Neuroplasticity, Psychedelics, and Other Strategies for Boosting Immunity

Episode 84

Dr. Molly Maloof, M.D.

Dr. Molly Maloof, M.D.—physician, nutritional consultant, and popular speaker—chats with Paul Austin on how to boost our immunity and foster neuroplasticity through psychedelics, meditation, and healthier lifestyle choices.

Tune in to discover some steps you can take to improve your physical and mental wellbeing as you navigate the current period of uncertainty and heightened anxiety.

Dr. Molly Maloof, M.D.

Dr. Maloof’s goal is to maximize human potential by dramatically extending human healthspan through medical technology, scientific wellness, and educational media. Her fascination with innovation has transformed her private medical practice, which provides health optimization and personalized medicine to San Francisco and Silicon Valley investors, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Her iterative programs take the quantified self to the extreme through comprehensive testing of clinical chemistry, metabolomics, microbiome, biometrics, and genomic markers. Because dietary risks are responsible for most lifestyle-related illnesses, she is also passionate about promoting novel solutions for personalizing nutrition.

Since 2012, she has worked as an advisor or strategy consultant to over 40 companies in the biotechnology, digital health, nutrition, and food industries. Dr. Molly has also given her expert opinion on nutrition and human performance to companies such as Mars, Bayer, GSK, Nature Made, Quaker, RedBull, SomaWater, and Thistle with a goal to improve corporate products by transforming the food system.

She has spoken at Dreamforce, Wired Health, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations, DLD, and many other high profile conferences.

Would you rather read? Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Podcast Highlights

  • How declines in neuroplasticity can compromise our immune system.
  • The benefits of combining psychedelic experiences with lifestyle choices to enhance adaptability and foster neuroplasticity.
  • Why the healthcare system should champion legalized psychedelics and community-based connections to drive collective healing.

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  1. AvatarDavid says

    Hello I’m David, presently surviving in the Boise Idaho part of the USA.

    I’ve had a rather dissapointing life now at age 53 I think, or 52

    But I’ve eaten loads of mushrooms growing up and feel they in some way have helped to save my life.

    I really feel strongly the last few years about finding some affordable guided eyeowaska sessions as some answer to long overdue help I’ve needed.

    I’ve given western psychology a try with anti depressants many kinds, and counseling, but my experiences have been more than average, and ongoing.

    I would like finding something as close and available as the Bay area, but affordable it must be of course.

    Wouldn’t mind hearing anything back, I’ve recently enjoyed some mushrooms, and managed to get another few grams.

    But I do really seek the over the top intense ride that the DMT in eyeowaska provides.

    I’m aware I don’t correctly spell it, I like my spelling better.

    Any way thanks
    David Breaux

    What do you think about Transin dental meditation shit spell check sucks!

  2. AvatarAnastasia Morrison says

    Hello, in the episode with Molly Maloof, she mentions a few supplements, including one species of mushroom, that boosts immunity. The mushroom species, especially, was unclear. Is there a transcript of this episode or can you forward the species that she mentions. The word sounded like it had ‘cell’ in it, but haven’t been able to dig up anything similar with google searches.

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