How To Take LSD

LSD is coming out of its mythological background and into the light of modern understanding. We’re learning how you can take LSD safely and responsibly. Here’s where you can get started on gaining a better understanding of this substance.

LSD And Toxic Lies

Dr Alex O’Bryan-Tear gives us his expert opinion on why the myth of LSD’s toxicity is totally unfounded. LSD could in fact be one of the safest mind-altering substances in history.

Could LSD Be An Effective Antidepressant?

Depression is a slow, aching, and painful state. It is more than a mood swing or a response to some setback within the everyday struggle. It is a mental illness resulting in a lack of hope, motivation, focus, and energy. Depression can become completely debilitating and increases one’s risk for suicide. It is considered a […]

“Nobody knows I’m a mermaid” : There’s more to microdosing than productivity

In 2015 I found out that you can take tiny amounts of psychedelic substances, like psilocybin or LSD, and enjoy periods of peak physical and mental activity. Shimmering Silicon Valley tycoons in swivel chairs typed furiously at the periphery of my consciousness for the next couple of years, as the canon of identikit indie lifestyle magazines went increasingly apeshit. […]


The Essential Guide to LSD
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Microdosing LSD
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