How To Craft The Perfect Psychedelic Ceremony

Episode 25

Julian Vayne

This week we’re joined by expert occultist Julian Vayne, author of the psychedelic manual Getting Higher. Julian shares with us his psychedelic experience, and how he thinks traditional rituals have influenced the modern psychedelic ceremony. We discuss the most important factors in setting up a ceremony to produce the most positive results.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Ancient psychedelic ceremonies can offer us useful techniques
  • We should learn from traditional lessons with appropriate respect
  • Setting your intention is one of the most useful tools of the ritual

Julian is the curator of the Psychedelic Museum – a collective effort to bring psychedelic culture and knowledge to various events and conferences around the world. Their next exhibition will be at Breaking Convention, in London this June, where they will be showcasing a number of fascinating psychedelic objects and pieces of art.

Initially an expert in magic and the occult, Julian’s first psychedelic experience prompted him to investigate the ritualistic use of psychedelics. He recently decided to write a book summarizing the knowledge he’s gathered over the years – intended as a manual of psychedelic ceremony, Getting Higher combines modern understanding of the psychedelic experience with ancient techniques.

Julian says that we can learn a lot from traditional psychedelic ceremonies. The ways in which sound, movement and visualization are used in healing rituals can be useful for the modern psychonaut. Combining these techniques with our modern understanding of psychedelic-assisted therapy can allow people to craft their perfect psychedelic ceremony.

Finally Julian shares with us the most important technique that can make the difference between a good ceremony and a bad ceremony. Setting your intention beforehand is key. Traditional ceremonies often involve articulating your wishes to an object or to the sacred medicine – and this, Julian says, is something that could be immensely helpful in the modern ritual.

This Week in Psychedelics

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In a recent study on ibogaine, 30 opiate addicts treated with ibogaine significantly reduced their withdrawal symptoms, and reduced their drug use over the next 12 months.

Ross Ulbricht, founder of the Silk Road and subject of the documentary “Deep Web,” has lost his appeal and may very well spend the rest of his life in prison.

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