It’s All in Your Head: The Key to Peak Cognition

Episode 131

John Lieurance

What do endo-nasal balloons, suppositories, methylene blue, and cerebrospinal fluid have to do with psychedelics? In this fascinating and eye-opening discussion, Paul and Dr. John talk about some surprising tools of the chiropractic neurologist trade, how they can be used in conjunction with ceremony, and what they mean for our stressed-out world.

Dr. John Laurience is a chiropractic neurologist and naturopath with a focus on alternative and regenerative medicine, chiropractic functional neurology, cranial release, and natural healing of chronic conditions. He is the Chief Scientific Officer of MitoZen, a cutting-edge healthcare technology company creating supplements to improve chronic illnesses as well as enhance cognition and physical performance. He is also the director of the Functional Cranial Release Research Institute, whose purpose is to study the neurologic mechanisms behind specific endo-nasal balloon inflations. He is the author of two books.


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Podcast Highlights

  • What is a chiropractic neurologist and what can they do for your brain?
  • Why John prefers facilitating neuroplasticity over prescribing drugs.
  • Activating neural pathways to enhance plant medicine benefits.
  • John’s first experience with psilocybin…  at age 11.
  • How a “neurological hangover” can impede integration.
  • What autophagy is and how it impacts a plant medicine experience.
  • Which supplements are best for particular journeys?
  • How neurofeedback contributes to plant medicine and neuroprotection.
  • The benefits of functional cranial release and cerebrospinal fluid flow.
  • Finding a qualified cranial sacral therapist.
  • What is methylene blue and how can it be used before ceremony?
  • A protocol for the betterment of well people.
  • Why suppositories are more effective than pills or injections.
  • The many surprising benefits of melatonin.
  • John’s supplement Zen Mist and why Paul loves it.

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