The Future Of Psychedelics: Medicalization, Microdosing, And The Mainstream

Episode 63

Will Siu

Join our 3W Node event in New York with Dr. Will Siu, a psychiatrist who has been trained as a psychedelic therapist by MAPS. He talks about the problems with conventional therapy, and explains how psychedelic-assisted therapy could take up some of the slack.

The full episode transcript is available here.

Podcast Highlights

  • Will’s beliefs about the sources of “psychiatric illnesses” and the roles psychedelics can play in treating or curing them, informed by his experience working with psychedelics and his formal medical training
  • Will’s view of ketamine as a legal psychedelic that can facilitate transpersonal experiences and how it can be used beyond its current applications
  • How we’ll navigate underlying socioeconomic dynamics like race and cost in a world where professionals with specific training with these substances strive to meet the needs of a diverse patient population

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