued.

Alignment with Third Wave’s values
We are deeply committed to psychedelic education, harm reduction, and mental health, which aligns with our value of Clarity. We prioritize ambassadors who share this passion and actively contribute to these areas. Additionally, inclusivity and diversity are important to us, and we value ambassadors who prioritize these principles in their content and messaging.

By incorporating these qualities, we aim to find ambassadors who not only possess the expertise and niche relevance but also embody our company’s value pillars of Trust, Integrity, Knowledge, and Clarity.

Imagine Yourself
Partnering with Third Wave?

We strongly believe in building meaningful connections with our partners, which is why our Ambassador Program is highly selective and application-only. Our aim is to maintain a high-quality ecosystem of like-minded individuals and organizations who share our values and mission. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our network, please click the button below to apply or send an email to our team at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Third Wave’s Ambassador Program allows you to earn money by promoting courses and products that help people live more vibrant lives through the responsible use of psychedelics. As a Third Wave Ambassador, you will receive commission on referrals to all Third Wave courses and products, and get exclusive discounts for content creation.

As a Third Wave Ambassador, you can earn a commission rate of 20-40% on referrals to all Third Wave courses and products. Once your application for our Ambassador Program has been approved, you will receive access to our offers and commission structure.

Your ambassador link will apply your discount automatically at checkout, but you may also request a custom discount code at [email protected]. Please note that coupon websites are not permitted.

Nope. Joining the program is completely free but subject to approval.

Commissions will be paid out by the 21st of each month via PayPal or other designated payment methods, subject to a minimum payout threshold of $250.