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Ayahuasca Retreat in Lamay District, Cusco, Peru
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    5 Reviews on “Paititi Institute”

    • Elton Lee A. 3 years ago

      I have been working with Paititi Institute for the past 7 years after searching for genuine and safe places where I can learn about the shamanic plant medicine traditions. I really took my time to see if the people that I will entrust my mind and heart with, are really in integrity and know what they are doing and talking about. I spent a long time traveling around South America exploring healing centers and worked with several medicine men and women from the Shipibo – Conibo tradition.

      What attracted me to Paititi more than any other places was the healer himself being the co-founder of the organization. What I often experienced in other places had to do with politics and competition between the shamans themselves. These problems were unbeknownst to the owners because they were not experienced enough with this work and not familiar enough with culture. That made them unable to hold space during the retreats, therefore unable to relate to the participants and the shamans.

      After the first 33-day Embodying True Nature retreat the guidance kept coming after the retreat was over. The questions that I was having difficulties with, that had nothing to do with the retreat anymore, kept being answered and the practices that were shared with us continued to support a meaningful life for me. I also learned that participating in a ceremony and drinking the magical potions did not resolve my issues. The real work needs to be applied and the spiritual insights have to be constantly verified in daily life.

      A genuine connection with the healer as a human being on their journey is also very essential. The teachers in these traditions are not meant to be anyone’s idea of a perfect father or mother, holding someone’s hand all the time, and their lineages are really intended for each individual to be guided in the direction of discovering their own truth and intuitive wisdom. The ceremonies might bring lots of shiny aha moments, but without the guidance of an experienced guide and a lineage of people that verified those teachings by applying them to their own minds, there are many pitfalls, and the mind can interpret things in very skewed ways.

      I am lucky to have found Roman Hanis as a teacher and a friend, guiding me through these pitfalls by giving me the opportunity to verify their guidance through my own experience. I’ve only found this degree of clarity about these traditions, the science involved, and relatedness in this place. Although the teachings are often challenging for me to implement daily, due to my life long conditioning, I am finding the guidance and the space indispensable on my journey of discovering how to truly be human. In Paititi Institute, I am discovering the view of ancient wisdom traditions from the times when they were still intact, alongside with the history of the traditions, and what their original purpose is about. There is an Integral approach that is being shared, which makes my life richer, gives me an ability to engage on my evolutionary healing journey in waking life and even in my dreams through the indigenous dream language. This place is helping me decipher my life and even after many years the wisdom of self-realization continues to unfold.

    • Natasha S. 3 years ago

      The work of Paititi Institute, guided by Roman and Cynthia, is pure, from the heart and in service of humanity. I’ve had the privilege of taking part in many of their retreats offered in Peru and New York. Each one is a gift of divine insight of being able to connect deeply to my self and the greater life I am a part of. Roman and Cynthia are masterful at holding and guiding the space in a way for true transformation to take place. These experience have deeply impacted my life and I highly recommend it to everyone who’s on a path towards healing and awakening.

    • Margarita O. 3 years ago

      Roman, I appreciate so much the work you do, the time and effort put into collecting all the information and ancestral wisdom you have been sharing with us. Thank you for your patience, kindness, your compassion and healings. We will be coming back to your retreats many times more. The way we feel after sitting with you for 16 days is so inspiring, so open hearted. We totally love it – thank you!

    • Margarita O. 3 years ago

      I have been working with Paititi Institute for almost 10 years now and went through a distance healing program, that included 1,5 years of dream work and diet program, quite a few short transformational retreats in the US and 2 2-weeks long retreats in Peru. I can say that my experience with the Paititi Institute has been both healing and transformational. I originally came to Roman and Cynthia with the agenda to heal my rheumatoid arthritis and after my distance healing program and a few retreats I was symptoms free for 4-5 years. 2 years ago I came to Peru for a 2 week retreat because my symptoms came back and that helped a lot. Once again I came this year for another healing and during this retreat I felt so much better. The high frequency of being that is cultivated and continually kept during the retreat among all participants, the diet, the medicine plants, dream work, breath work, sharing circles and discussions – all that changes the state of being, allows participants to work through the traumas and conditioning that sometimes are carried from childhood and even earlier and cause disease, behavioral patterns and coping mechanisms that prevent us from living to the fullest potential, in loving kindness with compassion to others. All that is being worked on in a safe and supportive environment, created by the team and retreat participants. Roman takes individual approach to each participant, including attention to their health or phycological issues, spiritual search, diet, and plant medicine offerings choices. During this retreat, in addition to all the group activities and ceremonies, I was offered a Chric Sanango plant dieta, acupuncture, special diet and deep dream work to find causing issues and help heal my health condition. I have to say that Chiric Sanango dieta has been an amazing experience, which, in addition to targeting my arthritis, brought me to a profound state of the open heart. It has been a week after retreat now and integration has started, where higher state of being, cultivated during the retreat, starts to wear off, but I can still get the the same profound state of the love and open heart that I felt during the dieta and the remaining of the retreat after the dieta. This is something I have never experienced before and extremely grateful to Roman for this gift of love. After the end of the retreat I continue the restrictive diet required by Chiric Sanango initiation and continue to work on my healing path. Thank you, Paititi Institute, for the work that you do. It is saving the traditions of living wisdom and healing bodies and hearts of everyone who comes in contact with you and those, who comes with contact with us!

    • Janel P. 3 years ago

      The journey of self understanding and compassion is a lifelong process and one in which I’ve experienced many challenges and much confusion. For many years, I sought ‘answers’ in psychedelics- feeling temporarily “wow-ed” and then later uncertain, even a bit confused, how to integrate it all. When Paititi Institute came into my life, I realized how ‘at the surface’ my learnings had been. I have had the honor to grow with/through Paititi Institute for many years and one of the most profound aspects that Paititi offers, in which I come back to again and again, is the depth of heart and applicable daily shifts that Paititi’s multi-faceted array of practices offer through their retreats continue to shape my life. Paititi offers gateways into navigating the human journey in an embodied, integrated way. Pathways of working with one’s own dreams, one’s breath, one’s conditioning, one’s inspiration continue to provide a life lasting inspiration to seek from within- to not necessarily need”answers” but to be able to rest with being and from a restful place be in service not just of myself, but of the greater whole. Paititi offers a variety of retreats, Qi-Gong practices, breathwork, dreamwork, a 3 month long Distance Healing Journey, and many other ways to not just have a ‘psychedelic experience’ but an ever-evolving enriched life. Thank you Paititi Institute!


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