Rolfing, Structural Integration, and Becoming Whole

Episode 81

Daragh Crowley

Daragh Crowley, certified rolfer and movement enthusiast, sits down with host Paul F. Austin to discuss why healing the physical body is central to becoming whole and what role rolfing, movement, and psychedelics play in this process.

Daragh is a certified Rolfer who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he runs a private practice focused on human potentiation. His work draws on movement, manual therapy, and structural integration.

Daragh has spent more than 25 years on a personal journey of growth and healing. He has studied ashtanga yoga in India, bodywork in Thailand, and Rolfing in Germany.

Over time, Daragh has come to recognize the need for interdisciplinary solutions to complex challenges. Informed by a holistic perspective, Daragh encourages his clients to access multiple entry points—intellectual, spiritual and emotional – for healing and transformation.

Would you rather read? Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Podcast Highlights

  • The impact of Daragh’s traumatic childhood and how he healed through bodywork and responsible psychedelic use
  • Why too much comfort and softness leads to weakness and disconnection – and the role of hormesis in addressing this ailment of modern times
  • Why the idea of self-improvement is bullshit – and the bigger question about whether or not you’re disconnected

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