Start-Ups, Success, and Spirituality: Lessons from the Grind

Episode 83

Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett, retired founder and Buddhist practitioner, joins Paul Austin to discuss the intersection of start-ups, success, and spirituality.

Peter traversed the start-up road for the past ten years, bootstrapping his digital agency to a multi-million dollar exit. Listen in as Peter explains why his search for money, status, and achievement led to a developmental dead-end – and how his perspectives changed from intentional plant medicine use.

Peter Corbett is a retired founder, renowned speaker, and Buddhist practitioner. In 2016, Peter sold his company to a publicly-traded company for tens of millions of dollars. A tireless champion of innovation, and disruptors everywhere – Peter has become a globally sought after speaker and mentor.

Before and after Peter’s entrepreneurial success, he engaged with plant medicine to explore the nature of reality and how he might best bring his gifts, talents, and privileges to bear for the world. Also, his twenty years of Buddhist study and meditation have infused him a perspective that crisscrosses between business, spirituality, and existentialism that can best be described as expansive.

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Podcast Highlights

  • With over 150 trips before the age of 20. Learn how psychedelics helped Peter reach epiphanies like the subjectiveness  of reality, and the realization  that he could make whatever he wanted with it and no one would know what He would make of it.
  • How mushrooms helped to show the real nature of things, this oneness that one can never be separate, that this dual world is just an illusion and it’s the nondual unmanifest that is real. That gave him a perspective that there is no killing yourself, there is no living nor dying, let’s go, cool I am kinda free.
  • Peter Corbett, retired executive, entrepreneur, and Buddhist practitioner, about his path as a successful company founder who learned, first-hand, the importance of balancing ambition and drive with presence and wellbeing
  • How the Meaning of life is just to live it, how we have been conditioned our entire life that we have to do all these things like obtaining a career, marriage house etc. be the life that you have been incarcerated in.

Reader Interactions


  1. AvatarClark says

    Peter Corbett seems to be so focused on his own disregard for his ego, that he can’t notice that he’s disregarding everyone else as well. He’s a douche who is always more enlightened than you, and will always contradict or clarify instead of agree — and then he’ll blame you for even talking to him in the first place.
    It’s “your will be done” whenever you ask a question he doesn’t like, and instead of holding the dualist (with regards to his subject/objective metaphysics) or non-dualist (with regard to anything you corrner him on) framework, and actually respecting truth of all others experience, he feels the need to shit on everyone.
    Peter the human ego had dissolved, and only Peter the ego remains.

  2. AvatarSally says

    Oh goodness me!!! This guy is such an egomaniac!!!He talks ‘at’ you and is an atrocious listener. He shares his story as a ‘guru’ who holds all of the answers. So patronizing in his delivery as though he is teaching all us plebs. I don’t think he is in alignment with any fellow psychedelic explorers that I have ever met. Sorry but this was pollution to my ears.

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