The Transformational Power of Microdosing

Episode 93

Dr. Jennie Rivlin Ph.D.

Leadership coach Dr. Jennie Rivlin explains how the Third Wave Microdosing Experience helped her move from fear to flow, overcome depression, and find healing in community.

Dr. Jennie Rivlin has a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology, and is the founder of the niche retail and consumer product brand ModernTribe. As a leadership coach with over 25  years of experience, she helps businesses and non-profits of all sizes achieve business success, connect with customers, and nurture happiness to help create their best selves and their best businesses.

Dr. Rivlin has created a mindfulness-based approach to leadership that combines the best of positive psychology, wellness practices, eastern and western philosophy, and industrial and organizational psychology to help people make big changes in the way they lead so they—and their teams—can be more engaged, committed, creative, and joyful.

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Podcast Highlights

  • An inside look at the transformative power of the Third Wave Microdosing Experience.
  • Using microdosing and intentional ceremony as tools for accelerated growth.
  • Finding healing by moving past denial and depression.
  • The power of meditation and microdosing to spark a mystical experience capable of counteracting a lifetime of skepticism.
  • Why our medical models don’t go deep enough.
  • Cultivating community by connecting with like-minded souls.

Reader Interactions


  1. AvatarJohn Lowry says

    Will this break me out of DNM Deep Node Mechanism ? I am a recovering alcoholic with 35 continuous years sobriety. I work diligently on keeping my mind positive but I am absolutely convinced my brain pattern puts me on this infinity loop as soon as I wake up and comes back throughout the day. I know psycodelics drugs will help. But I am 71 years hold and in good health and when I have requested help before all I get back is canned experience of cure but a graduate student telling me I’m too old. I have experience with psycodelic drugs in the past. Ant way to help ?

  2. AvatarSteve Lafler says

    I love the podcast. Great show with Dr. Jennie Rivlin. However, I am tired of hearing the trope that the psychedelic movement of the 60s and 70s was flawed and mistaken.

    This is ridiculous. Look, everyone who was around knows that Timothy Leary had the soul of a used car salesman. The fact is, the historical movement of psychelic use was culturally important and appropriate in the moment. It was not a mistake.
    The powers that be were scared to death of psychedelics for a very simple reason, they threatened the status quo. The real problem, the insecure control-oriented government and business establishment wanted to keep a grip on the society and leave it unchanged.

    As for today’s movement, yes it is good that theraputic uses have been established and proven. But to think that people can’t use psychedelics properly without a self-designated nascent priesthood it ridiculous. The fungus itself has things to teach human beings, and while guides are helpful and useful, they are not mandatory.

    Again, I appreciate the Third Wave, but I am not happy to hear sentiments that flush our pioneering generation’s experience bad-mouthed.


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