How To Prepare Psilocybin Mushrooms For Microdosing

Third Wave · July 24th, 2017

How to Prepare & Measure Mushroom Microdoses

Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However, we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason, this guide is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use psilocybin.


If you’re of the sustainable mindset and don’t have easy access to an organic chemistry lab to synthesize LSD, microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms is a natural alternative to consider. While snipping up or diluting blotter tabs is an easy way to microdose with LSD, it does mean dependence on an external source that might not be consistent or reliable. Purchasing legal psilocybin truffles, or even better, growing your own psilocybin mushrooms leaves you in charge of the process, and if you have a golden-brown thumb, you could find yourself providing for your mushroom microdose-enthusiast friends as well.

Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms is ideal for the hands-on psychonaut who loves the idea of being involved in every step of the process. Preparing psilocybin for microdosing involves a bit of investment in kitchen equipment, but you can easily acquire all you need for around $80.

For mushroom supplies and guidance, check out Third Wave’s Mushroom Grow Kit and Course.

For sourcing tips and vendor recommendations, check out Third Wave’s Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Psychedelic Medicines.

Want to easily grow mushrooms at home?

Third Wave’s Mushroom Grow Kit and Course turn the daunting task of cultivating mushrooms into a simple one.

Our in-depth guide and step-by-step videos will have you harvesting your own home-grown mushrooms in no time.


If fresh psilocybin mushrooms are what you’ve got on hand, especially if they’re cute miniature pinheads that never made it to maturity (see image), it can be tempting to think along the lines of “Microshrooms for Microdosing.” There is something inherently organically enticing about the idea of just taking a little mushroom cap in the morning along with your coffee and cereal.

This, however, will most likely produce an inconsistent psilocybin microdosing experience. Considering the following:

    • Fresh and dry psilocybin mushrooms are generally considered equivalent using the 10% dry to wet ratio. However, Remember this is only an approximation, and dry mushrooms can be more or less than 10% of their fresh weight. This means that if you take 3 grams of fresh mushrooms, you could be getting more or less than 0.3 dry grams from it, depending on the mushroom itself and environmental factors, like humidity levels.
    • Caps and stems contain different levels of psilocybin.The psilocybin contents in Psilocybe cubensis, one of the most commonly enjoyed strains, are in the range of 0.37–1.30% in the whole mushroom, with 0.44–1.35% in the cap and 0.05–1.27% in the stem. This means that the caps are, on average, slightly more potent than the stems, and that there are tiny bits of stems that contain almost no psilocybin. In order to equalize, it’s always recommended to grind your mushrooms to a fine powder.
    • Psilocybin content varies from mushroom to mushroom, from flush to flush, and between strains. Changing varieties during your microdosing protocol will make calibration difficult as you’ll be ingesting varying amounts of psychoactive substance with each different type of psilocybin mushroom.
    • Psilocybin content changes in the different stages of development of a mushroom. Miniature pinheads that just didn’t grow bigger can be more potent than larger mushrooms per gram of weight.
    • If you are microdosing with psilocybin truffles, you should be aware that dried truffles often contain less psilocybin than dried mushrooms – see the weighing and measuring section for the different quantities you should use.

Under-microdosing yourself is much less of an issue than accidentally over-microdosing. Finding yourself communing with the stucco on the ceiling when you’d like to be checking tasks off your laundry list is not only unproductive, but can increase anxiety levels.

directory screenshot
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Fresh mushrooms and truffles can be safely stored in the fridge at 2-4 degrees Celsius for up to a month. They should be packed in a paper bag or wrapped up in an unbleached kitchen towel. The cool and dark environment of the fridge is good for preserving them, but the moisture in the fridge will eventually influence them to grow bacteria and decompose. This especially goes for mushrooms. Truffles, thanks to their lower moisture content, can easily last three months if vacuum packed in a ziplock bag. In order to preserve psilocybin mushrooms for longer, however, they first need to be properly dried.


Drying mushrooms eliminates moisture, and with it any chance of bacteria formation. This can be done in many different ways. Methods range from leaving them out on a towel, to putting them in front of a fan, to low heat in the oven for several hours (this is a classic mistake, as any heat can decrease their potency), to placing them in a box with Epsom salts.

The full, proper drying process always involves an initial phase of pre-drying, where the mushrooms are placed out in the sun under a dark cloth, or in front of a fan, for a few hours until their texture becomes gummy, and their appearance wrinkly. After that, a desiccant must be applied. This can either be a custom Epsom salt-based concoction, or simple silica gel packets. Drying mushrooms this way is gradual; it takes a few weeks for them to reach the crackly state characteristic of full dryness.

For economy of space, energy, and time, however, a food dehydrator with a low heat setting is one of the most effective ways of preserving psilocybin mushrooms, while keeping their potency level intact. A dehydrator will set you back just about $40, and when you’re not using it to render cracker-dry portals to another dimension, it can double as a decoy that makes banana chips. Several harvests of mushrooms can be dried overnight in a dehydrator instead of leaving them over all the surfaces of your house for weeks. Dehydrators are especially recommended for humid climates.

Once fully dried, both mushrooms and truffles can be safely stored in a cool, dark, dry place and last a few years, or even longer (if one manages not to lose or eat them in this time frame). The potency loss should be minimal to non-existent if there is no light, low moisture, or heat to mess with the psilocybin inside.

Third Wave’s Mushroom Grow Kit and Course covers the dehydration stage in detail.

Want to easily grow mushrooms at home?

Third Wave’s Mushroom Grow Kit and Course turn the daunting task of cultivating mushrooms into a simple one.

Our in-depth guide and step-by-step videos will have you harvesting your own home-grown mushrooms in no time.


Powdering your dried psilocybin mushrooms is by far the best way to yield the most consistent psilocybin microdose. By grinding your mushrooms up together, you homogenize the variance in psilocybin content between caps and stems, and from mushroom to mushroom.

A quick note on drying mushrooms: the methods range from leaving them out on a towel, to putting them in front of a fan, to low heat in the oven for several hours (this is a classic mistake, as the heat can decrease their potency), to placing them in a box with Epsom salts.

The easiest way to powder psilocybin mushrooms is with a spice or coffee grinder. Unlike the dehydrator, it is recommended to have a separate one for microdosing preparation as it is nearly impossible to get all the fine mushroom particles out of the blades. While it may be entertaining to imagine your roommate unwittingly enhancing herself while grinding up spices for chai tea, it is better advised not to run the risk of unwanted microdosing.

Practical Tip: It will take less than a minute of pulsing to mill your psilocybin mushrooms into a fine powder. Don’t open the grinder for at least half an hour to allow the fine dust in the chamber to settle. Opening it right away will cause the agitated particles to be sucked up into the air in a whoosh of psychedelic fairy dust and anoint your kitchen with the lingering smell of magic fungus for hours. Remember that cannabis is not the only thing that will give you a buzz from inhaling ambient vapors.

Powdered, home-grown psilocybin mushrooms


Having an electronic scale for the kitchen is a good place to start. Scales accurate to 0.1 – 1.0 grams go for about $20. Weigh the dry mushrooms out before pulverizing to know how much total mushroom mass there will be once they are powdered. Knowing how much you have to start with will help you divide up the amounts for each microdose.

For example: 2 grams of dried whole mushrooms will yield 10 microdoses of 0.2 grams after powdering.

To microdose mushrooms, you need approximately one tenth of a standard dose. This means you will use somewhere between 0.1 – 0.3 grams of dried powdered psilocybin mushrooms per dose. (If you are using psilocybin truffles, use between 0.5 – 1 grams of dried powdered truffles per dose – they will contain less psilocybin than mushrooms).

However, remember that this amount can be higher or lower depending on each individual’s neurophysiology, weight, and the potency of the mushrooms or truffles you’re microdosing. An important part of the microdosing process is calibrating the dosage to be a perfect fit just for you. This process can take up to several microdoses to figure out, so it is better to start low and then (patiently) work upward until you find your psilocybin sweet spot.

You can also use Halugen’s pre-screening platform and Psychedelics Genetic Test Kit to understand your individual sensitivities when it comes to using psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms. Understanding your genetic profile can better inform your psychedelic experience by reducing side-effects and risk.

Generally speaking, if a normal microdose is 0.1 – 0.3 grams of mushrooms, you’ll want to start with 0.1 grams if your body weight is below 100 lbs. However, if you weigh about 200 lbs, you should be comfortable starting with 0.3 grams. Double these starting doses for truffles. A useful dosage calculator tool can be found here.

Kitchen scales are often not precise to 0.1 grams. They may not register any weight until there are at least 0.5 grams and this may be too much for one microdose. What you can do instead is simply heap all your powder onto a piece of paper and parse it out evenly into micro-piles.

As you will notice, the issue with powdered mushrooms is that their low density causes the powder to just float everywhere during handling. So, as before, try not to breathe in too much of the vapor, or you will be delivering yourself aerial microdoses.

In case you don’t want to go through the work of manually dividing up your powder, there are other ways to distribute microdoses:

  • Mushroom capsules: You’ll need a capsule filler dispenser for this one. These contraptions, which go for about $24, can load many capsules at the same time by spreading the powder evenly across the capsule holder. This is a popular method for the committed micro (or macro) doser, and has the advantage of bypassing the loamy mushroom taste that not everyone enjoys. The disadvantage is that the amount that fits in the capsules is pre-determined, and that your capsules are pre-measured, so it’s harder to adjust the dosage after they’ve all been packaged. Therefore, you should only use this method when you have determined your perfect dosage. Once you do that, you can mix the mushroom powder with something like cocoa powder or powdered sugar in the amount needed to fill up the capsule and keep your psilocybin microdose at the desired level.
  • Micro scoops: Simply put all your mushroom powder in a small container and use a very small scoop (1/16 to 1/8 of a teaspoon) to measure out your doses. The advantage of this method is that you can more flexibly adjust your dosage on the go, and you can use it even if you don’t have a scale. The disadvantage is that it is more prone to the error of eyeballing.
  • Combination: Use the small scoops to measure out your psilocybin microdose, and to load it into the capsules. This is the way to microdose mushrooms without the flavor, and with the flexibility to change the dosage per need.

Click here to learn about the legality of psilocybin mushrooms in your country


Once you’ve measured out your microdose amount, there are many ways to ingest it. We’ve already gone over the mushroom pill option; the most popular alternative is making a mushroom tea, or you can decide to get creative and mix your mushroom or truffle powder with basically anything you consume in your day-to-day life.

A mushroom tea is easy to make, and mitigates the flavor, especially if you add honey. It’s made like any other tea. Just pour hot water over the mushroom powder and stir the concoction until it’s homogenous. You can also add your microdose to your health shake in the morning, or mix it with the maple syrup you put on your pancake breakfast, or infuse it in the chocolate icing that goes on top of your brownies. The possibilities are endless.

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Choosing a psychedelic retreat is a big decision. Choose Wisely.Explore our trusted network of psychedelic retreat centers in the free Third Wave Directory. Compare facilities, participant reviews, and pricing to find the right fit for your unique needs.


Many people just take the powder as it is. You can also add it to your coffee or tea, but the powder is insoluble in water so it will just clump together into little pockets in your mug. Sprinkling over cereal is one way of masking the earthy flavor, as is mixing it into orange juice or having it with a spoonful of honey. Whichever way you choose, don’t just toss it down the hatch! Be mindful of your motives for microdosing as you consume your dose. Microdosing produces the best results when you are clear within yourself about why you are doing it.



You can use any kind; people most often opt for the classic strains Golden teacher (Psilocybe cubensis) or Liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata). Since the small dose yields a sub-perceptual effect, there should be no explicit difference in which strain is used. If you do notice some effects, you took too much; try dialing back the dosage until you find your sweet spot.


Both are about the same, except for the dosage. Truffles have a lower psilocybin content, so you will need a larger dose.


Mushroom pills, or capsules filled with an exact dose of mushroom powder, are the best option due to their preciseness. Otherwise, you are free to infuse the powder into tea, coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, or other preferred drinks, or eat it with honey, yogurt, cereals, or any other way you like.


Accessing quality psilocybin mushrooms can seem challenging, especially when you’re unsure how to navigate the legal complexity or choose a reputable vendor. That’s why we compiled our tips and resources into the Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Psychedelic Medicines.


Although no other way can be as precise (and preciseness is key to microdosing), you can go the old-fashioned way and use scissors to pulverize them as finely as possible. In this case, a highly accurate digital scale would be vital, as eyeballing the dosage split would add a second degree of impreciseness.


If you take too little, you won’t notice a thing. If you take too much, depending on the strain, you may notice either drowsiness or some mental hyperactivity. The key is to find the dosage just below the point where you notice an effect.


Taking reasonable (meaning, not extremely high) doses of psilocybin has been proven to be completely safe. Naturally, taking a microdose is safe as well. However, there hasn’t been any longitudinal research done on frequent microdosing over an extended period of time, so we advise everyone to microdose for no longer than a few months at a time.


Psilocybin and its metabolites are not included in most standard drug screens. However, they are sometimes included in extended drug screens.

Interested in learning more about safe, structured microdosing? Check out our course.

Considering a psilocybin macrodose experience? Check out Third Wave’s vetted guide of psilocybin retreat centers around the world.

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  1. AvatarVinnícius Cedraz Ribeiro says

    Please let me know of other ways of microdosing with mushrooms that wouldn’t involve powdering. Can’t I just make some sort of liquid extract? Is there a way that wouldn’t involve drying?

      • AvatarKaitlin says

        Powdering is more consistent because there are different amounts of Psilocybin and Psilocin in the Stem and Caps. You’d just have to find how much that is and calculate the micro-dose based on the wet weight ratio of mg of mushroom to Psilocybin/Psilocin.

        As for how to eat it I think the easiest way is probably to crush it in some parchment paper and mix it in with some milk chocolate or butterscotch chips. It will keep this way for ages and doesn’t taste gross. This also gives you an easy way to pre-measure doses without worrying about losing too much and storage etc.

      • Avatartacitus says

        i am a heavy tripper myself and i personally see the benefits of micro dosing to be that your more appreciative of your time spent and all your senses are sharpened while increasing metal productivity, downside: i get sided tracked easily….

  2. AvatarRyan says

    I read on a mushroom forum (possibly the shroomery) about a way to extract the psilocybin out of a mushroom. I believe you needed a special type of high percentage alcohol but I will have to do a little digging to find that article if I do I will post here. I think a liquid would be much better as you could add it to juice and it would be easier to measure an exact amount.

    • AvatarThe says

      We extract with organic vodka 100 proof (50% apv) I’m in the process of narrowing the dose level as I don’t want to have a “melt down” ? We pulled for three weeks, then strained. You can see the cloud of awesomeness!

      • AvatarRenee says

        I’d love to hear what you came up with as far as dosages. I am about to make a tinture to use for microdosing.

      • AvatarAK Lucas says

        After grinding your dried mushrooms into a fine powder, make peanutbutter, honey chocolate balls with them:

        Weigh out 28 grams of dried powdered shrooms.
        With a fork, mix two tablespoons of unsweetened cacao powder with the shrooms. (I use Trader Joe’s organic raw cacao powder). Mix the two dried powders together thoroughly.

        Next, mix together two tablespoons of raw honey with two tablespoons of peanut butter.

        Now combine the dried shrooms and cacao powder with the honey &peanut butter. Mix thoroughly. Once I get it into a ball, I knead it with my hands until it is thoroughly mixed.

        Next, weigh the entire ball. Divide the total weight by 28 and divide the whole thing into 28 little balls using your scale. Put them on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Once frozen, I put them in a glass jar or a glass bowl with a seal tight lid and keep them in the freezer for long term storage. Now you have tasty chocolate, peanut butter shroom balls in convenient 1 gram shroom doses.

        For microdosing:
        I take out three or four and put them in the fridge and I can easily weigh out a microdose from a thawed ball.

        I have also wrapped each chocolate ball individually in plastic wrap for traveling. This is also a great way to pack your shrooms when flying with them.

  3. AvatarJohn says

    Can you speak towards how much potencty loss we can expect due to oxidation once it is ground. My research has indicated this may be a concern, but as usual, it’s all just secondhand from nonexperts to begin with.

    • AvatarKaitlin says

      Oxidation could potentially be avoided if crush it in some parchment paper (or however you like) and mix it in with some milk chocolate or butterscotch chips. It will keep this way for ages and doesn’t taste gross. This also gives you an easy way to pre-measure doses without worrying about losing too much and storage etc.

    • AvatarRay says

      Jack – Yours is a good question but not really applicable from a practical point of view. Dried mushrooms are not very dense. You will find that the next to largest capsule (00-capsule) (prob the biggest you might want to swallow) will only hold about 0.25 gm of very finely chopped but ‘loose’ dried mushroom. It will hold about 0.5 gm of powdered product.

      Thus, 3 gm of mushroom plus a diluent would be the volume of 3 to 6 00-capsules.

      Now where that might have an application would be measurement by some sort of small spoon, for example. You would have to insure uniform mixing in that case, however, since, as above the mushroom powder is light in density.

  4. AvatarJack says

    Can you tell me if there is an inert powder like flour or arrowroot that I could mix the cubensis powder with to make it more easy to manage? Like if I powder an ounce of mushrooms, and mix it with 5 ounces of another inert powder, then I could fill my capsules with 3 grams of the mixture to get .5 grams of cubensis.

    • AvatarEileen says

      I am micro dosing with dried mushrooms in order to get rid of cluster headaches. My problem is when I receive them they are soft and most are black. They are vacuum packed. Is this ok ?
      I intend to try the truffles soon at a stronger dose.
      I have many health problems for the last 20 years due to the death of my Son. And I need a way to have some quality of life. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Blessings To All……….

    • AvatarMike says

      You can use food grade diatomaceous earth to dilute your powder. It has it’s own health benefits that would work great alongside the powdered mushroom microdose, and can potentially alleviate the upset stomach that sometimes can happen from mushroosm that were harvested a tad too late.

  5. AvatarModesto Ordoñez says

    Hi i love your web site, the information always its very accurate.

    BUT please put more images in your tutorials… a lot a lot of images … in the other ways … its dificult to get the most of your articles.

    Very thank you for all the work you have been doing, i love to work with us sometime

  6. AvatarAndrew says

    You say: ‘fresh mushrooms can be more or less than 10% of their dry weight.’ Surely, you mean: ‘fresh mushrooms can be more or less than 10 times their dry weight.’

  7. AvatarJeffry Caudill says

    Looking for advise on getting started (absolute newbie). I’ve read through all the info I could find here, and here’s what I’m ready to move on. B+ and Golden Teacher spores – Spore Store, Ultimate Mushroom Growing Kit – Midwest, and then a food dehydrator. Any input before I hit send would be appreciated!

  8. AvatarSusie says

    Hi, my son has started microdosing 6 days ago, but he has also just started taking an SNR anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication (Deloxitine). Looking for advice on whether he should continue the microdosing concurrently with meds or whether to discontinue whilst meds establish some stability for him?

    • AvatarF says

      @Susie –
      I”ve been researching this lately because I take an SSRI. From what I have found, there are no negative interactions. However, the antidepressant may dull or nullify the effect of the mushrooms.

      • AvatarHaya says

        Please, consult a medical professional before making any decisions. We cannot provide any medical advice as we are not qualified to provide professional recommendations.

        • AvatarWiZard says

          dont ever abruptly end a cycle of meds
          but break the dosages down lil by lil ….
          otherwise if you do stop abrupt
          you could hallucinate, delirium states, psychoses, and the list goes on ….

    • AvatarAndrew says

      Both drugs act on the serotonin receptors in the brain, so (although there’s no research on this) they are likely to interfere with each other. He’s probably going to need to choose which one to continue with; both at the same time may have unpredictable effects. A doctor is likely to recommend continuing with the SNRI, because that’s the one with the modern research behind it, and the only legal option in most countries, but that’s up to your son to decide. If he can safely discontinue the SNRI (some tapering off may be necessary, depending how long he’s been taking it, and what dose he’s on), in discussion with his doctor, he may want to try the microdosing for a while to see how effective that is – he’ll know quite quickly – and if it isn’t to revert to the SNRI. Microdosing isn’t for everyone.

    • AvatarJana says

      Please consider discontinuing the Duloxetine after a few months of microdosing. I was on it and the side effects were not good. Then you have to titrate down to get off it.

    • AvatarMoanstrength says

      You are suppose to be out of meds for taking psychedelics since nobody knows their interactions. It is suppose that Psilocybin could treat depression, please read more scientific papers. Duloxetin has very bad withdraw effects.

      • AvatarBritt at The Third Wave says

        Hello Susie and Moanstrength,

        I thought I would reach out and share this resource that we link to from The Third Wave website. It is meant purely as an educational resource and we do not endorse any of these combinations, but perhaps you may find it useful for this topic. You can also take a look at our article on Psychedelics and Antidepressants (located here).

        Wishing you best of luck on your journey,

        – Britt at The Third Wave

  9. AvatarAnne says

    How many grams in 1/16 and 1/8 of a teaspoon?? You leave out some important information. You also mention dividing the ground powder into heaps. But then what do you do with the heaps??

  10. AvatarRene says

    I mixed my 2gr of dried powdered mushroom with Coconut Oil.
    Then I take +-0.2gr every 3rd day. I judge 0.2gr visually when I scoop a small amount out the jar with the tip of a knife.

  11. AvatarBJ says

    It is easy to find inexpensive scales on line that are accurate to a hundredth of a gram. Your suggestion of using a scale that is only accurate to a tenth of a gram and then eyeballing divvying it up is silly when for $17-$30 CAD you have your choice of many scales that are intended for measuring exact amounts of medicines. Eyeballing not necessary. Get the right equipment and do it right! But thanks for an otherwise very informative and practical article!

  12. AvatarHairy Balls Johnson says

    I’d be interested in learning whether you can take the powdered mushroom and use it in a pill press to make hard pills instead of capsules.

    • AvatarSunny says

      Assuming 100% of the psilocybin was absorbed, take the total amount of alcohol used divided by the amount of mushroom used to figure out how much mushrooms / mL.

      For example:

      10 grams of mushroom
      100mL of alcohol

      10/100 = 0.1

      So, there are 0.1 grams of mushroom/mL

  13. AvatarCarrie says

    So I have liquid psilocybin in an alcohol base but I have no idea how many drops equals 0.2g dried mushrooms. Can’t find the info anywhere. So I really have no idea how to microdose this.

    I’ve dosed 3 drops. It was subtle, mild and short-lived.

    Please help!

  14. AvatarDave says

    Just break off stems and weigh each dose that way. When you get to caps adjust dosage. Too much trouble to powder and weigh.

  15. AvatarELINA says

    Hello i would like to ask if there is any posibility microdising could help me with my hronic depersonalization

  16. AvatarhalfHead says

    I would like to add a very important point, and hopefully you edit this port because it is important to understand. SUGAR KILLS PSILOCYBIN!!! If you are going to “sprinkle it on cereal”, it MUST be sugar free. And that goes the same with you coffee or tea.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be doing that anyway. Buy vege caps, super cheap on ebay, and take your dose before breakfast or bed (or both?), I’m still playing.

    Another note, I’m not sure you have the information yet, but psilocybe subaeruginosa is much more accessible, and easily picked that cubensis in a lot of countries. Do you have any information about the dosage for subs? Subs require a lot less than cubes to reach the breakthrough or standard dose, so my assumption is that it will require less for microdosing. I have only just started so I will try to post details as I go.

    Hope you make the changes I have suggested.


    • AvatarNN says

      Body weight would be a factor. Low body weight=tiny dose, higher body weight=larger dose.
      As for age, not sure about the effects of that on the dose.

  17. AvatarDana says

    I would like to know if i can use my food dehydrator which has a minimum of 35°celsius, or if that’s already too much for drying fresh shrums?
    Thank you for your advice!

  18. AvatarJeremy says

    I don’t understand: you said that any amount of heat will mess up shrooms potency, and then you recommend using a food dehydrator for drying. Food dehydrator do use heat, even if it’s low heat.

    The information I got from forum is that you shouldn’t heat shrooms over 120 F. I have a toaster oven that can be set under 100 F and I decided to use it for drying my shrooms. Bad idea? I wonder…

    Also, when you grind the shrooms, using a coffee grinder or else, isn’t it dangerous to mess up the potency whit the heat generated by the grinding process? Friction is generating heat as well.

    I like someone’s opinion on this.

    Thank you.

    • AvatarJeff says

      I dry at 160 degrees, no noticeable negative effect on the final product.

      I wouldn’t worry about heat generated in a grinder. They only need grind for a few seconds, and the dry mushrooms are so fragile and light that i cannot imagine much resistance/friction is occurring in that short amount of time.

  19. AvatarDaniel Shields says

    Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness! I hope that this magical plant would not be abused and misused. Everything, if used properly and moderately proves to be beneficial. I hope this could be the future treatment of a lot of diseases. It has endless capabilities!

  20. AvatarNeil says

    I see allot of questions about what to mix with. I am leaning towards a product made by Host Defense called “My Community”. It contains 17 different mushrooms; Royal Sun Blazei, Cordyceps, Enokitake, Amadou, Agarikon, Artist Conk, Reishi, Oregon Polypore, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Shiitake, Mesima, Birch Polypore, Pearl Oyster, Split Gill Polypore and Turkey Tail, you can buy it in a powder form(also in capsules, tincture, etc) Google it, you’ll easily find what I am referring to. Mushrooms work better together, the more diverse the makeup the more effective outcome, so this approach of combining the PSILOCYBIN of your mushrooms with the powder from Host Defense would be a wonderful combination. I have not done this as I am still very new to mushrooms, but it seems a good direction. Would love to hear your thoughts. I am in the purchasing/growing stage of my micro dosing of psilocybin mushrooms, but I already do use the Host defense products and am very please with the results of just these alone.

  21. AvatarFraggle says

    The idea that mild heat (such as an oven on the lowest setting with the door open) will cause loss of potency is a common misconception. Indeed – how this would differ from a dehydrator is confused – as they are basically just low temperature ovens. Also things like mushroom tea wouldn’t work as the heat from the water would also cause loss of potency – in short heat causing loss of potency is an uniformed myth spread by woo merchants.

    Psilocin is the active compound that causes effects – but it is incredibly unstable and is going to deteriorate to other compounds no matter what you do. Psilocybin on the other hand is much more stable – it is a prodrug to Psilocin – the body converts Psilocybin to Psilocin via dephosphorylation.

    If you are drying mushrooms out the Psilocin content is going to be 0 – no matter what – while the Psilocybin content is going to remain just about stable – no matter what.

    Really the only things that will 100% cause loss of potency are things which breakdown Psilocybin – which are oxygen and light.

    Griding into a fine powder is, therefore, just about the worst thing you can do as it massively increases the surface area to oxygen.

    If you are going to do this just grind the dose you are going to take – never grid mushroom for storage as doing so will massivly decrease their potency over time.

    • AvatarLee says

      If you want to grind only a few doses at a time to avoid oxidation and loss of potency, wouldn’t you also get less consistent doses because of different potencies between mushrooms and within a single mushroom?
      Is it possible that oxidation is less of an issue once the powder is contained in a capsule, and stored properly?

  22. AvatarAshley Letten says

    Does Micro dosing help with pain management? I suffer from cluster headaches and looking for something that would help keep them under control. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  23. AvatarMike says

    I’m looking for ways to store mine for long periods as I prefer to buy in quantity. I’ve heard of some people mixing with honey. Or someone mentioned chocolate or butterscotch chips? Are these good ways to store?
    Thank you

  24. AvatarPablohongo says

    Thanks for all the info , i’m looking into buying a capsule filler, but i’m wondering what size of capsule should i go with, i was thinking on mixing .2gr of powder cubensis and the rest with cacao powder . Si i was wondering if a “0” capsule is enough or should i go with the “00”? Thanks again !

  25. AvatarDungeonKush says

    I was saving some shrooms in my freezer. And I looked at the the other day. And there has been a big build up of powder. I was wanting to do a eight. And trip with a buddy. Can the powder be weighted out to the weight of a eight. And be the same thing? I dont want to end up doing to much and trip super hard. I’ve only done max of a eight and dont want to end up doing alot more then that.

    • AvatarMarian says

      1/8th of powder weighs the same as 1/8th of the shroom so yes, you can weigh it and you shouldn’t have any issues. Good Luck!

  26. Avatarphronsie ericson says

    I am an older person living in the southern u.s. I have been suffering with MDD, TRD, and also suffered with PPP after the birth of my child. This has been going on for 53 years. I just want to find a way to obtain some reliable, safe p.cubensis shrooms, without the tedium of growing.
    I feel we are on the brink of finally being able to buy this legally, in most states, with the recommendation of a doctor, but, in the meantime, can anyone help me? There has got to be a way to do this, I would think!

  27. AvatarLori says

    Hi. I have purchased my .2 g for microdosing already in the capsule. I would like to grind and fill my own capsules. Can you tell me what size pill filler/empty capsules to buy to end with .2 mg micro dosed capsules.

    • AvatarGinger Strand says

      Hi Lori, capsule size zero holds roughly 500mg (.5g) so you’d have plenty of room for your microdose and would have extra room for additional supplements if you want to add them. Happy microdosing!

  28. AvatarNic says

    I am
    Purchasing 100g dried truffles and was thinking to grind them all into a powder at once and then use to microdose. Will they lose potency if I grind them all at once and keep as a powdered form over about 12 months?

  29. AvatarJoana says

    Hi, would you please let me know for how long the mushrooms should stay in the food dehydrator, and at which temperature potency ? Thank you

    • AvatarChickenhawk79 says

      I’m seeing different things as far as the caps and stems. I’ve seen that they can contain different levels, but no one is saying by how much. I’ve also seen things aboitbusing only stems or caps but not both together. Can I get some clarification on this ? Also if there are always different levels how do you know how much you are actually getting each time. It seems that if you were to grind both caps and stems together you’d still be able to find your dosage ? I’m so confused, and so interested for C-PTSD and depression. I’ve been in a state of not caring about anything anymore for a while and I’m desperate to fix myself. Years of therapy have done nothing. And its only getting worse. There is so much different information out there its hard to understand how to do this. Can anyone help please ?!

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