The Third Wave Podcast

What Does A World-Class Fitness Coach Have To Say About Microdosing?

Episode 55

Ben Greenfield

As one of the world’s top fitness coaches, Ben Greenfield has a lot of experience with self-optimization. So what does he have to say about psychedelics and psychedelic microdosing as tools for personal development? We discuss rites of passage, ego loss, and holistic health – and how spirituality can be an important complement to physical fitness.

Disclaimer: in this podcast, Ben briefly discusses stem cell therapies. These are mostly unapproved and have often been associated with deadly scams. Please don’t take Ben’s experiments as medical advice.


Podcast Highlights

  • Why caring for the soul is an important part of overall health
  • How psychedelics can help with decision-making
  • The differences between LSD and psilocybin mushrooms for microdosing
  • Why microdosing is such a good alternative to stimulants

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