5-MeO-DMT Retreat in Colmeal, Coimbra District, Portugal
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    6 Reviews on “Shangriballa”

    • FD 2 days ago

      My fiance and I recently spent the most incredible few days with Lisa and Miguel up in the hills near Loural Village.

      We were instantly dumbfounded by the beauty and tranquility of the area, with incredible views across the valley in the most picture perfect surroundings.

      With Lisa and Miguel’s guidance and knowledge we embarked on an amazing journey of self discovery, self realisation and oneness with nature, culminating in a particularly personal and emotional wedding blessing and powerful, yet perfectly blissful bufo ceremony.

      We will forever be indebted to Lisa and Miguel for providing us with such a unique and deeply personal insight into the magnificence of unity consciousness and very much looking forward to returning sometime soon to continue our journey.


    • Agnes K. 2 days ago

      In May, my husband-to-be and I embarked on an intimate Bufo alvarius experience at Shangriballa, crafted and designed by the remarkable Lisa, and supported by the equally gifted Miguel. This experience, led by Lisa, has profoundly influenced my spiritual journey, surpassing all my previous encounters with Bufo.

      Lisa’s intuition and guidance were instrumental in my journey. She possesses an uncanny ability to sense precisely where I was in my exploration, allowing me to delve deeply into the understanding of my true self. Her magical voice, a beacon of light, guided me through layers of discovery, peeling back the veils of illusion and leading me closer to the core of my being.

      Miguel’s contribution through sound healing was nothing short of transformative. The frequencies he created resonated deeply within me, facilitating a powerful spiritual experience that transcended the ordinary and ushered me into the realm of unity consciousness. The synergy between Lisa’s guidance and Miguel’s sound healing was a harmonious dance of energy and love, creating a sacred space where profound transformation was not just possible but inevitable.

      The magic that unfolded during our time at Shangriballa was a testament to the wisdom, unconditional love, and pure energy that Lisa and Miguel embody. Their land, blessed and vibrating with high frequencies, is a sanctuary for anyone seeking to experience the depths of their spiritual potential. If there is a place where the extraordinary can happen, it is here, under the care and guidance of these two incredible souls.
      I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa and Miguel’s transformative offerings at Shangriballa. Their unique blend of intuition, sound, and sacred space provides a gateway to the most profound spiritual experiences imaginable.

    • Karo 2 days ago

      I spent three nights at Shangriballa and found Lisa and Miguel to be incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. I felt safe and trusted them throughout the process. The staff was very friendly and the natural surroundings of the facility were lovely. The Kambo Nadii treatment was amazing and incredibly powerful and healing. I experienced a profound sense of love that dissolved all my emotional pain, leaving me feeling completely renewed after the trip. It was a very transformative experience that I loved!forever grateful

    • John M. 3 weeks ago

      “The Bufo ceremony I attended was a truly transformative experience. The level of care and professionalism displayed by the practitioners was outstanding. From the moment I arrived, I felt supported and guided through the entire process. The practitioners were highly knowledgeable and created a safe space for deep healing to unfold. I left the ceremony feeling renewed, inspired, and grateful for the profound journey I had embarked on. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone seeking profound healing and spiritual growth.” – John M.

    • Kayleigh T. 4 weeks ago

      Meeting lisa and miguel truly changed my life ..
      They hold beautiful safe sacred space with love and kindness.
      Have always felt safe and heard .. lisa is also amazing to talk to after and during integration and has a way with words to help the process of healing.
      Forever grateful 🙏🏻

    • Ben S. 4 weeks ago

      Absolutely transformative experience at Shangriballa! If you’re looking for a place to truly heal and rediscover yourself, look no further. The care and attention to detail were simply outstanding. The program they offer was incredibly well-structured and facilitated in a way that allowed me to confront my anxieties head-on, and finally feel a sense of hope that I haven’t felt in years. I cannot recommend Shangriballa highly enough. This retreat was a life-changing experience, and I am eternally grateful for the amazing support I received.


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