“The Great Uplifting of Humanity”: The Redemptive Power of Psychedelics & Art

Episode 129

Allyson and Alex Grey

What is social sculpture, and how can it uplift humanity? How does an entheogen differ from a psychedelic? What is the “universal mind lattice”? Can psychedelics save your life? In this expansive discussion, Paul Austin and legendary visionary artists Allyson and Alex Grey cover all this and much more, including the symbolic communication of the Divine.

Allyson and Alex Grey, visionary artists and founders of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, have been partners, creators, and psychedelic advocates for almost 50 years. As key participants in the second wave of psychedelics through the early 70s, Allyson and Alex have witnessed the changing psychedelic landscape, from fear mongering and disinformation throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s to the third wave renaissance of today. Dedicated to creating art that uplifts the global community, Allyson and Alex’s current project is the Entheon, a three-story art exhibit that encourages visitors to discover the creator within.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Fate and LSD: how Allyson and Alex met.
  • The acid trip that saved Alex’s life.
  • The mystic path of art.
  • A joint trip to “the universal mind lattice.”
  • How MDMA inspired the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.
  • Alex’s time at Harvard Medical School, and how it impacted his art.
  • Allyson’s and Alex’s views on the changing landscape of psychedelics.
  • The fallout from four decades of the war on drugs.
  • The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors: Alex and Allyson’s church.
  • Creativity as a spiritual practice.
  • What is “social sculpture”?
  • Entheon, the three-story visionary art temple.
  • The difference between “entheogen” and “psychedelic.”
  • Allyson’s view of how the Divine communicates.
  • How art can evolve through psychedelics.
  • Allyson’s and Alex’s creative processes.
  • Translating the symbols of the Divine in four steps.
  • What Allyson sees as her greatest work of art.

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