Healing the Planet’s Suffering with Plant Medicines

Episode 86

Tania de Jong AM

Tania de Jong AM is a trail-blazing Australian soprano, global speaker, and award-winning social entrepreneur who has developed five businesses and three charities—including Mind Medicine Australia, which supports psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of mental illness.

In this wide-ranging podcast, she and Paul F. Austin talk about mental health, surviving trauma, the mind-altering power of music, catapulting into the cosmos with psychedelics, kangaroos, and folding umbrellas.

Tania de Jong AM

Tania de Jong AM is an inspirational speaker, singer with the voice of an angel, business woman, and social entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful businesses—including Creative Universe, leading innovation conference Creative Innovation Global, Inspiring Minds leadership programs, MTA Entertainment & Events, Dimension5 co-working space, and acclaimed singing group Pot-Pourri. She has also started three charities: Mind Medicine Australia, Creativity Australia and the With One Voice program, and The Song Room.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Syrian rue, psilocybin, out-of-body experiences, and letting go of ego.
  • How psychedelics help us overcome intergenerational and collective trauma.
  • The story behind the foundation of Mind Medicine Australia, and its goal to support the treatment of mental illness through regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • The slow but steady journey towards legalizing psychedelics.
  • Starting a charity while simultaneously attending law school and opera school, and coaching tennis to earn money.
  • How singing together connects neural pathways, releases endorphins, increases neuroplasticity, and allows us to become one.
  • Gratitude, resilience, and the invention of the first foldable umbrella.
  • Creating immersive conferences that use multimedia to bring people together.
  • Plant medicines as our birthright.

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