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The Third Wave Podcast

Thoughts from our Founder
with Paul Austin

Summary of podcast:

Our founder, Paul Austin, shares some of his thoughts on psychedelics, and the future direction of the psychedelic community. We also hear about current and future projects at The Third Wave that could have a big impact in the psychedelic space.

Paul kicks off our first ever “Highcast” with some Dutch Sativa and a few thoughts on psychedelic culture. How can the psychedelic experience and ‘social entrepreneurship’ help change the world for the better?

Next we hear about upcoming projects at The Third Wave:

Our “Find the Others” campaign will be launching in April/May this year, and aims to get everyone involved in above-ground psychedelic communities. We want to connect all psychedelic societies worldwide and incubate the growth of new communities. We also want to help develop leadership in already established communities. If you’re interested in getting involved, send us an email!

The Third Wave Forum will begin to develop in late April, after we bring on a dedicated moderator to help it grow. At the moment you can sign up for the forum here.

We’re working with a developer to build a Microdosing App that will track your microdosing progress and allow you to make notes on your experiences; expect this to appear around the end of May.

On the back of our successful microdosing events in the Netherlands, we are working to introduce Microdosing Experiences that will allow small groups of people to experience legal microdosing in a controlled setting, for whatever purpose they desire. Send us an email if you’re interested!

We’ll also be inviting people to join us on full-blown psychedelic retreats in Jamaica, the BVI and Costa Rica, where psilocybin is legal. Our first retreat will take place in September in Costa Rica, and will be a ten-day long experience with magic mushrooms to facilitate healing, creative development or personal insight. Details will be coming soon – send us an email if you’re interested.

There is also space for three people to join our founder Paul Austin on a psilocybin retreat in Jamaica this July (5th-13th). Email Paul to reserve a place!

Beginning in June, we will be starting weekend retreats to the Netherlands for full-dose psilocybin experiences, starting with small groups of 5-10 people. Details will be coming soon.

Paul has also opened up an opportunity for high-end coaching for people interested in using psychedelics to improve their lives. Paul has space for 4/5 clients who could benefit from one-on-one consulting about the optimal use and integration of the psychedelic experience. Click here for more details!

Finally, if you’ll be at Psychedelic Science in Oakland this month, send us an email! We’d love to organize a Third Wave meetup during the conference.

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