The Third Wave Is Not Currently Hiring

But we are always on the lookout for talented, driven individuals who are excited to bring their skills to push for opening up the cultural conversation around psychedelics.


At The Third Wave, we explore pragmatic and effective ways to legitimize psychedelic substances in the eyes of mainstream. We also provide education on different ways to safely use these substances and integrate their benefits into one’s life.  Our approach is defined by analyzing all available means to do this – including, but not limited to, science and research.

We are currently in the process of re-building our team after a major transition that has led us to take both the for-profit and non-profit approach. The community engager position will largely work within the for-profit branch.

Core Values

Core Values at The Third Wave: Learning, Growth, Truth, Pragmatism, Community

Learning and Growth: are two of our core values at The Third Wave.

One way that we live these values is by investing heavily in our own continued education. We are looking for someone who values growth and learning above all else – and we plan to nurture this value.

Truth: is the gateway to making special movements happen. Here at The Third Wave, we allow truth to guide all actions. We expect the same out of all team members.

Pragmatism: is valued highly here at The Third Wave. We expect all our team members to carry themselves with a can do attitude.

Community: makes us stronger and gives us all a sense of unity. Being a community means putting emphasis on all its people, their interactions, and the valuable relationship that are created. Here at The Third Wave we hope to always make one another feel at home, as in a community.

We are not currently hiring actively for any position. You can get more involved with The Third Wave by joining the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you would like to be considered for future job openings, we welcome resumes to [email protected]