The Third Wave Is Hiring a Head Copywriter

Write compelling copy that reaches millions of people

What We Do

The Third Wave is an online platform educating people on the importance of responsible and intentional psychedelic use. Our mission is to facilitate the world’s adoption of psychedelics as useful tools for healing and expansion through content and education that is digestible, accessible, and well-branded. We focus on meeting people where they’re at and leading them on a journey of deepening self-knowledge and inspiring transformation.  

We reach over 500K people per month, have been featured in Forbes, the NY Times, and WebMD, and have crafted brand messaging that appeals to a wide demographic and audience.

This is an opportunity to help shape the public perception of microdosing and psychedelic substances through The Third Wave platform. Your writing will be read by millions of people in the coming years.

You can learn more about The Third Wave here

What You’ll Do

As The Third Wave’s Head Copywriter, your role is to dial in powerful, consistent, and polarizing messaging across every front-facing touchpoint, while also creating marketing assets that drive higher sales conversion rates.

You must have a deep understanding of direct response copywriting, love crafting compelling copy, and understand the typical user journey for someone who wants to leverage microdosing and higher doses for healing and transformation.

Your work falls into three main areas:

Marketing Content

  • Write 1-2 weekly emails to 30k+ list promoting our premium content (e.g. microdosing course) and free content (podcasts, videos, and major written content)
  • Write a monthly newsletter about specific molecules and practices in the psychedelic space
  • Plan and execute on lead magnets around the topic of microdosing to further build our email list
  • Write compelling copy for all public facing landing pages, including sales pages
  • Craft upsell copy to lead the customer from low ticket offers to high ticket offers
  • Create paid ads for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Educational Content

  • Write content and curriculum for webinars on microdosing and general psychedelic use, including outlines and slides for the actual webinar
  • Responsible for on-going updates to our online courses, including our current microdosing course and future courses

Media Content

  • Collaborate on restructuring and re-writing our online guides to be more engaging and useful
  • Write scripts for future Third Wave video content 
  • Re-purpose current content into transcripts to be shared via video
  • Write-ups of weekly podcast that is published
  • Oversee updates of all old content on The Third Wave


  • Minimum 3 years experience working in a direct response marketing role
  • Minimum 3 years experience writing short-form copy; emails, social media posts, paid advertisements, video scripts
  • Minimum 3 years experience writing long-form copy; sales pages, webinars, video scripts
  • Bonus: Experience writing copy for & marketing high-ticket offers (between $3,000 – $10,000+) and selling strategy sessions
  • Full understanding of how to create offers, create clear messaging, and write effective copy
  • Personal experience with psychedelic substances, including microdosing

What You’ll Get

  • Part-time at 20 hours per week with competitive pay
  • Ability to work remote (but, if you’re on the West Coast and we can work together in-person, even better!) 
  • Opportunity to help shape the public perception of psychedelic substances through the narrative you craft in copywriting
  • Work directly with Paul Austin and Ben Rudnick, CEO and COO of The Third Wave.
  • Mentorship from our network of marketing advisors, including a 1-on-1 relationship with an experienced copywriter from the transformative health field.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to write compelling copy that will influence the future of culture, holistic wellness, and responsible psychedelic use, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

When applying to The Third Wave please be sure to include all of the following for consideration:

  • Your CV/Resumé
  • Write 1-2 pages answering one question: Why are you the person we should choose to be the head copywriter at The Third Wave?
  • Your current location (must be based in US or Canada)

Please send all job applications to [email protected].