About The Third Wave

The 1st Wave was indigenous use of psychedelics for thousands of years.

The 2nd Wave was the use of psychedelics during the counter-culture of the 60s and 70s.

The 3rd Wave is, we believe, upon us now. Brought about by recent developments in cannabis legalization and psychedelic research – and it will change the way mainstream culture perceives psychedelic use.

To find out more about The Third Wave, read our manifesto. It details everything you need to know about responsible psychedelic use in the 21st century.

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Our mission

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Our mission at The Third Wave is to change the way in which mainstream culture perceives psychedelic substances.

The Third Wave is a new era of psychedelics defined by practical, measured use for specific purposes.

It is an era not for ‘dropping-out’ and rebelling against society, but for integrating psychedelics into our mainstream culture; an era invigorated by the tremendous upside of responsible psychedelic use rather than paralyzed by misguided fear of their possible negative repercussions.

Here at The Third Wave, we plan to contribute to this new era by providing reliable, well-researched information about psychedelics; incubating online and in-person psychedelic community; and working within mainstream culture through constructive conversations with thought-leaders across all major fields and disciplines.

Our team

Paul Austin


Paul is committed to changing the cultural conversation about psychedelics through his platform, The Third Wave. Because of his work with microdosing, Paul has been featured in Rolling Stone and Business Insider, with additional pieces in the New York Times, Playboy, and Lifehacker.

In June 2015 Paul began his first microdosing protocol. Immediately, he noticed improvements in his energy levels, creativity, and general sense of well-being.

The impact of microdosing was so profound on his life that Paul wanted to help others understand how microdosing could be used as a tool for personal growth and understanding.

Vlad Tudorie

Business Systems Developer

Vlad lives in Romania with his wife and newborn child. Though a bachelor in International Economic Relations, Vlad found that path boring and set out to master what he found interesting, mainly in tech.

He self-taught himself marketing, systems design, business analysis, process design and ran stints working QA/QC, software design, sales and content marketing.

Vlad took his life-lessons from long years of meditation, long years of experimenting with various psychedelics and a lot of mountain cold.

Louis Greenstein


Louis is a published novelist and a playwright whose work has been produced in New York City and across the United States. Earlier in his career Louis contributed to the Emmy-winning television show Rugrats. He has been a recipient of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts playwriting fellowship.

Louis’s interest in psychedelics grew from his long-time meditation practice and his studies of eastern philosophy. He believes that psychedelics can help to improve the quality of life by advancing human consciousness.

Matt Gillespie

Matt is a multi-disciplinary designer and entrepreneur, with an eye on the future. He has extensive experience in product development, public relations, branding, social media marketing and emerging market business development.

A founding member of GoSun, the world's leading manufacturer of solar cooking technology, he has successfully managed four crowdfunding campaigns raising +$1.9M and co-coordinated a UN Foundation backed design research and development pilot in Guatemala, exploring the emerging market potential of solar-powered cooking.

“Thus began a third phase of psychedelic research that continues to this day. Whereas, in the first phase the participant’s experiences tended to be controlled and delimited, even if inadvertently, by the experimenter’s and the subject’s preconceptions, and in the second phase to be more uncontrolled and wide-ranging in scope, the emphasis now was on the selection of specific kinds of psychedelic experience and of specific ways to produce and maintain them.”

James Fadiman

The Psychedelics Explorer’s Guide

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