The latest news on 1P-LSD, the best-known chemical analogue to LSD. Find out about its history and its place in the psychedelic pantheon, where it’s legal, how it’s used, and its potential for researchers and psychonauts.

Research Chemicals You Can Purchase Legally

Research chemicals, also known as designer drugs, synthetics, or RCs, are synthetic or semi-synthetic molecules that are explicitly designed to circumvent drug laws.  They are created to mimic the effects of the “parent drug” or otherwise prohibited substance. Most of these are functional analogs of the banned drug they are made to mimic, meaning they […]

Legal Status Of LSD And 1P-LSD

LSD, commonly known as acid, scientifically known as lysergic acid diethylamide, is one of the most abundant and potent semi-synthetic psychedelic substances. It can cause a wide variety of effects, from wild sensory distortions and intense open-eyed hallucinations and closed-eyed visualizations through atypical mental associations to feelings of spirituality and connectedness to everyone and everything. […]


Microdosing 1P-LSD
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