Parenting, Polyamory, and Accepting Paradox

Episode 100

Kyle Kingsbury

In this episode, Paul Austin, founder of Third Wave, and former UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury discuss the role of psychedelics in parenting, polyamory, interconnectedness, masculinity, caring for the earth, and accepting paradox.

Kyle Kingsbury is a retired UFC fighter and current Director of Human Optimization at Onnit. He is an avid reader and autodidact, and is interested in the transformative power of psychedelics, ethical polyamory, sustainable agriculture, redefining masculinity, and recognizing everyone’s individual journey. He lives in Austin, Texas with his family.

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Podcast Highlights

  • The power of a group psychedelic experience.
  • Can psychedelics allow us to see the future?
  • How plant medicines can help us be better parents.
  • Hanging out in victim mode vs. choosing to see blessings.
  • Breaking the generational curse, tapping into our inner wild person, and taking good care of our kingdoms.
  • When the child becomes the teacher.
  • The different ways our masculine and feminine sides speak to us.
  • How polyamory is similar to psychedelic experiences—and how to navigate open relationships thoughtfully and ethically.
  • Reintegrating tribal lifestyle through intentional communities.
  • The resilience of humanity, handling paradox, and overcoming our judgmental instincts.
  • Why the meek will inherit the earth.

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