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Explore the Best Selection of Free Educational Psychedelic Resources on the Web
  • In-depth microdosing starter guides for LSD, psilocybin, cannabis, ayahuasca, and ibogaine
  • Comprehensive guides on all the major psychedelics, plus a few you probably haven’t heard of!
  • Learn the history, pharmacology, typical effects, latest research, and common myths for the substances you’re most curious about
  • Build your educational foundation so you can make informed decisions and increase your psychedelic literacy
Learn Everything You Need to Know About Microdosing
  • Our comprehensive written and video educational course covering everything from the science of microdosing to how to measure, calibrate, and store your dose to methods of customizing your protocol to your own needs
  • Extensive coverage of best practices, our Microdosing Workbook, and Results Tracking Sheet to help you optimize your experience and get the best results
  • Exclusive expert interviews with specialists in related fields like clinical psychiatry, biohacking, meditation, and metaphysics provide practical insight and mind-expanding inspiration
  • Access to our Members-Only Community to connect you with microdosers from around the world so you can learn from their experiences and develop meaningful relationships
Catalyze Creativity, Deepen Self-Understanding and Make The Next Big ‘Leap’ In Life
  • Join Third Wave Founder Paul Austin for a legal, modern psilocybin retreat experience in Amsterdam
  • Synthesis focuses on facilitating creative breakthroughs, personal growth, and spiritual development through the intentional, structured psychedelic use
  • Have a legally sanctioned, professionally guided, optimally comfortable, moderate-to-high-dose psilocybin experience in a beautiful, countryside setting
  • Connect with other successful, motivated individuals who have a deep, vested interest in the emerging topic of psychedelic use
Start Out Simple with the New Book by Founder Paul Austin
  • An excellent introduction to the topic of microdosing for newcomers to the subject
  • Learn why so many people are drawn to microdosing for relief from mental illness and getting “unstuck” in their personal development
  • Explore how so many individuals have used microdosing to expand their creative insight and leadership potential
  • Empower yourself with practical advice on how to microdose as well as the safest way to procure your substance of choice
A One-on-One, Confidential Consultation to Answer All Your Microdosing Questions
  • Work with our consultant to create a customized microdosing protocol for your specific needs and goals
  • Get answers to your most important questions, like how to choose the right substance and best practices for optimizing your experience
  • Remove any blocks preventing you from taking the next step on your personal journey towards self-healing and personal growth
  • Learn directly from an experienced microdosing practitioner and educator so that you can move forward in the best possible direction