How To Convince Your Boss To Go On A Psychedelic Retreat

Episode 21

Michael Costuros

Michael Costuros, founder of Entrepreneurs Awakening, talks about why the ayahuasca ceremony is an integral part of his high-end business coaching. We hear about Michael’s extensive experience with plant medicines, and why he decided to combine the lessons of ayahuasca with his entrepreneurial flair to produce a groundbreaking business model.

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Podcast Highlights

Since 2011, Michael has been leading a business mastermind program aimed at tech entrepreneurs. Unlike most business coaching, however, this course includes a ten-day long trip to Peru, where participants take part in three traditional ayahuasca ceremonies. Over the course of the three-month long program, participants are treated to 1-on-1 coaching with Michael and given extensive integration after their ayahuasca experience.

What made Michael decide to use psychedelics in his high-end business coaching?

Born in the Bay Area to Hippie parents, Michael always had an interest in psychedelics. In 2008, with his tech startup facing a number of challenges, his wife convinced him to travel to Peru for an ayahuasca ceremony. Despite his initial reluctance, the ceremony revitalized his interest in his business. He returned to San Francisco “reinvigorated and free.”

Michael wanted to apply the benefits he’d found from his experience to other business owners. He knew he’d be able to help those entrepreneurs who wanted to improve themselves and grow their companies. He realized that, through the ayahuasca experience, he could help people remove all the ‘schmutz’ from their lives, allowing them to feel ‘more like themselves.’

Michael’s course doesn’t come cheap – starting at around $11,000. But for a three-month long business mastermind, this isn’t an unreasonable charge, especially considering it includes a ten-day long retreat in Peru. Michael states that he doesn’t make much money through this business, just about covering costs, and that he would make much more (and have more time to himself) offering a standard business mastermind.

Finally Michael mentions that he sees psychedelics as the future of personal and psychological healing and self-improvement. He thinks that the countries that remain with a prohibition-era mindset for the longest will miss out the most on the myriad of benefits they can offer.

This Week in Psychedelics

The Third Wave has been mentioned in a New York Times article

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ASAP Science (6.5 million subs on Youtube) mention microdosing in their new video called “Your Brain on LSD”

The first ever Cannabis drive-thru has just opened in Colorado

Our founder Paul will be talking at the NextWeb conference in Amsterdam – keep an eye out for updates!

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