Sophie Watkins VETTED

Microdosing Coach in Mount Mellum, Queensland, Australia
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    3 Reviews on “Sophie Watkins”

    • Sophia 5 months ago

      My microdosing journey has been one of the best investments I have made for my personal and spiritual growth and connectivity to self.

      With Soph’s guidance and with the use of this medicine, I have been able to go to lengths I never knew I was capable of. This journey has allowed me to break through limiting beliefs, work through traumas and clear the cobwebs within my mind.

      Soph listened attentively, was so accomodating and showed genuine care and support throughout. I loved her honesty, rawness and authenticity.

      I would encourage anyone who feels lost, misguided or alone on their journey explore and be guided by Soph and this incredible medicine.

    • Violet 7 months ago

      Microdosing mushrooms has ignited a sense of curiosity within me as a mother, leading me on a transformative path towards clarity and focus. With the guidance Soph, this journey has been an extraordinary exploration within myself.

      With the demands of parenthood and work, I was drawn to the therapeutic potential of microdosing mushrooms. Subtle shifts in perception, fueling my curiosity and unlocking a heightened state of awareness and mental clarity.
      I became more present as a parent and calmer.

      The mental clutter was at a low. I found myself honing my focus, effortlessly in tasks with enhanced productivity. I found i was able to delve deeper into my passions and pursuits, finding new depths of creativity.

      Guided by my Soph, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, peeling back the layers of my consciousness.
      Throughout this transformative process, Soph played an invaluable role. I approached microdosing with respect and caution. Her wisdom and expertise acted as a guiding light, as I navigated emotional healing and self-discovery.

      It’s been a beautiful discovery of self and awareness beyond I had experienced before. I’m very grateful and thankful for this amazing experience and journey I had the courage and open mindfulness to go on.

    • Tasha 7 months ago

      My life took an unexpected turn 3 months ago, which launched me into a journey of personal discovery and recovery that I never realised I needed but am now so grateful to have started. During this time, I’ve discovered and experienced many new holistic therapies, and gathered a wellness crew of amazing humans who have helped me navigate this rollercoaster of personal growth and development. One of these people was Soph. She opened my eyes to the world of plant medicine and guided me beautifully and respectfully through 2 amazing experiences. Soph was with me every step of my journey, through preparatory calls ahead of my experience, and integration calls afterwards. The experience itself was life changing. Seeing the world through an open mind and eyes that can truly see was mind-blowing. For anyone who feels the call of plant medicine, I would highly recommend you take that leap of faith and do it, but please make sure you have someone like Soph by your side to guide you safely through that journey


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