Making Psychedelics Part Of Your Fitness Routine

Episode 44

Matt Cooper

Physical fitness is the focus of this week’s episode! We’re joined by nutritionist and fitness coach Matt Cooper, who explains how microdosing can help optimize both mind and body. He describes how his experiences with psychedelics have helped him become a healthier person, and where microdosing would fit in with a fitness and wellbeing protocol.

The full episode transcript is available here.

Podcast Highlights

  • Matt describes how a mainstream fitness regime actually left him in poor health.
  • Switching to alternative fitness concepts helped Matt become healthier and happier.
  • Matt says that psychedelics can be part of a fitness routine in a way that optimizes both mind and body.

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  1. AvatarNicolaus Simmonsyocius says

    Wow that was an Awesome Podcast!!
    I am really interested in this coaching. I have been naturally drawn to Psilocybin Mushrooms and Ayahuasca. I believe this can help me with accomplishing my Huge goals I have for myself, and I am getting my BA/MA of science in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition. I am really interested in the Holistic Way to Fulfillment. I am just wondering where to get psilocybin mushroom to start my transformation?

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