Plant Medicine, Community, and a 21st-Century Paradise

Episode 104

Ian-Michael Hébert

After facilitating the expansion of Esalen Institute, the Denali Education Center, Chena Hot Springs, the Center for Ecological Living and Learning, and more, Ian-Michael Hébert founded Holos, dedicated to a world where humanity honors the interdependence of all life and actively stewards the health of individuals, society, and our planet’s ecosystems. In this episode, Ian-Michael talks with Paul about intentional living, honoring the earth, healing through plant medicine, and giving back to the communities that nurture us.

Ian-Michael Hébert is a steward of healing the interplay between the psyche, community, and place. His formal training has been in eco-resort design and counseling psychology, and he is now dedicated to restoring humanity’s reverence for the living earth. He is the founder of Holos Global, a network of land-based centers around the world bridging places, people, plants, and practices while honoring local and indigenous wisdom.

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Podcast Highlights

  • How to harmonize humanity and nature.
  • What Ian-Michael looks for in an intentional living site.
  • Why intentional communities need both sovereignty and interconnectedness.
  • The role of plant medicine in intentional living.
  • What it’s like to lead personal transformation, integral leadership, and ecological stewardship retreats.
  • What it means to “listen to the land”.
  • Why intentional communities have not worked out in the past, and how Holos is different.
  • How reciprocity applies to integrated living.
  • The role of education in being prepared for a pandemic, climate change, and economic collapse.
  • Is there hope for our cities?
  • Why a walled garden—or paradise—still needs to be permeable.

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