Why Psychedelic Societies Are So Important

Episode 59

Stefana Bosse

Stefana Bosse, Head of Experience for the London Psychedelic Society, explains what psychedelic ceremony means to her, and why psychedelic societies are so important for the healing of people and culture. We hear about what made Stefana decide to work in psychedelics, and why the transformations that psychedelics induce can be so profound.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Why psychedelic societies are needed everywhere
  • Avoiding a “Quick Fix” mentality and taking personal responsibility
  • How psychedelics can help remind us of our shared humanity

Reader Interactions


  1. AvatarNick says

    Curious as to her claim that we’re apparently “disconnected” and that’s the cause of our suffering. How about, life itself is a horror that also happens to have family and theme parks. I find claiming suffering is caused by our supposed “disconnection” to be spiritual pap that mocks those suffering from depression and mental illness who are suffering immensely. And I’d say creation isn’t such a miracle but more of the ultimate horror of suffering, as indeed the suffering occurring around the world as you’re reading this cannot even be comprehended. And destroying things and competing is the natural state of life: nature is a competition. What humans do is nature but with a bigger brain, essentially. Nature is a self-competing monster that’s the opposite of love. Love itself is an emotion felt by mammals, whereas nature itself doesn’t give a damn about a meteor causing mass extinctions.
    I disagree with prohibition myself and I applaud people putting an end to these laws that were created to jumpstart the prison complex, but saying that psychedelic harm is caused because of prohibition is silly. A bad trip is a bad trip, regardless of whether the substance is illegal or not.

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