Transitioning From ‘Business As Usual’ With Psychedelics

Episode 66

Psychedelic entrepreneurs Tiffany Liu, Tim Sae Koo, and Michael Costuros join Paul Austin in San Francisco for a conversation on the intersection of psychedelics and business. Can psychedelics help change our exploitative business mindsets, and produce more compassionate, fair practices?

The full episode transcript is available here.

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  1. AvatarGEORGE JACOBS says

    I am a psycho-spiritual counselor who is engaged in bringing clients into the head zone very similar to the psychedelic experience in a way of relieving suffering and transforming perspective. I’m currently researching the potentials of carefully administered psychedelic experiences to aid in this process. Is there a database or an informational blog of programs and centers offering these opportunities that are both reputable and reasonable?

    Thank you!


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