How Iboga Is More Than Just A Treatment Of Addiction

Episode 60

Elizabeth Bast

Iboga is arguably the most challenging – and powerful – psychedelic on the planet.

Its rapid growth in popularity as an anti-addiction treatment has dominated its reputation in Western culture, but as our guest – author and plant medicine facilitator Elizabeth Bast – explains in this interview; the conversation around iboga is much more nuanced than just the treatment of opioid addiction.

Elizabeth has worked extensively with iboga, not only for personal healing and  psycho-spiritual growth but also as a service provider and a self-aware participant in culturally relevant debates. As such, she offers an informed perspective on nearly every topic surrounding iboga and its use.

Paul and Elizabeth also delve into a fascinating discussion on the current state of the psychedelic movement, including their personal reactions to criticisms of leaders in the space. They examine how we can culturally integrate of these medicines and use their teachings to guide us as we strive to make them available to as many people as possible.

In a society where more and more people are seeking a healing power that is often incomprehensible in its scope and depth, we can’t overlook Elizabeth’s valuable insights on the democratization of iboga as well as the safest, most effective ways to engage with this powerful teacher.

The full episode transcript is available here.

Podcast Highlights

  • How iboga helped Elizabeth and her partner overcome their own trauma and addiction
  • The right way to prepare for an iboga experience and verify the legitimacy of your provider (including the type of medical staff that needs to be on site)
  • Key integration methods to take advantage of the “golden window,” beyond just working with a coach or therapist
  • Microdosing with ibogaine, including traditional uses as well as what it looks like in a modern context

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  1. AvatarCamille Devaux says

    I know that my aunt would love hearing how helpful Ibogaine can be in other ways besides detoxification. Having the ability to create introspection that many people might need. She would love this insight for her son who is in need of medical attention.

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