LSD and psilocybin mushrooms (also called “shrooms” – the primary ingredient is psilocybin) are arguably the two most commonly used psychedelics. Many people wonder, however, about the difference between them.

Common questions include:

  • What do LSD and psilocybin mushrooms feel like? Do psilocybin mushrooms feel more “natural” than LSD?
  • Are there different visuals?
  • Are psilocybin mushrooms “safer” than LSD (or vice-versa)?
  • How to take LSD vs. psilocybin mushrooms?
  • Is there a difference between LSD and acid?

Although LSD was popularized by mainstream use in the 1960s, psilocybin mushrooms have been used in shamanistic traditions for centuries.

Like all psychedelics, psilocybin mushrooms and LSD share commonalities in how they affect human consciousness. Common symptoms include visuals, feelings of unity or oneness, and ego-elimination.

But, as anyone who has consumed both LSD and psilocybin mushrooms will tell you, there are also significant differences.



  • Psychoactive in micrograms (millionths of a gram)
  • LSD is the shortened name for the chemical compound lysergic acid diethlyamide
  • LSD is also referred as “acid,” and doses are sometimes called tabs, which describe the tabs of blotter paper to which the LSD may be applied
  • Synthesized in 1938, first used in 1943
  • Derived from ergot, a fungus that grows on rye
  • Typical dose is between 100 and 250 micrograms
  • Trip lasts between 8-12 hours
  • No potential for physical addiction
  • Declared an illegal drug in 1968, LSD is a  Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act

Psilocybin Mushrooms

  • Used since 1000 BC
  • Typical dose of psilocybin is between 10-40 mg – this equates to roughly 1-4 g of dried mushrooms
  • Dozens of different types of mushrooms containing psilocybin
  • Trip lasts between 6-8 hours
  • No potential for physical addiction
  • Available to purchase legally in the form of psilocybin truffles
  • Decriminalized in some places in the U.S.

 ‘What will I experience when taking LSD vs psilocybin mushrooms?’

Although each personal experience varies, anecdotal reports illustrate overlapping phenomena.

The following reports may help you to plan for your own experience. Keep in mind, these effects resulted from consuming a moderate dose (LSD: 100-250 micrograms – psilocybin mushrooms: 2-4 grams). Microdosing with these substances (about 1/10th of a moderate dose) will produce different results.


What Are The Effects of LSD?

  • More functional within reality. Easier to interact with sober individuals, if necessary. Often leads to a more “extro-spective” experience.
  • More likely to remain positive. Fills users with bubbling, positive energy.
  • Users report an LSD experience as smoother with less body load than psilocybin mushrooms..
  • Very sensitive to set and setting. By controlling for these two variables, you are much more likely to have a great trip.

What Are The Effects of Psilocybin Mushrooms?

  • Leads to ego-drop and complete unity of self and the universe.
  • Many users feel more of a connection to nature and the earth when on psilocybin mushrooms.
  • Constantly on the fence between a good and bad trip – emotions are more volatile and inconsistent.
  • “Come up” can be more intense
  • Users report a more introspective experience, completely losing touch with sober reality

How to take LSD vs. How to take psilocybin mushrooms?

LSD usually comes as a liquid, or as a paper, gel, or candy that has had liquid LSD dropped on it. Paper tabs are most common, and are left under the tongue to dissolve. Psilocybin mushrooms are usually just eaten in their dried form, or sometimes crushed into powders and put in capsules or added to food or drink.

The main difference between ingesting the two is taste. Pure LSD should be flavorless, and psilocybin mushrooms have a very earthy taste that is not popular. Both LSD and psilocybin mushrooms can cause queasiness, though this can also be attributed to an empty stomach or jittery nerves.

LSD vs psilocybin: How long to kick in? How long does it last?

Aside from the longer lasting effects of LSD (up to 12 hours compared to 6-8 hours on mushrooms), the onset time and progression for the two substances are also different. It’s not too obvious at first, but LSD tends to kick in a bit quicker— around 30-45 minutes, compared to psilocybin mushrooms, which usually take closer to an hour.

With mushrooms, you tend to “peak” about 80 minutes after ingestion, while an LSD might happen a few hours into the experience. An LSD trip is also long enough to deliver multiple peaks, while psilocybin mushrooms usually only last long enough for one significant peaking moment.

LSD vs. psilocybin mushrooms: Visual effects

In terms of visuals, psilocybin mushrooms are more likely to deliver than LSD. Hallucinations are rare when using LSD. With LSD, it is more common to see objects or surfaces as throbbing, or “breathing,” and to see residual traces of moving objects. LSD has visual effects that are comparable to its cognitive effects, so things look crisp and clean, and colors look more vibrant while staying true.

Psilocybin mushrooms have stronger visual effects, where static objects move or transform, and sometimes entire beings or objects are imagined. Color can be heavily affected, and the colors of everything can blend into a cohesive theme or pattern— the whole world might seem rendered through a purple or sepia lens, for instance.

LSD vs. psilocybin mushrooms: mental and physical effects

The mental effects of LSD and psilocybin mushrooms are also quite different. LSD definitely changes and alters thinking, but somehow maintains a paradoxical sense of awareness even in the depths of confusion.

With psilocybin mushrooms, it is much more likely to feel out of control and to detach from your sense of self and everyday thinking. This can be refreshing, but also disorienting and intense.

Physically, LSD tends to cause a crisp, slightly nervous energy. Sometimes you need to physically move around to help control it, otherwise it turns into anxiety or restlessness. Psilocybin mushrooms seem to have more grounded physical effects. You feel solid, deeply rooted, and particularly when outdoors, deeply connected to nature. Both substances often have positive effects on the mind-body connection.

Here are some quotes from the web that creatively describe the differences between LSD and psilocybin mushrooms:

  • “With acid you feel like your driving the car, with psilocybin mushrooms you feel like you’re in the back seat along for the ride.”
  • “Acid feels like you are plugged into the universe while shrooms you feel like an old tree walking through the forest.”
  • “Mushrooms are for setting your roots, LSD is for spreading your branches.”
  • “Psilocybin Mushrooms are prone to inducing more mentally challenging trips, in my opinion. They are a completely different ballpark in many respects. Mushrooms lack the clarity, the ‘perfectness’ of LSD, but they have a certain quality which often leads to profound introspection… ‘Golden teacher’ didn’t earn its name by chance.”
  • “LSD is more streamlined…It makes me feel more mentally alert, with greater access and insight into my own thoughts…Shrooms is more fine grained…It makes me justfeel, strongly and everywhere…the visuals are like flowing water, like a river. They take you along.”
  • (On the “body high” from psilocybin mushrooms) “It’s a pretty big difference since LSD doesn’t have much of a body trip, at least not a comparable one…LSD is much more cerebral.”
  • “Shrooms feel much more ‘druggy’ to me. I always get a high that is like MDMA with a little bit of trippyness thrown in”


There is certainly the option of taking LSD and psilocybin mushrooms together. However, this can be challenging. Often, both of the substances are too overpowering and the user loses comprehension and control. A proper dosage amount of both substances is key.

If you are considering trying LSD and mushrooms together, it’s highly advised to first get comfortable with each substance separately. A good approach starting out would be to lower each individual substance’s dose by around a third, and to be prepared for an intense experience.

There are plenty of success stories from trying both LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, where the unique visual effects and loopy mood from mushrooms are enhanced by the sharpness and clarity of LSD. But combining the two substances successfully is another topic, worth a separate examination. For now, the big question remains:


Many say LSD is easier to manage in the beginning. It often lends itself to a more positive experience, and many find the clarity and outgoing energy more enjoyable.

Psilocybin mushrooms, on the other hand, may be preferable for those looking for an intense, grounded, and visually stimulating experience. In multiple ways, it is more “earthy” and grounded, and can bring you far away from your “self.” It can be overwhelming, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Because of the variable and intimidating nature of psychedelics, it is always best to make your first experience a positive one.

If you are looking to try either LSD or psilocybin mushrooms for the first time, be prepared, do your research, and dive in.

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  1. I agree totally, shrooms are wild and raw like nature, whereas lsd is more of a controllable, clean, and bright experience in the crown chakra.. shrooms seem more based in the more primal root chakra.. both have a lot to teach and are equally important for self discovery and growth to higher consciousness.

      • you should not mix the substances simultneously, for you might actually lose all control and grip to the physical world. You will turn into a vegetable while your mind is wandering in the astral plane. Which is not a bad thing, if you have control. The danger lies in losing it with the mixing of the substances

        • So I have a question about this. I’ve only had LSD but up to 2 tabs staggered at one time. I have an opportunity to try a tab of acid but then with shrooms liquified on top ..I’ve had a couple bad trips with acid but also really good. Any advice on to whether this is a smart call? I’m not familiar with shrooms..

    • Is it a bad idea to try shrooms at a negative point in my life?

      I’ve done acid a couple times and it was always a very difficult experience, sending my already high ego into overdrive. I’ve been attempting to chill it out ever since, and figured the “body” experience of shrooms would provide some sort of extreme grounding experience.

      However, as everyone famously says, set and setting are most important; and though I’m aware of my ego and more have more familiarity with my body now, I still feel like my (yes clinical) depression and/or anxiety might overpower me.

      Thanks for reading all this if ya did, and I’d really appreciate any sort of feedback given how powerful these experiences can be.

      Much love,

  2. A good read, those quotes are hilariously poignant. I would really like to add, that it’s really easy to underestimate a tab of acid; because it’s this tiny little cube of paper (commonly). But that’s 8-12 hrs of trip right there. Shrooms on the other hand, well we’re all a bit more familiar with them tangibly, and you get that natural vibe just in the consumption. But also with Mushrooms, if you’re feeling concerned, it’s really easy to take a 1 or 2 and give it a few hours to see how you feel; you can always top up as you go.
    Again, great article, thanks for writing.

  3. I think there is something to what you’re saying but not to the extent you’re trying to make it seem. I don’t think you’re more likely to have a bad trip on mushrooms than on lsd. For lack of a better word lsd does feel “cleaner” and doesn’t lead to the feeling of confusion as easily as with mushrooms. Lsd causes more visuals than mushrooms in my experience not to say there are none while on shrooms. Personally I had numerous experiences with mushrooms before I ever took lsd and wouldn’t say one should try one before the other. After only taking lsd for a time I felt like I would prefer mushrooms the next time. I feel like you can get deeper, metaphysically, with mushrooms than with lsd. The trip lengths listed here are not accurate, in my experience they are roughly the same 8-12+ hrs. I once tripped for over 48 hrs on lsd, having taken the equivalent of 12 tabs. It was liquid. Both lsd and Psilocybin are nearly the same molecule in the tryptamine family in fact psilocybin is n-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) or a form of it.

    • i think most of these ppl havent really taken enough lsd and shrooms so they comment with abstract things like chakras and “vibes” and “positive etc etc….the poster says u need to research a drug before taking it….all this meta drug culture is ruining drugs, like everyone pretending to be a psychonaut scientist without the real variety of experiences and organic discovery…its like ppl going researching sex through porn and their jerk off experiences and then relaying that into sex advice—you will never have good sex and be skilled with this appraoch…same with drugs, playing an instrument, athelticism, and meditation etc

      • I’m sorry but I disagree I feel its the exact opposite..lsd made me more on the fence feeling as whether good or bad trip shrooms never did that to me I’ve literally done more acid than shrooms but the few shroom trips I’ve experienced were much smoother than the ones on cid jmo…plus I had way more visuals too on panic fear feeling either..with shrooms

    • everybody has a different way of expressing how they feel. sometimes they need devices of pop spirituality. other times they delve into a deeply personal experience. either way their communication of that experience is important and relevant.

  4. I completely disagree that it’s easier to have a bad trip on shrooms. Seems biased to me. For me a bad trip on shrooms would simply be not tripping or fully feeling the extent of the trip and if something bad were to happen I would bounce back easily. I find this to be true with many others. I think with any drug setting is important because you want to be safe but with lsd you need to definitely be in the right mind set, place in your life, with the right people, etc. I know many many people who have had a bad trip on lsd, but the only time I’ve experienced or heard of someone having a bad trip on mushrooms was one of my friends who was fighting the experience in the beginning and it was solved by helping them come to the other side and they had an amazing trip! Everyone has their own preference though! No hate at all I just don’t want anyone to be afraid to try mushrooms because they fear a bad trip because I think they are amazing

    • I may be alone in thinking this, but… I don’t think you should try to pre-plan your environment, music, Pink Floyd DVD, Fritz the Cat, etc whether you just saddled the buck or if you’re stone sober. Trying to control your external environment is often futile and even if you can… it’s boring as hell. I’ve done some sketchy and downright dangerous things while tripping on all sorts of things and although some of those nights were cutting it close with my survival… I was better for it in the end. I think you should really test your limits on that shit… find out who you are and under what circumstances because planning on a mellow night watching Alice in Wonderland and juggling glow sticks will not yield you much insight into your self and now you not only wasted 8-12 hours, but you also wasted good insightful drugs. I’ve always taken them as if I hadn’t taken them and my instincts have always gotten me home the next morning at least. I like all the cute one liners about Acid Vs. Mushrooms. I agree with the one guy though… I’ve eaten way too much acid sorta by accident because a small miscalculation could have heavy consequences. But I’ve also eaten an eighth of shrooms that knocked me into another dimension for three hours then spit me back to earth just as quickly as I left. You can’t rely on inductive reasoning all the time with these potions in my experience. I usually take them, throw up a quick Hail Mary, or Lords Prayer, and take shit as it comes. Have faith that you can handle any trip… a good, bad, weird, or ugly trip, all of which can be valuable windows into your position on earth (spiritually, geographically, growth scale, etc) and direction that you’re facing. DONT WATCH A CLOCKWORK ORANGE! Or go for it if you want, but not for the faint of heart.

      • Damn what a coincidence!! My first time with shrooms I watched A Clockwork Orange and it was one of the darkest and most disorienting nights of my life! The lead actor’s sadistic smile crawled into my head and no amount of puking, itching, or hot bathing could get it out… I second your advice to say the least.

  5. The other comments have mentioned that neither LSD nor magic mushrooms should necessarily be taken before the other. The other comments have also agreed that an LSD trip may seem, for lack of a better word, “cleaner” and “more controllable” than a mushroom trip. And I agree with both statements.

    I’d like to add that when I tried shrooms, I gained this “vortex vision,” as if the room was expanding into a long tunnel–this has never happened to me on acid. When I tried acid, I loved the feeling of being the “driver” of the trip, whatever I turned my attention to would become pleasant and my focus.

    I understand the argument in the original post that LSD is more likely to induce a positive experience, and I would actually agree with this too. If I were to introduce a friend to a psychedelic, I would introduce her first to LSD then to magic mushrooms. That said, I wholeheartedly believe we can learn from both.

    I feel the difficulty (at least for me) in going on a mushroom trip is the “body high” and the feeling of the trip coming and going in waves–one minute its intense, then the next minute it feels like I’m on a peaceful shore. With LSD I could steer the trip into the direction I chose, obviously I would avoid negative stimuli. Overall, I prefer LSD because I like being in control–which isn’t to say that the trip is absolutely controllable, set and setting are still essential–but on days where I’d just like to sink into myself and experience the heaviness of the waves of a trip, then I would take magic mushrooms again.

  6. Lsd is cool mushrooms are cool
    I think u have to be in right place in your life to do these lol… if your in a bad space u will constantly beat yourself up about the decisions u made in life and it’s will make u fearful of the future …I did lsd while being out on bail with no job no money and I had court the next week and I was in substance abuse treatment too lmao it jus made think of all the horrible things they were in life but also made me want a better future. no more crime no more doing bad to others but it made me feel guilty through lsd .. shrooms was more laughing

  7. Excellent article, explains it well and briefly. I like the quote “mushrooms are for setting your roots and lsd for spreading your branches”.

    I agree that shrooms are much tougher, it’s like a battle with your own mind constantly, but there’s a lot to be learned from that. On just a few occasions, I have mixed shrooms with X and found it to be an unbelievable experience whereas you maintain the intensity of the shrooms, but the X keeps you in “check”. It’s tough on the body the next day but all in all I highly recommend it.

    Again, excellent article!

    • I have had mushrooms many times.
      I have had wonderful experiences as well as bad ones. I’m trying lsd fir the first time and me and some friends are to the beach from mid afternoon til dark.
      What should I expect? Could easily maintain to make it a positive experience?

  8. I think your analysis is precarious at best. Dose changes everything on both sides of the fence. All things are never equal so they can’t be compared as such.

    There is something you completely missed in your break down as well.

    The LSD trip starts slow and builds. It comes on about a half hour after ingestion and stays roughly the same for 15 to 20 minutes then the trip elevates in intensity, plateaus for 15 to 20 minutes and elevates again. This cycle repeats over and over getting higher and higher until you reach what is know as the “peak”. I have always likened it to your head coming off your shoulders and doing summersaults. Imagine having the best sex you have ever had with someone you are madly in love with. It’s like the moment of orgasm times 20. In an 8 hour trip that comes at about hour 6. After that point the trip changes dramatically. I call this second stage “Meeting God”. Peace and understanding, love and acceptance, wisdom. That stage takes a long (~2hr) subsiding journey back to sobriety.

    Mushrooms on the other hand are very different in this respect. A mushroom trip “pulses”. Mushrooms come on about a half hour after ingestion as well and compared to LSD (depending on dosage) this first wave (pulse) can be fairly intense. A complete removal from the state you were in seconds before. The change can be almost instantaneous. the pulse can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Then mysteriously the pulse ends and you feel as though you have come back to sobriety. This is where most people make a tragic mistake with mushrooms. The first wave is so pleasurable that when it ends most people who are not familiar with the drug panic that the trip is over. So to keep things going they take more mushrooms. The mistake is that the second wave of a mushroom trip is always stronger than the first. If this second wave takes you by surprise and you aren’t sure you want more intensity panic can set in because you realize you just took more and you can start to worry how far this is going to go. The good news is the second wave is the most intense and the third wave can be likened to the first wave with each subsequent wave reducing in power. A trick I have learned with micro dosing is that instead of taking all of your mushrooms at once try dividing your full dose into parts that you take at 1/2 hour intervals. This helps reduce the intense pulses and the flat spots between them.

    Always does on either drug with friends, always does in places that feel safe and dose when you are feeling stable / happy from a mental point of view. ….bringing along a friend who knows how to stay calm can really help too. If you really feel fucked they can always reassure you that things are ok and that you are feeling the effects of the drug and nothing more.

    Play safe mentalnauts!

    • hotgrl6211 your assessment is the closest to my own experiences with psychedelic medicines. I’m almost 60 years old and I did a lot of “growing” in my youth. I never had what I’d call a “bad trip” but I did have some moments where I felt a bit anxious. I’ve helped countless people through that uncomfortable feeling, just staying calm, and telling the person who’s having difficulties that it’s just the drugs. Hugs and even a hand on their shoulder goes a long way in that situation. The only times when I thought it was time to stop was brought on by me using LSD or mushrooms in more of a recreational way rather than in a spiritual way or for personal growth. In my sunset years I find myself seeking to get back to the real me and the use of LSD would be my preference but here’s the horrible part, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT YOU’RE TAKING! I’ve suffered some neurologist disorders that caused major upheaval in my life. I didn’t think I’d live to see pot legalized, & the news about MDMA gaining traction in treating PTSD along with a psychotherapist is a great sign that we’re heading in the right direction! I hope that I’m able to procure some space traveling help, I’ve been really longing for the trip that will allow me to find the best parts of myself and allows the ability to cast off the shit that doesn’t serve me

  9. Definitely feel like there’s a bias here. The language you’re using is implying a higher chance of a negative experience with mushrooms and that’s a completely subjective claim. “Mind-fuck” has such a negative connotation, for example. I personally feel like I have more of a mind fuck on lsd, personally. It makes me feel way too wired and “up,” as well as overwhelmed, especially for the long duration of the trip. I’ve actually noticed that men tend to like lsd more and women, mushrooms, just from my own anecdotes. This article only reinforces that, being as it seems to champion lsd as the more assuredly positive experience. Mushrooms are straight from the earth, and taken in safe environments with intention and a sitter can be extremely healing. Small doses can add a great shift to a more “intuitive” right brained spiritual state of mind. Men looking for a good time might not get what they bargain for, sure. Mushrooms do tap more into fluid emotions. I can say that a man (or woman) with more connection to their emotions and intuition, and therefore the spiritual realm of existence, will love mushrooms.

    To any readers of this article — both these psych drugs affect people differently, and the evidence used to back up the opinions in this article are not objective. You are only harming yourself if you go into it with predisposed assumptions.

  10. Very very useful info.
    I think I just had the most traumatic experience ever in my life, just a couple of hours doing mushrooms… Now I am afraid to try any drugs… I had a good time doing ecstasy. Now I having second thoughts about that as well.. I am just so happy it is over and feel I had a second chance handed over to me in life…no wonder they call this the golden teacher… I just wanted this thing to stop…

  11. I guess they’re different for everyone, in my experience LSD felt very unnatural. The only bad trip I’ve ever had was on LSD. It was very hard to control my feelings and my motor skills, and I couldn’t even make a sentence out. Shrooms gave me way better and way more hallucinations, I could talk and they left me with feelings of euphoria. It was amazing. I would never try LSD again but shrooms is something that I would do all of the time.

  12. I’m disagreeing about what this blog says about lsd vs shrooms. In fact lsd is for fun, parties and they could be taken as granted till some point of time but when it comes to shrooms, it is a respectful fruit and cannot be taken as granted because it allows you work as one consciousness and connect to universe. Mushrooms will tell you the truth and make to realise the wrong and evil. As far as Psychedelics are concerned shrooms is way far beautiful than lsd.

  13. I was scared to do lsd for the first time like a week ago. Because I had a terrible trip. On shrooms but I had a awesome trip. On lsd. I want to. Give shrooms another try. But I don’t know.. What do y’all. Think?

  14. I have had good and bad experiences​ on both. I liked shrooms more. I took two hits of LSD and hated the experience. But I loved it my first time. And I took shrooms and hated my first time and loved my second time. I have a bowl full of shrooms in front of me now and was thinking about taking some but now I am worried. Would you take a little and see how it feels

  15. To me, tripping is different because I have a bunch of experience under my belt. Btw, this isn’t me bragging, this is just me sharing my thoughts and ideas about things….. I trip about 3 times a week. Usually it’s acid but if I wanna have a little more of an “upper” feeling, aka when I party, I’ll take some mushrooms with me. But I’ve also eaten mushrooms more times with acid than I have by themselves. My trips have changed so much, but for the better. You may have a bad trip, but that’s if you’re still inexperienced with psychedelics. Everything will feel overwhelming if you let it, but as you gain a little more experience, you’ll be able to eat while tripping, go shopping, etc… every trip is different so just live it for yourself! Don’t read these forums and try to get a gauge for what you’re gonna feel. Just live in the moment, and remember, everything is a feeling, nothing is a state of mind.

    • I feel that lsd has more of an uplifting feeling, and that sometimes a bad trip is what you need to conquer what you’re feeling deep inside. It allows you to judge your past actions in third person and can help you improve yourself. You need to go into it knowing that it is a healing experience and bad or good the trip will have meaning. I would describe the trip in three sections. First you have your initial realization that your emotions and senses are enhanced, this first step can leave you with an intense euphoric feeling, second you experience intense visuals, you will never see something that isn’t there that is important to know, however, if you close your eyes and you will have intense vivid visuals that might make you forget your eyes are closed and you will trick yourself into thinking you’re seeing things that aren’t there. This will last anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on dosage and is the part where I feel you need to just let it happen and not try to fight it. And lastly the third step is deep thought and the visuals die down and you’re left with intense emotions and wonder, you will find yourself thinking of everything that is curious to you personally and can be the part where people can go from having a good trip to a bad trip if you don’t control your environment and remember that it doesn’t last forever.

  16. This article doesn’t really discuss microdosing, the subject in which, I was led to believe, the author is supposed to be an authority.

    • Interesting. my experience is similar to yours. Most of my experience was with LSD and very strong, life changing. I experienced ego death each time and apparently my mind is “voice activated”. I was given a choice by a voice as to whether I wished to proceed. All of this was back around 1969-1970. Mushrooms for me were gentler but maybe I didn’t take a heroic dose. I don’t recall now. My most memorable experience came from “microdot acid” from the Good Karma Pharmaceutical Company” after reading Timothy Leary’s commentary on The Book of the Dead. One is highly suggestible on psychdelics and my experience closely tracked the book. My interest was rekindled when I happened to read a book by Dr. James Fadiman about current research on this. While I don’t have any of the issues it has been used with I was interested in Dr. Fadiman’s chapters about its use in creativity. I had many metaphysical insights on it. When I realized that I was experiencing “non-dual mind” I became aware that “there could be no question without an answer”. So I began to pitch questions about the nature of things and the world to the absolute much like you would toss small stones into a still pond of water. I would watch the ripples of thought spread out in the stillness and then ask another. The answers were flashes of insight. The answers were not sugar coated because human nature has dark side. Why do we call Alexander “the Great” when all he did was leave a trail of death and destruction across much of the known world before dying in the middle of nowhere in the Sahara possibly poisoned by his generals. I relived memories that included battlefields a well as serenity. LSD is not for the faint of heart but I had a deep need to know. Now I have an interest in astrology and could work as a professional astrologer. I will probably load up a website soon with profiles of histrical figures with a discussion of why they were the way they were. I have a master’s in clinical psychology so it’s grounded in solid science. Perhaps the insights that Dr. James Fadiman talks about could provide an extra touch of depth.

  17. My first psychedelic experience was on 200 Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds (LSA) in June of 1971 after graduating from high school. My first LSD trip was on Windowpane (AKA Clear Light) in July of 1972. I first tried mushrooms sent up to my college in NY from FL in a half gallon of Tropicana™ orange juice, in 1974. My first successfully grown P. cubensis fruit was in 1989.

    My wife and I both perceive that LSD (AKA Sunshine) is more ‘solar’ and that mushrooms are more ‘lunar.’ This is not to say that a “heroic dose” of mushroom are any less potent or visual or capable of producing ego-death. There is a subtle quality that we discuss in these esoteric terms because these symbols best convey our subjective experiences. Firstly, acid lasts twice as long and as we are in our 60s, we really do not benefit from 12 hour entheogenic excursions. There is a sense of being out in the desert with acid, people can get ‘fried.’ I never saw mushroom casualties in my youth but there were acid casualties, and even now I do not hear about mushroom casualties (except for one unfortunate situation in Europe). Mushrooms seem to be more gentle in a physiological sense even if not in a psychic sense. There is a ‘cool’ and ‘moist’ quality to mushroom light, and here I am relying on symbols culled from alchemy. Recently I had a great insight into the phenomenon of acid ‘flashbacks,’ which some people have regarded as urban legend. Not so. I am a board certified hypnotherapist and recently I saw two unrelated individuals with emotional problems that turned out to be traumatic acid trips – one a few years earlier, one 20 years earlier!

    Lastly, in this day and age (unlike decades ago), there are substances like NBOMe that have proven to be fatal! In the past there was no substance that could cause harm in microgram doses that fit on a tiny piece of gelatin or paper. Now it is important to test for indole alkaloids with Erhlich’s reagent before imbibing. With home-grown P. cubensis or other species (I’ve grown P. cyanescens on Alder wood chips sent from MA to FL), one need only be concerned with dose. One is not going to grow a deadly mushroom.

  18. Are you comparing full out trips or microdosing? I haven’t tripped on either in a long time but I remember having several bad experiences with lsd and none with mushrooms. The mushrooms seemed to give me more permagrin, which felt good. Anyway, I’m paying attention now to microdosing shrooms, which I’ll be trying in a few weeks. I’m not looking for recreational trips at this point in my life but am looking to gain a better ability to direct my life to a positive place.

  19. Even a difficult trip is a good trip. Mushrooms bring you to the places you need to look at to greater benefit in a “normal state” of mind. It helps you develop an understanding not to fear anything. They know whats best. YOU know deep down whats best. And the mushrooms help you become more conscious of it. Surrendering to the “front seat driver” and TRUSTING your trip is part of how you navigate this friend. LSD can be like this too, but a stubborn mind who doesnt make it their mission to learn what they need to learn, is easily avoided on LSD.

  20. My experience is having had all bad unhelpful experiences with LSD, and generally helpful and growth-inducing experiences with mushrooms. Many mushroom experiences have been positive and those that were’t have perhaps been more useful overall. My own experience seems to have been echoed in recent psilocybin research coming out of JHU and NYU, which showed the medicinal potential rather than the recreational potential of psychedelics. It’s important to be very clear with one’s intention; only recreational users are interested in securing a ‘good trip’ and I would suggest nobody take any psychedelic until they are willing to see what they must see in order to grow, heal, and become more reconciled with the human condition. And that doesn’t always seem ‘positive’ on the face of it…but often neither do our most important lessons in everyday life. If you just want to get high and have a positive, self-affirming time, stick with highly over-rated and societally sanctioned drugs of abuse like cannabis and alcohol etc…

  21. I will never forget my first trip it was in the summer 1969 I was 14 and it was nothing that I expected after getting past the the shock of out of control hallucinations , I settled into what was to become my favorite Drug. I also love mushrooms are not as intense as acid but they to me they’re just different. So now it’s almost 50 years of tripping just to the dose night before last not as good as old school but with proper dosing you can get pretty high make that real high with proper dosing. Just remember must control your environment are things may go south on you. Happy tripping Brian I hi.

  22. I hate the internet. It’s intent is wonderful and we get information we need and questions answered within seconds, stay in touch with friends and loved ones we might not have ever seen again, etc…However it’s an over-saturated cluttery mess! Within all my subjects of interest there’s websites galore with endless thread conversations pertaining to ONE SUBJECT. By the time I read through the articles and varied opinions within these threads of interest I’m more neurotically frustrated and confused then when I began to seek out info on a subject I was confused about in the first place! Point being is like this LSD vs Shrooms debate; out of 7 billion humans and millions who have taken psychedelics or are currently micro-dosing there is NO right answer to which is better or what works best for everyone! Most people would lean towards LSD because it’s more “controlled” but over my many years of tripping it was mostly always Shrooms and a fantastic experience, as is LSD in a similar but different way. However again, I’ve had a few horrible trips on both where I lost control and once had a nervous breakdown, ended up in the hospital. Due to being diagnosed with ADD/Bi-Polar II with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and neurosis it’s been an endless challenge trying to balance my brain chemistry and obtain genuine fulfillment and happiness throughout my life. So many doctors, therapists, meds, programs…yet the irony is I’m happiest when on some type of mind altering illegal substance. So I’m always torn on what all I need in my body to maintain enough balance to function and not want to jump off a cliff. (The hospital “trip” was a combo of intense Shrooms, Lamictal, and going through dark depressing times in my life.) My parents and most others blamed the Shrooms but I realized it was my imbalanced brain chemistry, external factors, and the Lamictal that added in the extra intensity which induced the meltdown. As 90% of all my trips have been amazing experiences and I’ve been battling mood issues for 3 decades being on/off so many different meds, I began micro-dosing recently, choosing LSD because that’s the recommended “go to” method over any other option. After almost 2 months it’s too hard to tell if it’s doing anything because I’ve been on Wellbutrin now for past 5-6 years and again my external world is still a rollercoaster ride of insanity, so any drug isn’t going to “save me”. And I’ve noticed big increases with intensified anxiety after a micro-dose or a regular “trip” with LSD. I always feel so wonderful when tripping but pay the price the following days with the anxiety and darkness that sets in after the stimulating drug drains out of my system. So now I’m stuck again with maybe trying micro-dosing with Shrooms? Since they are more “natural” or even MDMA or Ketamine which I also hear good things about??? Problem again is this all takes research, money, and especially time where you basically have to sacrifice 1-2 months of your life to test the results of whatever new drug you’re putting into your system. After 3 decades of mental torment and close to a dozen different meds and now micro-dosing I’m STILL not any better off or “cured”. So do I take ANOTHER risk and try Shrooms, or MDMA, or Ketamine? And do I drop the Wellbutrin to see if the psychedelics are good enough on their own and don’t counter-effect with the prescribed meds? Or forget the micro-dosing option and add Lithium in with the Wellbutrin? It’s like I need an entire year off from everything and just focus on trying all these varying methods of meds and micro-dosing to maybe finally figure out what works for me! It’s too hard with jobs, relationships, and all else in life to keep trying different drugs and if certain drugs bring on bad effects it can be a strenuous 1-2 months or more to the point of wanting suicide as the final option. Seriously, it’s not fun to spend so much time & money throughout most of my adult years trying to fix my screwy brain with so many methods that still haven’t worked, and just trying to obtain basic happiness and stability overall has been an endless battle. Again this is MY predicament; loving psychedelics most of my life but also trying balance my mental issues and trying to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle before I finally say “screw it”. Good luck to us all.

    • Man I can totally relate.
      I just wanted to impart something.
      I am in a very similar situation but only have ADD and treatment resistant depression (that I know of,lol)
      I am researching the use of psycadelics for their ability to stimulating dendrite growth thich inturn grows the brain instead of shrinking it (what most drugs do, prescript or rec)
      My advice is to get of everything else and try full doseing at required intivals to do so.
      please excuse my spelling its not my strong point.

  23. Others would say shrooms are more manageable and LSD is always on the verge of good and bad trip. I have the feeling this article was written out of a hedonistic view on those drugs, so here are a few things I wanna say:

    First, everyone who enters the world of psychedelics should understand one thing: there is no such thing as a bad trip, there are only difficult experiences. In fact, it is usually the difficult experiences who will bring you what you should seek on such drugs, and that is consciousness expansion. If you just do it for fun, bubbles, colors, and a better music experience, you might do so, but it’s a waste of something far more valuable and it is a dangerous waste, because your expectations when entering the experience are very important. If you expect fun, bubbles, colors, and a better music experience, but suddenly LSD leads you to hidden childhood memories or ego death, or the mushroom starts talking to you, you might have serious trouble dealing with it, and that can lead to what some call “to get stuck on a trip” (hängen bleiben in German, dunno if there’s a proper English term).

    Second, on a low dose – the usual “party” dose – the differences are there, but marginal. It’s like the difference between being drunk from red wine or from Jägermeister. On a low dose (2-3g cubensis), I find shrooms quite similar to a strong dose of MDMA. The main difference between LSD and shrooms on that level is the body load, and that LSD lasts longer with a slow onset of 2-4 hours until a relatively short peak and a long “speedy”, steady, and indeed quite manageable post-peak of up to 10 hours. Shrooms come on fast and strong, they peak within an hour, peaking for 2-3 hours and then wane relatively quickly. To really understand the difference of both drugs, you need to take high doses (LSD 250 mics and above, shrooms (cubensis) 4 grams and above – I had my most spiritual experience at 10 grams taken over 2.5 hours). Here are my two cents about it.

    LSD is a “machine drug”, meaning it comes from a laboratory, while mushrooms are entities of their own kind. LSD is a drug that only deals with your individual consciousness, it is a very analytical, even psychoanalytical drug. It is perfectly suited for therapeutic settings if the goal is to figure out more about yourself. On LSD you can re-experience childhood traumata, your own birth, the time in your mother’s womb and, even further, experiences your ancestors have made etc. (refer to Stanislav Grof for further information). But LSD does not connect you to the cosmos, it is a drug to explore your inner self, not the universe, and it is very powerful at that, because it can do neural imprints in an instant, meaning it can entirely reprogram you within just minutes. This is actually why LSD is so useful in therapy, however, in an uncontrolled setting, this can lead to undesired effects. I’ve experienced this when I was 18 (way too young for psychedelics) and it took me a year to get rid of the panic attacks and two to fully become my old self again. I’ve taken over 100 LSD trips afterwards without a problem, I just didn’t pay attention to set and setting at the time, I was inexperienced, I had expected something totally different (fun, bubbles, …), and was way too young (neurologically unstable).

    Shrooms on the other hand are pretty much useless for inner discovery, but they allow you to contact the cosmos. Not only by “feeling one with nature”, but by actually talking to entities of, I dunno, other dimensions, outer space, what ever. And when talking, I mean literally talking. It is a telepathic, lingual communication with an entity outside of yourself. Some say it is the mushroom itself you’re talking to, but I’m not sure. To me they represented themselves (I always have two entities present, but only one talking) as aliens. They are age-old and of infinite wisdom, they can guide you, they will guide you. You can ask questions and they will answer in your own language. Checkout Terence McKenna on the subject (youtube). McKenna once said that on mushrooms you hear what you see on DMT.

    LSD is a microscope and surgical tool for your psyche, mushrooms are the telephone to cosmos, DMT is literal space travel. So all these tools have their use and should be taken accordingly and with great respect and care. On a low dose, you might have some fun with them (except for DMT, that’s always pretty serious business), but what’s the point of that? I’d rather take MDMA if it’s just about fun.

    Safe travels!

  24. Firstly, some study in the 1960s showed that even very experienced users couldn’t distinguish at all between LSD and pure psilocybin. Okay, mushrooms aren’t the same thing as pure psilocybin. Like any unrefined organic plant material, they probably have a broad spectrum of active molecules. Just the same way that red wine and tequila both contain alcohol, but anyone who says getting drunk on those two substances is the same obviously doens’t know much. So let’s accept that there are differences.

    I’d still have to say that most of the observations sound very subjective.

    I laughed at the oneness with nature comment. Still, most of my experiences with mushrooms involved going out with a car full of friends to find them in the forests. We were city kids, it wasn’t that often that we did get out into the country. So yeah, eat a mushroom in the forest and you feel a sense of oneness with nature. Take a tab of acid at a festival in the city in a club? Not really.

    Body load? Yeah, I guess. Mushrooms can make you nauseous. Throwing up copiously just as you are coming up and beginning to slither through the door can be disturbing for a naive user. Learning how to throw up gracefully and without resistance is a vital skill for the mushroom user. I still remember a gorgeous beautiful sunset over the hills as I was spasming and vomiting, and filled with a sense of affection for my friends, admiration for their patience, for stopping the car and waiting for me to finish before we all drove off again, on my first mushroom trip.

    The great thing about mushrooms is that you can be reasonably sure what they contain. You can’t say that about a tab of acid. Strength varies a lot, though. You end up playing it by ear, and not always getting the tune exactly right.

    All these comments relate to full dose trips, not microdosing. For microdosing, consistent dosages are good. I can imagine a big jar of mushroom honey would work (dry them slightly, mix them with honey, leave them in the fridge, that’s the way we used to store them). At least you could use one jar of the same mix consistently. I’ve never microdosed with mushrooms, but I can imagine it would work.

    Nice clean acid has it’s advantages, if you can get it.

  25. Thought this was going to contain information about microdosing LSD vs microdosing mushrooms, which would have been great as there’s so little information about it to be found. Disappointing.

  26. I’m 70. In the old days I tripped on anything I could get. Climbed Mts,drove through cities, walked through gas mask training at Ft Dix!!

    Some good, some terrible! Was it the condition of the mind? Body? Setting? We can talk forever on our different subjective experiences! The one thing that has always been missing is a lack of accurate dose amounts!!! What did we take and how much?

    Hopefully soon accurate, OBJECTIVE studies will show us the way to study the mind using these compounds for positive, benefits for mankind!

    My opinion: Worth in depth, long term research without political interference!

  27. i agree mushrooms are more likely to give a bad trip. its like the line between the amount to be sufficient and too much is a lot thinner with mush whereas you can take huge doses of acid and not really worry. plus i hate the gut rot from mushrooms.

  28. I’ve never done acid, not sure if I want to either because I don’t like that it’s synthetic, but I have done shrooms. In my shrooms experience, I took 3.5g and went hiking down a waterfall. It was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. The colors were so vibrant, and it was almost like I could see the earth breathing. One moment something would look normal, and then the next moment I could see extreme detail in it (ex: my hands went from looking normal to all the little lines that make up my fingerprint/handprint being very obvious and almost pulsing with my heart.) I found that the mushrooms made me quite nauseous, so I laid down and sunbathed for a looooong time and just looked around and marveled at the beauty of nature. I also had quite an enlightening spiritual trip in which I thought a lot about what truly makes me happy and how I can strive for it, and whenever I had a bad thought, I just pushed it out of my head and cleared my head completely so I wouldn’t have a bad trip. In addition, I was listening to music the whole day which very much calmed me down and enhanced my experience. For anyone looking to do shrooms, I would recommend being outside, away from people you don’t know (I was with my friends but I found for a while I didn’t want to talk to them, but then I also did for a while too). Do it early so you can have the whole trip while its sunny, I found that when the sun went down an we went inside because it was cold, my trip got a little harder to keep positive. Also, take something to draw/paint with because everything you see will be beautiful and you’ll probably get quite creative. Lastly DON’T look at your phone, the LED screen will make you feel really weird/sick. Don’t be nervous, allow yourself to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty to its fullest extent and make sure you clear your mind and listen to music if you feel yourself slipping into something bad, and you’ll have a great time 🙂

  29. For me, magic mushrooms connect me with nature to the point I don’t want to go back towards civilization. I realize how perfect nature is and feel guilty for being a devastation to our mother, planet Earth. Realizing how she will accept me and reward me with happiness when I cultivate love towards fellow men and boosts my need and ability to be of service. On shrooms I really dig music, I can hear most beautiful music from within. It makes me appreciate Life as the strongest force in the Universe, concluding there is no after life which makes this one so good. And it keeps asking me: why don’t you people understand importance and magic of life? Why are you trying to prevent life as Earth made it from unfolding? I don’t see fractals rather fullness of every moment of ever so precious life. I strongly feel Earth healing points as if I was standing between two giant magnets through my whole body.

    Lsd teaches me I am God, opened out to the Universe, receiving visual insights and third eye vision (when physically close to people I see what they see as minimised through the lens, ‘seeing’ truth which is found with a narrowed consciousness feels like a beam of light, laser) , loads of visual creativity. Fractals go crazy. It takes me far before any thought is formed and gives space to truth. It makes me believe, being God, that every consciousness is eternal therefore there is consciousness after death.

    Now, you can understand my dillema, I trust both experiences although they are so different. One has to do with no after life and the other with eternity. One has to do with changing myself in a natural being and the other with transforming into devine. Maybe it’s time to balance this two, with understanding when on shrooms, there has to be place for a bit of lsd experience to be accepted as truth and likewise.

    Embryonic meditational breathing from tai chi (chinese philosophy and teaching of coming to onenes) is connecting the lower dan tien (which has loads to do with mushs and grounding love or earth chi) and upper dan tien in the pineal gland, head (which has to do with lsd, self involved ego buster blissful love or heaven chi). Lower and upper dan tien can also be described as jin and jang, simbol of creation out of emptiness in a balanced way.

    So this is my next drug, breathing. 🙂

  30. Acid saved me, I really mean that! I was a teenager and a thief, i had been to court several times, i did 6 months detention centre(like a boot camp) and 2 yrs borstal. I come from England so you might not be familiar with our legal system.
    I had a shit upbringing, eldest of a dysfunctional and poor family of 8 children, I left home at 15 because i couldn’t stand it and traveled the country i would have been called homeless today, I couldn’t cope so i stole to survive and i wasn’t very good at it and kept getting caught. I was headed for a lifetime of petty crime(this was in the 1960’s). I had done pot but nothing else because i couldn’t afford to buy anything FFS i was starving most of the time.
    I was pathetic! no other way to describe it. I got offered a tab of acid for ten bob which by luck i had. I had no idea what to expect but i just swallowed it and went about my business.
    Well that trip grabbed me by the throat and not very gently showed me what i had become and in the next 10 hrs it helped me rebuild myself, I had the most intense hallucinations, I was transported to a totally different reality where i was shown the errors of my ways, sometimes by transporting me back in time to watch myself being a pratt, sometimes a wall would be turned into a super tv and i was shown things from previous lifetimes, and even telepathically communicating with what i saw as a goddess, although i now wonder if it was just an entity so far advanced that she seemed to be a goddess. Boy was that some trip.
    I only got into trouble once after that trip, I was imprisoned for 1 month for vagrancy which is basically for being homeless, i was caught sleeping in a derelict building with about ten others, and of course i was the only one to be imprisoned.
    I did a few more trips after that and they were more gentle but were a continuation of the rebuilding program that i was going through culminating in a night trip i did in Portsmouth.
    By this time i was earning a living making leather goods and i bused to Portsmouth to get some leather, After meeting up with some other people we did some acid and we ended up in an allnight greasy spoon, to cut a long story short, the cigarette machines fell on the floor spilling money all over the place and everyone was scooping up the cash, I panicked because i had a wad of money on me and thought it was a trick to get my cash so I ran outside, realized i was more vulnerable outside and and returned to find no machines on the floor and everything was normal, It was all an hallucination, but boy was it real.
    The next time i did acid,I tripped with the lady who became my wife, full on psychic trip with telepathy and even telekinesis,we had 3 beautiful children. Messy divorce in the early nineties but iv’e said enough for now, except i got involved with the free party scene and of course more acid, shrooms and pills(extacy) and MDMA which i loved.
    I’m nearly 70 now and thinking about growing Shrooms. But Acid saved me from a life in prison and maybe worse. Hope you guys didn’t find that too boring but i needed to get it
    off my chest.

  31. Has anyone had the problem of not getting the same effect when you’re older? Ive had many enjoyable experiences but now i don’t know if it’s my body chemistry or what cuz my son’s friends say the stuff is great but I feel nothing and I don’t know if it’s because they dont know what the real shit is or if something is wrong with me lmaooooo

    • I’ve taken acid that ended up being 25C Nbome twice. It ended up being extremely speedy with a mind fuck and not many visuals. Just this intense feeling. It did not make me feel connected either while LSD does. Real LSD gives me insane amounts of visuals to where every surface is covered in crazy fractals with 2 100ug hits. It’s energetic but not like the speedy feeing of nbome.
      Sounds like a possibility it was nbome unless you tested your tabs and know otherwise.

  32. Completely opposite for me. Mushrooms were always more visual, and less of a mind fuck for me than LSD. LSD always felt speedy, and was more mental than visual. Shooms seemed more relaxing and were better when hanging out with friends because it relaxed me like a couple beers and the visuals were always amazing. I’ve done LSD that had not much visuals but lots of weird thoughts. Also much easier to goto sleep after taking shooms than LSD.

  33. I always felt that one could take a *lot* more mushrooms and come out on the other end feeling fine while too much lsd would lead to loss of control. Plus I’ve had lsd break down in weird ways and somehow become altered (i.e. three blotters were fine and then the last five stored in the fridge for a month were different). I don’t think that could happen with mushrooms.

    My sense, from what you’ve written and the comments here are that the differences are a) minor, and b) pretty much an individual thing anyway.

  34. While I do understand that LSD may feel cleaner because it doesn’t cause bodily effects in the same way mushrooms do, like feeling sick in the stomach or lethargic, sometimes people even throw up. I feel people don’t understand that it Is because of the way of ingestion. I also feel that LSD is less clean as it is synthesised in a lab, rather than being completely 100% natural.

    You take a tab of LSD and it absorbs into your gums, but mushrooms need to essentially “poison” your system with its Psilocybin goodness. It produces other side effects because of the fact that it’s not just activating within your brain.

    But i have always felt more comfortable with a mushroom trip, regardless of the bodily effects it can have. I always chalk that down to “I ate something, and my body doesn’t particularly like it”. And as for feeling more volatile, I get that too, but I feel that if you’re uncomfortable with the negative thoughts you’re having then you’re avoiding something the drug is trying to show you. Mushrooms are more introspective and will always be harder for some who aren’t as happy with who they are, or where they are(a million different reasons for a bad mushroom trip). And that is a lot of people. I love the bad trips i have on mushrooms because a lot of them end with an epiphany. They have a reason. And they are generally the most profound trips I’ve ever had. Acid bad trips just have bleeding walls and me teleporting from one place to another, forgetting what i was doing etc.

    Acid will always be easier to control as it is less confronting. Mushrooms will get up close and personal, and take control from you. And i get why a lot of people don’t like that or might not be ready for it.

    Acid bad trips stick with me a lot longer. I feel like it fries my brain or something. I have watched entire horror films on mushrooms and been fine after, the same can’t be said about LSD.

    All in all the two drugs are very similar and i don’t dislike either one, but I definitely rather mushrooms over acid, just from personal experience. Mushrooms will give you a more profound experience, and acid will be great at events and parties and stuff involving other people. Just not drunk people. Drunk people are fuckin’ scary on psychedelics.

  35. LSD keeps your head clear, which can be really good or really bad. Shrooms spark deep feelings, which can be really good or really bad.

    Shrooms get my vote, but I’m not here to judge any preference. The visuals in LSD are far more intense though, shrooms are far more perspective based. Reading about them does not equal knowing what they do to you.

    A word of caution, a lot of LSD now is different substances. A shame for sure.

  36. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness! I cannot wait to see what mushrooms can offer in the future of medicine. I hope that this magical plant would not be abused and misused. Everything, if used properly and moderately proves to be beneficial.

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