Hacking Consciousness Without the Drugs

Episode 77

David Rabin, Daniel Cortez, and Brooke Deputy

Listen to a live podcast panel entitled: “Without the Drugs: Modalities for Hacking Consciousness” brought to you by The Third Wave. 

Dr. David Rabin, Daniel Cortez, and Brooke Deputy join Paul Austin for a far-ranging conversation about the utility of non-ordinary states in healing and transformation.

Dr. David Rabin MD, Ph.D.:

Dr. Rabin is the Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder, and Co-Inventor at Apollo Neuroscience, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing non-invasive neuroenhancement technology for improving performance and recovery based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Brooke Deputy:

Brooke Deputy is a certified TRE® Trainer and Provider, and certified Bioenergetic practitioner, promoting the integration of body, heart, mind, and spirit. Having lived, worked and taught at the Esalen Institute, Brooke has studied with some of the world’s senior teachers including Bioenergetic founder Alexander Lowen and TRE creator, David Berceli.

Brooke was an educator for twenty years in the California Community Colleges, and also leading an interfaith seminary in the private sector.

Daniel Cortez:

Daniel Cortez is a Wim Hof Method Master Instructor, Certified Health Coach, and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) who has dedicated his life to guiding clients through holistic transformation.

Would you rather read? Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Podcast Highlights

  • What is the difference between drug-induced psychedelic states and natural alternatives like breathwork?
  • The science surrounding cold stress, intentional breathing, and vibrational therapy
  • How these techniques can be utilized within existing psychedelic healing frameworks

Reader Interactions


  1. AvatarJacopo Contin says

    English is NOT my mother tongue, so i will make a lot of mistakes writing, and i have some difficulties to make me understand.

    What opened my consciousness in past, was, to wrote my dreams, night after night. And to enter in this altered state of mind.
    To enter in the dream-consciousness-world.

    What i do today is meditation, day by day. Thanks to meditation and also reading the old hindu scriptures (like Vedanta or the Bhagavad Gita, the sutras) made me understand, that there is no difference between me and the world outside me:
    “What i see is me” like in an old Pink Floyd song.
    If you understand that, your consciousness changes, hacks, SLOWLY but continuously, day by day.
    Sometimes i feel like taken by a very tender “force”, during the day, that make me feel perceive the whole grandness of the being.
    All that without drugs. Thanks to meditation.
    I hope you understand my very clumsy English.

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