Why Microdosing Requires A Cautious Approach

Episode 47

Ingmar Gorman

Ingmar Gorman, PhD, clinical psychologist and principal investigator in MAPS’ research into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, is our guest this week. Ingmar shares with us his journey into the world of psychedelic therapy, and what he hopes the research at MAPS can achieve. We also discuss the rise of microdosing, and why Ingmar believes we should be cautious about its benefits.

The full episode transcript is available here.

Podcast Highlights

  • How global attitudes towards psychedelics are changing for the better.
  • Why we need to educate people about microdosing, even if it’s not the best option for everyone.
  • Why the difference between psychedelic and psycholytic therapy matters.

This Week in Psychedelics

Spaces still available on the Synthesis Retreat in Amsterdam!

Albuquerque has voted to decriminalize marijuana possession, following the example of other US cities and highlighting the power of state and city autonomy when it comes to drug policy.

The ‘LSD75’ festival in Basel, Switzerland will be marking 75 years since the discovery of LSD – with talks from influential speakers and artistic workshops and events. Running from the 19th to the 22nd of April.

MAPS is inviting people to record a 2-minute-long video explaining why LSD is important to you, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its discovery.

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