Open Heart, Open Mind: Healing Through Connection

Episode 115

Kat Coder, PhD

Dr. Katherine Coder was on her way to a career on Wall Street when a psychedelic experience changed the course of her life. Now a counselor and coach, her mission is to help her clients reclaim their birthright and unfold their essential nature into the world. In this episode, Kat and Paul discuss the power of community, connecting to spirit, and pharmaceutical vs. shamanic approaches to healing through plant medicine.

Dr. Katherine Coder is an awakener of evolutionary potential, a transpersonal therapist, and a guide to remember one’s birthright and soul essence. Her specialties include trauma resolution, attachment challenges, codependency, childhood and family wounding, women’s work, and motherhood. She brings together Western clinical psychology, Eastern spiritual teachings, indigenous wisdom, and the continuous cultivation of the deep feminine in the world.

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Podcast Highlights

  • How Kat’s first experience with MDMA opened her heart and changed her life path.
  • What the Peace Corps teaches about community.
  • Feeling “not quite right in the soul”.
  • Creating an immersive spiritual experience, virtually and in the real world.
  • Transformation and healing through the four elements.
  • Incorporating shrines into your everyday life.
  • Two approaches to working with plant medicines: medical vs. shamanic models.
  • Plants as an impetus for creating community.
  • Connecting to spirit outside of medicinal plant use.

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