Could Microdosing Cannabis Keep Your Mind Young?

Patrick Smith · March 19th, 2018

Microdosing is a trend that isn’t just restricted to psychedelics – more and more people are starting to microdose with cannabis and enjoying a number of dramatic benefits.

As we start to understand more about the nature of plant medicines, we are starting to appreciate how many different ways there are to make the most of them – and sometimes, large doses aren’t always best.

The health benefits of regular cannabis use are pretty hard to deny at this point, with ever-growing studies suggesting its potential to treat health conditions from Alzheimer’s to Epilepsy.

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However, some people aren’t comfortable with the sometimes psychedelic effects of larger doses, or ingesting cannabis through smoke, which produces carcinogens and doesn’t retain the full complement of psychoactive molecules present in the plant.

Microdosing may be an ideal method of making the most of the health benefits of cannabis – and new research has shown that microdosing could actually reverse age-related memory loss!

The study, carried out by scientists in Germany and Israel, shows that older mice who have been given regular small doses of THC (the main psychoactive component in cannabis) have memory performance similar to that of much younger mice.

Not only did the older mice perform better at various memory tasks after the microdosing regimen (3mg/kg every day for 28 days), but their brain chemistry was significantly altered. The expression of various genes in the hippocampus (an area of the brain associated with memory) in old, microdosing mice suddenly looked very similar to that of younger mice. In other words, microdoses of cannabis were reversing some elements of the ageing process in these older mice, returning them to a more youthful state.

One word of caution; giving cannabis microdoses to very young mice made their brains resemble those of older mice… so microdosing cannabis may not be a great idea for a developing brain. It’s probably safest to wait until your early twenties to begin a regular microdosing regimen with cannabis.

Although we don’t know for sure how well these results translate to humans, we know that humans have cannabinoid receptors present in high quantities in the hippocampus. Mice have been used for decades as a reliable indicator of how memory works in humans. It’s very likely that microdosing with cannabis could help older humans overcome age-related memory loss.

Interested in starting your own microdosing regimen with cannabis? Here’s some more detailed guidance.

You can also check out our microdosing course, where we’ll guide you through the microdosing basics—then dive much deeper, helping you tailor your routine to meet your personal goals.

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  1. AvatarOzzie says

    Wow I thought I was one of the few, been doing this for a few years tinctures and pills. I never smoke!!!!! I quit cigs 12 years ago ye ha. I was taking pain pills and other pills, got a bleeding ulcer. Stopped all meds went to micro dosing. Very discreat no smell. I even put tincture in water or pop no one knows but me. I prosses in my garage. Iv got kids that don’t know. THATS VERY NICE!!!! My digestive system is now back working properly no fiber needed. Yes cannibis is medicine and has no damaging effects. Since I started dosing after a 30 year absence even my kids say I’m always in good mood. I used to fly off the hook. I was edgy. Now I get hugs and I love you Dad. Pretty powerful stuff. And I’m very active hiking and biking.
    Yes pot has changed my life. 10 years ago I did not see myself here. But now things are truly better, at work and play things come to me quicker. Problem solving.
    Iv also started making arthritis rub and wow does it work great. Iv got 2 steel plates in my knee with 14 screws. And I ride my road bike ( cycle) 90+ miles a week.
    My advice is keep moving don’t use a strong indica until it day over lights out.
    Using a stain for its purpose blue dream. Hiking biking house work. Green crack 50 mile bike ride!!!!!!!!!

  2. AvatarGeorge G. says

    Everybody has s___ in their head. has I personally think that it turns down the “s” and lets REAL thinking get through. I micro-dose at levels you would not believe. I hate getting high because it reminds me of getting drunk. No thanks.. too many bad memories associated with it.

  3. AvatarKevin Murphy says

    Microdosing may be an ideal method of making the most of the health benefits of cannabis, we can be young as we want to as we know how to control our self.

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