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5-MeO-DMT Retreat in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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    3 Reviews on “Earthlings Institute”

    • Jesse 2 weeks ago

      This retreat was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. The space was beautiful and the food was amazing. Helena and Sagan had everything well organized from intention setting, preparation, swimming, hot tub, music, sauna, medicine sessions, reflection, meditation, integration. We were all very well supported and we became very close over the weekend. The whole support team was knowledgeable and experienced and adapted to what was needed in the moment. The retreat would have been worth it even without the medicine.

      With the medicine, I worked through some difficult experiences and emotions and in the end I experienced the core of consciousness with everything else stripped away. It was a perfect place of stillness and pure bliss. It was like coming home to the place I started and where I will go back to in the end. I realized that that place is always available to all of us and it is what we are all seeking, even though we may not know it with our rational minds, or remember. I’m grateful that Sagan and Helena helped me find that place. Now that I recognize it, I am able to access it in my everyday life by just being in the moment with activities, or going inside with breathwork and meditation. I experienced the place that meditators and monks talk about getting to, that I’ve attempted to get to over the years, that part of me thought sounded kind of boring. It turns out it’s not boring – it’s perfect.

      I was developing a fear of death in the second half of my life, which was impacting my ability to fully live life. I found myself worrying more than I wanted to. Since the retreat my fear of death seems to be gone. I see worry pop up here and there but it seems to just bounce off me now. If this is the kind of depth you are looking for (all the way) in your inner work, then this retreat is for you.

    • Dreamboat 3 months ago

      I recently attended the Self Contact Retreat this March 22, 2024. It was so profoundly transformative that language does fail to describe this life altering experience!! What was so extraordinary about the experience were the Guides Sagan & Helena. It was my first time with the ‘medicine’ and the space they created was filled with Trust for one another, I felt very safe & supported and deeply cared for. This allowed me to fall deeply & divinely into a place in my heart that fully awakened an unconditional love I had not meet before. Their guidance, patience & understanding for not only the ‘medicine’ yet of each individual participant who was there, is unlike any retreat I had attended. The weekend and friends I made will forever be indelibly etched in time. It is remarkable the Heart Space they live from. I feel so blessed to have found them for my initial journey. I would Wholeheartedly recommend them Heart & Soul if you are wanting to walk this sacred and extraordinary path.❤️.

    • Jeffrey E. 3 months ago

      I recently attended their 3 day Self Contact retreat in Vancouver. There was an initial consultation which allowed us to get to know each other followed by a preparatory session for me to ask questions, discuss intentions, etc. These were instrumental in my feeling comfortable and prepared for the retreat which was truly amazing. There were 5 of us participating and 4 facilitators who were incredibly kind and competent. We got to know each other Friday afternoon and evening. There was plenty of education, intention setting and safety discussions. Saturday was a sauna and cold-plunge prior to the meditation then handshake, hug and full-embrace doses we started at 10am. These lasted all day until our celebratory dinner together. I felt 15 pounds lighter Sunday from the trauma purging and enlightenment. 2 weeks later there was an integration Zoom session with Sagan and Helena. I made 8 friends that weekend and began the start of my Life 2.0. I can’t recommend this retreat enough.


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