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This article answers the question: Can LSD be detected in a drug test?

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You recently ingested LSD, and you’re worried about possible detection in a drug test.

Maybe you’re on probation or maybe you have to take a drug test for a job.


  • Mandated by probation
  • Obligation as part of a job
  • Military requirement

While it is wise to stay away from any illegal drug on probation, I understand certain opportunities occur from time to time. I don’t recommend actively seeking LSD out, however. There is too much risk if you are already on probation,

The good news?

LSD doesn’t show up on any run-of-the-mill drug tests.

None. Zero. Zilch.

Standard and cheap drug tests, like the ones governments and employers use, do not screen for LSD use. Due to the tiny amount of LSD needed to initiate a trip, detection in urine is near-impossible. Additionally, the body rapidly removes LSD, eliminating it within 24-48 hours.

However (and this is a BIG however’), there are certain urine tests that detect LSD (Note: hair tests cannot measure any amount of LSD):

  • Abuscreen – Screens whole blood, serum, urine, and stomach contents for LSD and its metabolites
  • EMIT – Different series of tests carried out to detect LSD, again measuring blood, serum, urine, and stomach

The catch?

To undergo these tests, an employer or probation officer must have certain suspicions that you used LSD.

Since you’re an intelligent user and you don’t go around broadcasting your experiments with psychedelics, the chances of getting ‘caught’ are about as high as LSD becoming legalized within the next 20 years.


According to Erowid, the online bible for responsible psychedelic use, parts of the military begin LSD drug tests in the early 2000s.

Per Erowid’s website: “…the Feb 18, 2008 Army Times reported that the Department of Defense has stopped most LSD testing military wide. Reportedly this was because only four positive LSD tests were found out of more than 2 million test conducted over a three year period [emphasis added]. This cost-benefit analysis resulted in the military ceasing LSD testing as part of their standard panel.”

LSD is also no longer included in the standard “DoD Illicit Drug Testing Panel”, as published in the “DoD Instruction 1010.16.”

For additional information on LSD drug tests, please review the following two resources:

Good Drugs Guide (typical propaganda bullshit about LSD use, but accurate information related to LSD urine tests and LSD hair tests)

Erowid on LSD

Happy tripping!

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  1. I am a chronic pain patient who gets urine tested once a month from my PCP. My doctor wants to cover his ass because of the new War On Patients (opiates) so in order to get my refills, I have to pee clean. This has not been any issue for me, as I take my medicine as prescribed – although I do feel it is a form of discrimination! I am also a medical cannabis patient. Thankfully my doctor approves, so I have that base covered as well. However, I would like to try LSD microdosing to help with motivation and creativity. I was just wondering if I am doing a daily microdose, if anything would be found in a standard opioid pee test?

    • I just took lsd last night and have a Dr appt today to get my RX for Xanax. They popped me with a drug screen freaked me out. Because I took it at 6pm on Sunday and Dr appt was Monday at 9am. It did not show up on a general pee test. Happy tripping ???✌

    • Old comment but didnt see a reply so. The awnser to your question is no, lsd requires a very specific and very expensive set of tests to be found so no one does it unless they already know someone is using. For piss tests you need an extremely high amount of lsd in your system to be found, micro dosing will not get you anywhere near the amount. If you are still sketch about it just stop dosing 48 hours before your test and like 90 percent of the lsd will be out of your system. Good luck.

      • You need to ask if the test was emit (antibody) or gs/Mc (device that looks for specific mass and color) emit tests are notorious for false positives I took Benadryl once and I came up as some weird antipsychotic I guess is abusable. Lsd is what is called an indole alkaloid, there isn’t much that will show a false positive for but a few things such as a lot of headache specific medication, like ergotamine, which as a Dea agent you probably know is it’s precursor. Either way ask for a gcms of your original sample. If they can’t provide this you can provide reasonable doubt that it was a false positive as gcms is the only thing that tells without a shadow of a doubt it was substance in question. If gcms comes back positive you either were using LSD or dosed against your will which I doubt since you would probably be aware you are on a trip or you are using. Lot of careers were ruined in the 90s because of false positives for THC provided by ibuprofen. This is why most drug test in the military and civilian court use Emit first cheaper and a positive is confirmed by gcms.

  2. I have never in my life taken any illegal drugs. I worked for thirty years with the DEA
    I had been shot and an over by there vehicle I have to take many prescriptions but only 7.5 Norco twice a day and I had to take a urine test yesterday and it showed that I had LSD in it. The bottle they gave me was nothing like the clear ones I have used before. My urine came out very dark which just proved a point that something fishy was going on. I had already been to two other Dr.s before that one. One when i left there. I have a badly burned had and arm. I know one thousand % that the Nurse Practitioner is a lied. Is there any medication that LSD could show up?

  3. The last time I took what I think was real LSD 25 was in 1976. At that time i used LSD for spiritual experiences. I was following Richard Alpert, and Timothy Leary. Baba Ram Das, Be Here Now. Was also reading books from Carlos Castaneda, on becoming a Toltec warrior. I have not run across any windowpane since that year. I tried a variety of blotter, barrel, and purple microdot since that time. Mostly found during grateful dead concerts none of these does came even close to comparing to the clear light (or windowpane) LSD I experienced. my question is does anyone still make windowpane and if I were to look for it where would i have to start. Mushrooms, peyote, don’t even come close to the spiritual experience and I would like to share that experience with a few people who I believe would help them in their evolution. LSD with the right people taken the proper way does no harm. Please help.

  4. I have been micro dosing for over 9 moths and the last 8 years been a participant in research for Frontal Temporal Dementia which is from a genetic mutation that runs in our family. There has been a breakthrough in some biomarkers to detect an oncoming of symptoms. Up until now there has not been a drug to help prevent symptoms. A new drug is approved to be tested on humans with the genetic mutation. (This is me. Only two in Toronto are part of this research). I started micro dosing for the benefits of brain health but could not disclose this to my neurologist due to the fact that when the topic was brought up as a question if he heard of it, He tabooed it perfusly. Therefore I could not tell him I was micro dosing. Very frustrating. I have been searching for a Doctor to discuss this topic with and keep coming up empty. I question if the micro dosing can help bypass the atrophy of other brain dysfunctional areas and am afraid to try this research drug because I don’t know if the 1P-LSD is my solution. I so want someone to open research on the brain and microdosing. I have reached out to Phycology residence students at U of T actively involved in phycodelic research for addictions and phycological problems but not for the betterment of the healthy brain. I fear if I miss out on this
    FTD research drug and it can help me in the near future. Because this drug may not be approved for public use by the time I may need it 5/10 years from now. So many questions and no one to talk to. Anyone know of a neurologist involved with microdosing??????? Please direct me. Thanks for reading through this long quest for help.

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