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Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Ashland, Oregon, United States
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    15 Reviews on “Confluence Retreats”

    • Lisa 12 hours ago

      This retreat went far above and beyond my expectations!

      I have suffered a great deal of personal loss. For the last 24 years, I’ve been battling a chronic autoimmune disease. Getting to know my health issues has been a long and hard road. Because of this, psilocybin retreats have been on my radar for the past year, and I reached out to Confluence because of their aftercare services.

      My health made me a little apprehensive since I had never taken psychedelic mushrooms; however, Myles’ calm personality, vast knowledge, and extensive experience eased my fears! The care I received before and during the treatment was even more impressive than the treatment I received afterward, and I am still receiving aftercare support weeks after the program ended.

      As a result of my psilocybin retreat, my energy level has increased greatly, and my mood has improved significantly. I am so grateful to Myles and his team at Confluence Retreats for changing my life for the better. It is hard to put into words just how much I’ve changed.

      This experience was also very positive for my marriage. My husband and I have been married for 45 years. Throughout my life, he has seen me at my worst, including chronic illness, and at my best. He told me following the retreat that he felt like he was getting “ME” back. That statement alone made this retreat worth it for me! Our relationship feels like it did when we first fell in love.

      Originally, I was going to do a private session, but I decided to make a 5-day retreat with a group, and it was a great experience!! The decision was so rewarding for me! If you are considering this, I highly recommend doing the 5-day retreat! In every way, it is well worth it! I gained so much more making a 5-day group retreat than I would have on my own. Being in a group added to this experience.

      We stayed in the southern Oregon mountains, where the scenery was stunning, and the fresh mountain air was amazing, especially for sleep. Because of my autoimmune disease, I know how important healthy food choices are and how that directly affects my day! I was grateful to find only the best organic, sustainable, healthy, and delicious foods served on the retreat!

      I highly recommend Confluence Retreats with Myles and his team if you consider a psilocybin journey.

    • Tasha 3 days ago

      For anyone like me who seeks to fully understand what they’re stepping into before embarking on a journey of this nature, I hope my experience provides some clarity and encouragement. As an African American woman, I also want to encourage people of color to be open to the amazing benefits of experiences like this.

      I chose to attend the Confluence retreat because, 2 ½ years earlier, I participated in another retreat outside the US and experienced significant life changes through psilocybin. That journey allowed me to discontinue my depression medication. However, recently, I felt myself regressing and needed a safe space to continue my healing. After enduring years of intense grief and pain, I yearned for a sense of lightness. Additionally, as I approached the end of my 40s, I wanted to confront the discomforts of aging.

      After speaking with Myles, I decided to join the June retreat. Right from the start, Confluence’s attentiveness and accommodation set them apart from my previous retreat. The individual and group preparation calls leading up to the retreat were invaluable. Unlike my first experience, where there was no such support, these sessions significantly reduced my fear and made me feel secure. This proactive approach by Confluence laid the groundwork for a safe and meaningful experience.

      During the retreat, we engaged in various activities such as meditation, nature walks, and other enriching modalities. These elements were wonderful additions that enhanced the overall experience. The accommodations were comfortable, and the forest setting was stunning. For the first time, I felt a deep, exciting connection with nature.

      Here’s a brief synopsis of what I gained: I discovered a profound sense of freedom and pure love. After a transformative week in the Oregon mountains, God revealed the beauty of His freedom to me. Most of my life, I lived for others, absorbing their pain and fears as my own, always sacrificing and believing that enduring with those who drained me was a virtue. Now, I am thrilled to love myself freely.

      The tears I shed turned into a beautiful tapestry of healing and gratitude. I had two sessions with the medicine, which I found to be the perfect amount. The second session allowed me to let go and experience less anxiety. I truly believe that having two sessions close together is more impactful than just one.

      In conclusion, I am immensely grateful to have found a retreat center in the US that is committed to excellence and integrity. Reflecting back, I wish Confluence had been available when I first decided to explore psilocybin. Their dedication to creating a safe and supportive environment made all the difference in my journey. I have recommended Confluence to my friends, and the facilitators have become my extended family and support now.

    • Philip 1 month ago

      I don’t know how I found my way to Confluence Retreats, but I feel very lucky.

      Having learned of the legal use of psilocybin in Oregon before a road trip to Oregon, I wanted to look into the possibility of getting on board. I had ample time to research the options online and connected with Myles. Part of interacting with Myles is the quick realization that you are dealing with someone who is proactive, well-organized, and energetic.

      Due to unforeseen circumstances, a planned trip with a friend turned out to be a solo journey. This was not ideal, but it turned out very well for me, thanks to Myles. I cannot praise his competence, knowledgeability, and generally empathetic attitude too highly. I remain in contact with him; it is part of his practice, and in short, I strongly recommend undertaking a journey with him and Confluence Retreats.

    • Keri 3 months ago

      Attending the Confluence retreat was truly transformative. The knowledgeable and experienced individuals who led the retreat provided a safe and supportive environment for my self-exploration and growth. The guided experiences and ceremonies outside of the journeys were completely complementary, profound, and were the beginnings of deep insights and personal breakthroughs. Knowing full well that creating a holistic and safe space for nurturing and growth is paramount for many, Confluence paid full attention to even provide organic, local, homemade (yet professionally catered) meals to nourish us in all avenues of our time together.

      While the five days were tough and real transformative work, I left feeling rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of gratitude, belonging (friendships were made!), and purpose. I highly recommend saying “yes” to this powerful experience for anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing and self-discovery; this retreat is for anyone who wants to safely have their own journey with psilocybin, as it offers a unique opportunity for healing and self-discovery.

    • Myles K. Provider 3 months ago

      Having evaluated many different plant medicine options, I was amazed at all the service and support included in the single price; the individual and group support before, during, and after the retreat was incredibly helpful in preparing, inviting, and integrating a deeper and more meaningful experience.

      The experiences of each group member were intense, personal, and deeply diverse. The group dynamics of sharing circles, mediation, yoga, and amazing meals increased my sense of safety, support, and community/connection, ultimately inviting me to dive more deeply into my experience.

      I entered the retreat hoping to reduce my anxiety and grief about lost skills, abilities, and life following an acquired brain injury six years ago. As a result of my experience, I am more peaceful and positive about accepting the changes I’ve experienced and feeling more comfortable about being different…..and happy : )

      Understanding the power of this plant medicine, I was grateful to have found the Confluence Retreat; the founder, facilitators, accommodations, and programming (breathe work, meditation, preparation, integration, all) not only supported but maximized my outcomes.

    • Lisa 3 months ago

      Embarking on a guided psilocybin journey with Confluence Retreats was nothing short of transformative. Myles expertly planned a very thoughtful agenda filled with nurturing activities which set the stage for a supportive and deeply healing experience. Under the expert guidance of the experienced facilitators, I delved into the depths of my psyche, unraveling layers of trauma and revealing unexpected insights. The serene setting, coupled with personalized attention, provided a safe space for introspection and healing. In addition, the pre-retreat preparation and post-retreat integration activities far exceeded my expectations (as did the culinary delights at each meal during the retreat!). This entire experience was truly life-changing, offering me clarity, perspective, and a renewed feeling of joyfulness. I am immensely grateful for the profound impact it has had on my life.

    • Catherine S. 3 months ago

      I had been curious about doing a facilitated psilocybin journey for years. I signed up for the Confluence retreat when I saw these were finally legally available here in the US, and founded by someone with deep experience with psychedelics.

The Confluence retreat experience and facilitated journeys exceeded all expectations. From pre-retreat prep through every day of the retreat + every moment of both journeys, and across post-retreat integration sessions, everything was curated and planned with such incredible thoughtfulness for each individual’s needs. And the retreat was held in a gorgeous, spiritual setting that allowed me to fully immerse and focus on my intentions.

      Every day of the retreat felt like a wonderful investment in my soul and spirit — something I’ve never done for myself. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to journey under the care and expertise of Myles and his facilitators and with my cohort. Would give Confluence 6 stars if I could, with that extra star for the insanely delicious fresh meals cooked up every day! I highly recommend.

    • Cathy 3 months ago

      In March of 2024 I attended a Confluence Retreat as a first time psilocybin user and was very grateful for the whole experience. The guidance in preparing oneself and setting intentions before the retreat was invaluable. The facilitators were wise, very experienced and compassionate. Help with group and individual integration in the weeks following the retreat was very helpful and just what I needed. I highly recommend Confluence retreats.

    • Jason 3 months ago

      I had been looking into psilocybin for a few years and with that the different avenues of going about it. When I came across Confluence I immediately knew that it was the route for me and I couldn’t have imagined the entire experience to have gone any better. From the setting, to the food to even little things that came up along the way, I’ve never felt more taken care of both physically as well as mentally. The facilitators are attentive, respectful and I feel that they truly care about my well being. The fellow participants ended up being some of the most amazing people I’ve met which reaffirmed that my desire to go about this in a group setting was the correct choice for me. The entire program was thoughtful and while it wasn’t like I expected, it was everything I needed. I honestly don’t know of a more impactful 5 days in my life

    • Darla 3 months ago

      So glad I went on this self-exploration journey! The knowledgeable staff created a genuinely welcoming, trusting, and safe environment every step of the way. The medicine was sacred and powerful . . . But there was so much more! The skilled staff provided a variety of activities that enhanced most aspects of our time there. It was easy to go with the flow of the journey knowing I was in capable and caring hands. And, that educated, informed, passionate care continues long past the retreat. Highly recommended!

    • Chris 3 months ago

      This was a wonderful experience. The accommodations were beautiful and luxurious, nestled up in the mountainous wilderness. Every meal was handmade and delicious. The psilocybin service center was cozy and well-appointed. The real treasure of this retreat, though, was the people, both the participants and the facilitators. I have never felt safer or more accepted than on this retreat. My fellow participants were part of the journey and were kindred spirits. The facilitators were the most caring, experienced, and passionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I recommend Confluence unreservedly.

    • Betina 3 months ago

      Dear Confluence-Team,
      I came all the way from europe to go on a healing journey in a safe container under legal conditions with confluence in march.
      As a doctor and psychotherapist I appreciated the way the setting was announced as the setting is very important for me -and everything was even better than I hoped for. The facilitators, the teachers of breathwork and teatasting, the cook, food, the surroundings ,the wonderful nature were really heartopening,. Everybody was very engaged and caring.This gave me the chance to relax safely into a lifechanging and healing experience which unfolds a great positive impact on my health and on my life on every level. I am very grateful.
      Thank you for your beautiful work! All of you (and the mushrooms)did a great job.

    • Kevin 3 months ago

      I am so glad I decided to enroll in the Confluence program rather that engage a person to sit with me for my journey. Having never used psychedelics before I could not grasp how important it turned out to be to have a group of fellow travelers with which to share the experience, along with experienced support staff. The Confluence program provided support from my fellow travelers and staff that allowed me to get so much more from my journey than I would have been able to on my own or with someone to simply sit with me. Just as important as the thorough preparation given by the program was the processing, group and one-on-one discussion after the journeys. This happened during the weekend as well as post-seminar followup.

      The variety of pre-journey preparations offered by Confluence helped me to be open and accepting of my journey experience without my fear getting in the way.

    • Rick 3 months ago

      I attended a Confluence retreat in March of 2024. I wanted to experience plant medicine in a safe and legal way and was attracted by the therapeutic format Confluence has established. I was well pleased with the entire experience. The accommodations and food were amazing, the staff highly skilled and personable, and the Ashland center used for the ceremonies was just right. I especially liked the careful preparation work we were guided through, and having two plant ceremonies separated by a day of integration and followed by more integration. I also enjoyed the small group setting and made some lasting friendships during the week. The retreat exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend Confluence.

    • Josefa M. 3 months ago

      I was part of the second March 2024 retreat. I was drawn to the Confluence Retreats because there was a lot of support for the journey before and after the retreat. The schedule provided for preparation, intention setting and integrating the experience. We were given resources to help us prepare, including reading lists, podcasts and cohort group preparation meetings. This was important in my booking the retreat. As someone new to medicine journeys, I was looking for an experience that was legal and provided a safe container in which I could get the most out of my experience.

      Once I became part of the cohort, the facilitators and staff at Confluence were open, receptive and very helpful in making this experience feel meaningful. During the medicine sessions, staff and facilitators were attentive to our needs on both physical and emotional levels. Integration sessions included useful exercises to help express what, at times, was difficult to put into words. Not only were they attentive during the retreat, they have helped in further integration of the material that came up after the actual retreat.

      As a cohort, we bonded and were very supportive with one another as well. The retreat setting was a beautiful cabin in the woods, the most fantastic home cooked meals and the nourishment of our budding cohort. As my 5 stars indicates, I found this venue to be excellent and I would highly recommend Confluence to anyone who asked.


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