Waking Up to a New Consciousness: The Future of Transformative Wellness

Episode 72


Stacey Wallin & Payton Nyquvest join Paul Austin to discuss their new project, Numinus, a global network of healing spaces that use a combination of psychedelic medicine and cutting-edge science. 

Founded in 2018, Numinus offers a holistic blend of medicine-assisted therapy, psycho-spiritual support and integrative services as a path towards experiencing transformative health. Based in Vancouver, they plan to develop worldwide centers in the coming years.

Payton Nyquvest:

Payton is a former Director, VP and Head of Sales at Mackie Research Capital, with 15 years of experience focusing on early stage companies in multiple industries including technology, health-care/biotech, clean tech and Cannabis. He has raised over $100M for 100+ public and private companies and facilitated numerous IPOs.

He founded Numinus out of a lifelong interest in health, wellness and personal development, triggered by mental health and chronic autoimmune problems in his earlier years.

Stacey Wallin:

Stacey previously founded and was CEO of LifeBooster, a tech startup now helping Fortune 100 clients detect and proactively respond to workplace injury risks. She most recently was the Director of Venture Programs at the BC Tech Association with a mandate of solving the largest ecosystem and policy-related challenges facing growth and scale stage technology companies. 

She founded Numinus with a similar passion for holistic wellness after working through familial mental health issues and experiencing a series of near-death experiences in 2015 related to illness and misdiagnosis, which inspired her to begin studying and advocating awareness of the connectivity between mind-body and individual-societal health.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Why more professional success led to even more sickness for co-founder of Numinus, Payton Nyquvest
  • Why our ability to be strong and self-aware is deeply connected to our ability to do good in the world
  • Payton and Stacy’s vision for Numinus – and why it’s much more than just a healing center
  • The future of transformative wellness and what role psychedelics will play in introducing this new industry to mainstream culture
  • How Payton went from being the “anti-drug guy” in the finance world to opening one of the world’s first psychedelic clinics

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