Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT) At Illumma, we offer Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT)

Alessia Chiappino

There is a lot of misinformation online about what psychedelics

Transform Your Being

Included: Accommodations for 5 nights All meals Pick up/Transportation from

Quantum Integral Healing Arts

At Quantum, we support our clients through a process of

Institute for Integrative Therapies

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy, or KAP, is our specialty. Ketamine is

Linnea Butler, LMFT

I specialize in ketamine assisted psychotherapy, trauma therapy, DBT and

Alexander Bacher, Psy.D.

Dr. B provides microdosing coaching services for those looking to

AXON Clinics Trondheim

At AXON Clinics Trondheim we offer Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for the

AXON Clinics Oslo

At AXON Clinics Oslo, we offer Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for the

Gloria Monasmith, LCSW

During our first meeting, you will have an opportunity to

Jessica Zweig, LCSW

Along with weekly psychotherapy, I am also able to offer

Christine Dufond, LMFT

•Soul Work/ Shadow Work: Shamanic Soul Retrieval and/or inner child healing


We are offering Weekend Retreats with 2 Ayahuasca and 1

Awakn Clinics London

At Awakn Clinics London, we offer Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for the

Francesca Sciandra

Challenges I can help you with include: Psychedelic preparation and

The Magic of Mushrooms Holistic Retreat

Magically Curated Psychedelic Experiences Safe. Fully legal. Incredibly powerful. We

Enfold Institute

Enfold retreats are designed for those who recognize the importance

Navjit Grewal

🌿 Services Offered Embark on a holistic journey of transformation

Julianne Lucia, LCSW

Julianne hosts a safe virtual space for individuals to support

Tangerine Retreat

The core experience at Tangerine Retreat is a three-day residential

Sahaja Retreats

Our work is to provide a safe container for you

Dreamglade Shamanic Healing Center

Free, comfortable 4×4 transportation to and from the healing centre

Katharsis Journeys

Our Services Premium psilocybin programmes for individuals and families Transformational


In this psychedelic retreat, you’ll be guided by our community

Psynergy Centre Health & Wellness

Specialized Services: Trauma Therapy for Complex PTSD Trauma Therapy for

Leyla Dim, LPC

The magic is in the synthesis of grounded clinical practice,

MindRise Wellness Solutions

At MindRise Wellness Solutions, we believe treatment should be on

Alquimia Centre of Healing Arts

The Boot Camp is designed to reply to questions and face doubts normally not

Master Plant Retreat

Each journey is unique, as the context, state of health,

Renewal Retreat for Cancer

7 days and 6 nights where to learn alternative treatments

Pamela Peters, MFTC

I’m a different kind of therapist and I hold space

Joseph Anew (DiStefano)

Twice each year Joseph hosts a 60-day Momentum Coaching cohort

Sapan Inka Retreat Center

A journey into the depths of being, an exploration of

The Medicine Journey

This retreat includes two medicine journeys and two integration sessions,

Eagle Condor Alliance

Ayahuasca, San Pedro Cactus, Peyote and Sweat Lodge ceremonies each

Ellis McCauley, LMFT

In collaboration with a medical prescriber, I offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Frank Ehrenfried, LMFT

Whether you had a bad trip or cosmic euphoria, I

Rooted Waters

Rooted Waters offers pathways to healing through ceremony and integration

ONE Psilocybin Retreats

Luxury Vacation & Transformative Healing   A week at ONE

Brian Murphy, LCSW

The method I use is a combination of internal family