When CEO Stands For “Cosmic Engagement Officer”

Episode 62

David Bronner

“I remember looking at my arm, and thinking, ‘what does it mean that on a quantum level I’m not different from the world… there’s not an end where my skin ends [sic] and the world begins.’

David Bronner is the “Cosmic Engagement Officer” for the family business, Dr. Bronner’s Soap (yes, the big bottles you’ve seen for decades at pharmacies and health food stores alike). He’s a proud psychonaut who has helped his company’s annual revenue grow from $5 million to $125 million. Along the way he’s created a new standard for how corporations can improve the lives of their employees and partners while giving away huge sums of money to vital causes.

David’s life’s work challenges us to reimagine ourselves as citizens of the planet, cultural participants, self-aware consumers, and individuals seeking wholeness. He warns about the “disaster of the Western colonialist mindset.”

On this week’s podcast, one of the most prolific donors and respected leaders in the psychedelic space joins Paul Austin for a fascinating discussion on psychedelics, business ethics, and sustainability.

Would you rather read? Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Podcast Highlights

  • The transformative experiences that launched David on his current trajectory as a radically effective advocate, philanthropist, and organizational leader
  • How psychedelics allowed him to merge his grandfather’s “cosmic vision” with his father’s relentless focus on “family, community, and taking care of the people right in front of you”
  • The dangers posed by corporate interests in the psychedelic space and how we can navigate these risks

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