Podcast Summary:

This week we’re joined by Ryan LeCompte, founder of VET, a non-profit organization that facilitates entheogenic healing for veterans suffering from PTSD. Ryan explains why entheogenic therapy may be especially useful for combat veterans, and also gives us some insight into his own personal beliefs about the direction of the psychedelic movement.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Ryan discusses why the warrior mentality might make ayahuasca a better treatment for veterans than MDMA
  • We talk about the divides in the psychedelic community and how we can overcome them with ‘conscious conflict’
  • Ryan explains his support of Trump, and where he sees the future of the country and the psychedelic movement


Show links:

The VET website

The VET facebook page

Gofundme campaign for VET

The Sam Harris podcast

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

This Week in Psychedelics:

France may be on the brink of decriminalising all drugs

Vermont has become the first state to legalise marijuana through its state legislature

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