Healing Emotional Trauma, Embracing Personal Responsibility

Episode 95

Tucker Max

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In this podcast, Paul F. Austin, founder of Third Wave and Tucker Max, bestselling author and entrepreneur, discuss the role of psychedelics in processing trauma, empowering individual choice, and guiding personal evolution. You’ll hear about the specific ways that psychedelics help you confront and process trauma, the importance of creating productive relationships with therapeutic substances, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

Tucker Max is the author of four New York Times #1 bestsellers and the founder of Scribe Media. Well known for chronicling his debauched escapades, in more recent years he’s focused his writing on personal growth through plant medicine therapy. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Veronica, and their children.

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Podcast Highlights

  • The connection between psychedelics and personal power and responsibility.
  • Safely clearing out trauma with the help of MDMA.
  • Creating productive relationships with substances.
  • The concept of surrender as a consistent intention.
  • Talk therapy as an effective lead-up to psychedelics.
  • What it means to be “ready” to try psychedelic therapy.
  • The evolution of the soul through trials and trauma.
  • The power of the stories we tell ourselves, individually and collectively.

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