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  1. Toward the end of my first season of regular cannabis use (over thirty years ago), I was practicing microdosing for very much the reasons described above. I certainly enjoyed the full effects of a good bong hit or two, but more and more I found myself to be seeking the smallest draw I could take to achieve the effects I desired for everyday use. As quality buds became more readily available, I was puffing the tiniest bits of flower and quite enjoying the result. As I approach a place in my life where usage now is not only legal, but once again, desirable, I like the idea of using tinctures to assure accuracy and consistency with dosage.

  2. I smoke a lot of weed the past decade. for two years maybe or more I quit smoking. but for medical (and.emocional maybe too) I start to smoking one short puff before bed. then I started smoking one puff before work. and feels great
    there is no “paranoia” like the last times when I roll big blunts or full bong hits. so I think is cool for people dont want to be Full stoned and tecnically destroyed. but enjoy whan the day comes and the benefits for the body and mind.

  3. Excellent well researched. Though i am heavy smoker but nowadays i am also microdosing whenever i have work to do. Its makes me relaxed, more concentrated and less paranoid about being in a workplace.

  4. I prefer a sativa for daily use; clarity and pain control.
    Indica eradicates my insomnia.
    The hybrids run the rainbow in-between.

  5. I’ve been micro dosing low thc levels mostly everyday for about 3 months, I start with a hit of the vaporizer or pipe first thing even before coffee and that sets me up to start a very grounding morning ritual, light up a candle, burn some sage or some incense, play some meditation music and I just focus on my breath, thc brings up some anxiety every time but I’m learning to work with it, to listen to it, and to use it… after stretching out the muscles that need it I usually go into body movements a combination of yoga tai chi kung fu and dancing… I usually get some realizations about where I’m at in life, where I’ve been and where I wanna go… it’s very calming, reassuring and insightful practice, it’s showing compassion for myself no matter what my mind is saying…

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