Volumetric Microdosing With LSD

Patrick Smith · March 15th, 2023

This article has been medically reviewed by Katrina Oliveros, MSN-ED, BSN

Many people microdose with LSD by cutting up their tabs into tiny little pieces, and guessing the dosage by the size of the paper.

However this isn’t ideal, for several reasons:

  • LSD is not always laid perfectly evenly.

In the manufacturing process, sheets are soaked in a liquid LSD solution, then dried – but sometimes this drying does not occur perfectly evenly, leaving some sections of the paper slightly more concentrated than others. Because we are so sensitive to LSD, and we’re talking about such tiny amounts when it comes to microdosing, a single tab could have major variations in concentration from one millimeter to the next.

  • You’re probably not super-accurate with scissors.

LSD is measured in micrograms (ug or mcg). Unless you have a micro-cutting robot or something, it’s probably tough to accurately cut out the perfect ug/mcg slice of tab that is your ideal microdose.

  • It takes ages and risks degrading your LSD.

It’s tough to cut a tiny bit of paper into even tinier bits – and unless you’re wearing gloves, it’s possible that your sweaty grasp could start to degrade the tab during your cutting session.

Not the most accurate…

For these reasons, a more accurate (and easier) way of microdosing with LSD is volumetrically. It’s really simple. All you need is a small bottle, a 1ml syringe, and some distilled water or alcohol.

Fill up your small bottle with 10ml of distilled water or alcohol. Some people say that alcohol preserves the LSD better – other people say that distilled water is fine. We’ve even heard of some people using a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water. Whatever you do, don’t use tap water, as it will degrade your LSD.

When it comes to alcohol, the simpler the better. Vodka is great. If you can find pure ethanol, that’ll work perfectly, although you’ll probably want to dilute it a little.

To your 10ml of water/alcohol, add a single tab of LSD – which should be 100ug.

Shake the bottle around a bit, and leave it at room temperature or in the fridge for a day or two. If the bottle is clear, wrap some aluminum foil around it to prevent the LSD from being degraded by light.

After a couple of days, your LSD dissolve into the liquid (NOTE: The paper will still be there – however, the LSD that has been laid on the blotter paper will have dissolved into the distilled water).

Now, you just need to take 1ml with your syringe for a 10ug dose. If you microdose with less than 10ug, simply scale it to your volume – 0.6ml is 6ug, 0.8ml is 8ug, and so on.

You don’t want anyone drinking your ‘special’ vodka

Don’t forget to wrap in foil to protect from light!

The lazy version 
If you don’t have a 1ml syringe, and don’t want to buy one, you can just scale up the volumes. Put your 100ug tab in 150ml of water/alcohol, then use a 15ml shot glass to take a 10ug dose.

An alternative way to measure mL with normal household items is with a red solo cup which has lines to measure 1oz (about 30mL), 5oz (about 148mL), and 12oz (355mL). You can also use an oral syringe that typically comes with liquid medications.

Keep your bottle at room temperature or in the fridge. LSD doesn’t like rapid temperature changes, so whatever you do, don’t freeze it. Make sure the bottle is in the dark.

It should last at least a few months – and probably longer if you’ve used alcohol.

If you’re interested in responsible microdosing done right, consider checking out our online Microdosing Course for a deep dive on everything you need to know.

Happy volumetric microdosing!

To start you on your microdosing journey, we’ve compiled a list of trusted resources and step-by-step sourcing instructions Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Psychedelic Medicines.

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  1. AvatarJohn says

    How do you take the doses after diluting. Do you just drink it? Or do you hold it in your mouth like with a tab?

    • AvatarManny says

      Hey John,

      Thought I would reply here as I thought drinking would have the same effect as holding the liquid under my tongue, but it doesn’t. There clearly is some benefit to allowing the liquid to remain under your tongue (30-45sec). I haven’t pinpointed whether this is due to what you I have had to eat, and how that affects the absorption, but it clearly hits harder.

        • AvatarJust some dude says

          It’s the goblet cells in the mucous membranes. There’s a higher concentration under the tongue than in the esophagus. Almost all of the acid will be absorbed into the bloodstream long before the paper or tincture hits the intestinal tract.

      • AvatarWalkingupstream says

        There is a direct path/shortcut from under your tongue to your heart/bloodstream. If you ingest, it has to pass through stomach/liver to get to bloodstream.

        This is the same concept as tincturing cannabis vs edibles. You’re better off letting the gummy dissolve under your tongue.

  2. AvatarMitch says

    How should we be sure that one tab has 100ug of LSD on it? Is it somewhat “standard” practice to make one tab have 100ug? Thanks

    • AvatarAli Abdullah Reza says

      It depends on the source and quality of manufacture. This 1p LSD analogue is probably 100 ug because the quality of manufacture is high, if you purchase “real” LSD 25 from god knows where it can be different

      • AvatarMichael says

        I have 5 x 100ug tabs and a 750ml bottle of vodka. If i place them all in would my 10ug dose be a 15ml shot glass? Also, confirmation on dissolve time please?

        Are there any adverse side effects from a macro dose with the vodka?


        • AvatarIan says

          For the first part: yes (if the math in my head is correct), that would end up wuth 10ug / 15 ml.
          I’d do it on paper just to be sure tho.

          For the alcohol-Amount: hmm, well you’ll be drinking a shot every 3rd morning.
          While that isn’t too bad by itself, if you’re lightweight you ll feel the booze for a while.
          I wouldn’t recommend it (but I’m just speculating)

      • AvatarBelinda says

        Thanks so much for this. Do you dose daily or every third day? Should you feel any effect? Or just overall just better wellbeing? I’m on my third tab and feel like I need to check I got good ones by taking half a tab because I haven’t really noticed anything. Any ideas?

  3. AvatarMarciello says

    I’m wondering if your calculations are correct? If you have 100 ug of acid and would like to get 10 microdoses of 10 ug each drop, wouldn’t you use 1mg of water/alcohol to dilute the 100 ug in it?

    • AvatarRandom says

      you can technically use any amount you want but to get your 10 ug you have to have a tenth of the amount choosen, given its an 100ug tab.

      • AvatarJulia says

        Is there any certain way to ingest it that matters for the effect? E.g keep it in mouth or swallow, with or without food etc?

        Is it right that if I have a 165microgram tab and dilute it in 16,5 ml liquid I’ll have a dosage of 10microgram per 1ml liquid?

      • AvatarPaola says

        Shit didn’t work, I left the tab in the distilled water w the right amount and everything, covered it with a tin foil and it’s been more than a fucking week and the image on the tab is still there nothing has happened

        • AvatarTee says

          lol The image isn’t supposed to disappear from the tab. The blotter paper stays intact, it just becomes inactive. The chemicals it’s soaked in dissolve into the alcohol.

  4. AvatarMarciello says

    Or perhaps I misunderstood and you indicated 10 ml of water/alcohol because it’s easier to measure each dose? I guess if you dilute 100 ug into 1 ml it’s much harder to measure unless you’re counting drop by drop? Am I correct? Thanks

    • AvatarJay says

      Marciello thats correct.
      If you dissolved 100ug into 1ml of water you would have to measure 1/10th of a millilitre to get a 10ug dose.
      So yes dissolving 100ug into 10ml of water and measuring 1ml for a 10ug dose is much easier ?
      Cheers Jay

    • AvatarAlbert says

      No, as the degradation isn‘t due to microorganisms, but rather the minerals present in tap water. Use distilled water.

  5. AvatarDave says

    I have a 500ml bottle of pure distilled water, I also have 230ug tab I’m not good with maths can someone please help me

    • Avatarmark says

      Given that your dose is 230 ug, if you wanna use the whole 500 ml bottle, then a 10 ug dose would be (500 x 10) / 230 = 21.79 ml… so around 22 ml would give you your microdose..

      But it would be easier to do it with 100 ml water. Easier to dose and easier to store. Put 100 ml of the distilled water, then a 10 ug dose would be (100 x 10) / 230 = 4.35 ml … so if you take a syringe and take about 4 ml, you have your dose.

  6. AvatarDucci says

    This was an interesting article. However, it contains one major error: it assumes that all tabs will be 100ug of LSD. There is simply no way to determine this unless you have it sent to a lab and tested or you know the chemist who produced it and s/he tells you directly. As far as I know, there is no standard measuring unit for LSD tabs.

    If you’re like me, you’re simply going to have to run trials . . . be safe, everyone!

    • AvatarIan says

      Well, that depends what your gel tabs are made out of etc.
      But usually: yes, because the acid is just sprinkled on top of whatever material.
      I had some gummy bears even, same thing.

      IF the acid is actually worked into the gel its a different story though

  7. AvatarNikhil says

    Does the actual volume of water or alcohol matter? For example: I have a 1 dram (3.36 mL) vial with a dropper that provides 20 drops. If I dissolve the whole 100 ug tab into the water, will it not dissolve fully due to saturation?

  8. AvatarMark says

    Has anyone tried using spring water? I understand the issue with tap water is the chlorine so I am guessing bottled spring water might be ok.

    • AvatarIan says

      Nah, it has to be distilled.
      chlorine is just one of the things that may degrade the LSD.
      I have 100% chlorine free tap water and I will still use distilled

  9. AvatarNinton says

    Hi, do you need to remove the cardboard from the bottle once the product has diffused into the water. I didn’t know if doing so would leave less in the bottle but if the cardboard remains soaked in the liquid, will that not lessen the quantity available to pour anyway? In that case, the divided by 10 equation wouldn’t be quite accurate. Or is that negligible and won’t make much of a difference?
    Also, at the risk of asking a really stupid question, does the product disperse completely evenly regardless of the amount of liquid? Does it settle in anyway and need shaking before each dose? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • AvatarJosh H says

      I marked 10 lines on the jar. Left it in closet for 3 days. Drank the next line, skipped two days and repeated.
      After microdosing for two weeks, I can say that I don’t notice any effects besides when you take it initially… get some energy and you feel happy. Haven’t noticed any reduction in anxiety or depression yet. My creativity has yet to take off as well. I will continue it for months to come and see if that changes after doing it for a few month.
      Never tripped on acid before, just want reprogram my mind. Thanks for listening! Ohhh btw, I left tab in there the whole time. I just swirl the jar around, drink, seal up, and put back in dark closet. Use distilled water.

  10. Avatarjill says

    Ok help please! New to this mircodosing and suck at math.
    I have dissolved 4 original orange tablets (cinnamon flav) 100 ug each in 40 ml of Alcohol.
    How much do I dose with???

    • AvatarAnalux says

      Jill, then you have 400ug for 40ml, that’s 100ug for 10ml, so your dose is 1ml if you want 10ug.
      I prepare that amount and use a small syringe sans needle to get the 1ml dose.

    • AvatarTrezor says

      Ok, Jill. You have dissolved 400ug total (100ug x 4) in 40ml. So if you wanna take 10ug of acid, you should take 1ml of solution.

      You can find your dose by a simple proportion (read “—” as “contain”):

      solution volume — amount of acid
      ? your solution dose — desired acid dose

      For example:
      40ml — 400ug
      ? ml — 10ug

      ? = (40ml x 10ug) / 400ug
      ? = 1ml

  11. AvatarBert says

    Assuming you buy 4 blotters of 100ug each, what would be the best method of storing the 1p-lsd for storage and later usage? Dissolve 1 blotter and keep the other 3 in a dark and dry place or just dissolve all blotters and use that bottle for future microdosing? I’d like to know how long I’d be able to store it before any mold or degrading will take place.

  12. AvatarEddie says

    Hi there, very keen to learn more about this and try micro dosing.

    First question: Would micro pellets act the same way as strips?

    I am looking at purchasing 5x150ug (in form of micropellets)

    So for a 10ug micro dose My plan is to use 100ml of distilled water or vodka

    (100*10)/150 = 6.5 – 7ml of solution. every three days

    Taking a microdose on Day 1. Then do NOT take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3.

    Then, take another microdose on Day 4. As explained.

    Few other questions:

    Is my math correct
    Is water or vodka better
    How shelf stable will be the other 4 pellets be – should they last a couple of months if I keep them in a mason jar or container, room temp, in the dark?

    Looking forward to start and also purchase the Microdosing Course once these questions are answered!


  13. Avatarmonica levy says

    Hello John,
    My dose is in a sugar cube!
    This will of course take up some volume in the liquid. Do I just work with the same 100ml (ish) ratio and hope for the best and will the sugar suggest i should stick to either water or alcohol.

  14. AvatarAlbert Alpert says

    Is it ok to use 99% Isopropyl alcohol for volumetric work? I’m thinking it would have to be diluted with a bit of water or something before ingesting.

    • AvatarChemosensorium says

      Please don’t use isopropyl alcohol! From Wikipedia: “Isopropyl alcohol and its metabolite, acetone, act as central nervous system (CNS) depressants, and around 15 g of isopropyl alcohol can have a toxic effect on a 70-kg human if left untreated. Poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation, or skin absorption.” 15 g of isopropyl alcohol is about 15 ml. So if you followed the 1 tab in 100 ml -> 10 ml microdose strategy, this would be very risky. Diluting 10 ml of isopropyl alcohol in water is not going to help, because you would still be ingesting 10 ml of isopropyl alcohol. Please just buy some vodka or Everclear. Or you can buy distilled water at a grocery store, Walgreens, CVS, etc. If you search online, you can buy distilled water from Target for $0.99.

    • Avatari feel pretty oh so pretty says

      Wow dude, don’t use isopropyl! You could die….
      How about you just use Vodka, a chemical you know is safe to take in small proportions!

      Wow I’m amazed by people experimenting with things in such a senseless way.

      All you have to do is dilute a 100ug tab in 100ml of vodka to get a 5-10ml dose for easy maths. 10ml would give you a 10ug dose.
      Why make it any harder?

    • AvatarJoshua Smith says

      AKA rubbing alcohol. Not at all the same as drinking alcohol which is ethyl alcohol. Drinking isopropyl can cause all sorts of problems, including coma and death.
      Please tell me you know how to use an internet search engine and aren’t relying on these message boards for answers to things like this… Maybe you already drank the rubbing alcohol?

  15. Avatarbe serious says

    Wow man, don’t use isopropyl, you could die… who knows!

    How about you just stick with the safe, easy to access chemicals like vodka and water.
    100ml of vodka for a 100ug tab… simple, cheap and easy.
    10ml would give you 10ug does.
    5ml would give you a 5ug dose.

    I’m amazed how people would go out of their way to make this harder or more dangerous!
    Just keep it simple!

  16. AvatarEdward Park says

    I measured it out so 10ml of vodka would equal a microdose. Could I mix this with juice in the morning when taking it? Does that have any sort of effect on the LSD like how tap water can affect a LSD tab? Will it make my microdose less potent?

  17. AvatarHarry says

    I have a 30 mil container, I assume 3-100ug tabs then?
    Dropper measures 1ml so a full dropper would be the same as the original post measurement?

  18. AvatarBarse S Scott says

    “It’s really simple. All you need is a small bottle, a 1ml syringe, and some distilled water or alcohol.” So you say. Is that why all the comments here are from folks who can’t figure out how to do it? It is “really simple”: for you. Like computers, not everyone has your experience. Much easier to cut up a hit of acid. Maybe some micro-doses will be smaller/larger than others when one does this. Anyone who has experience with LSD is not going to freak out from an eighth of a hit, even if they do trip a little bit. I don’t think folks who have no experience with LSD should start with micro-dosing.

  19. AvatarRessid Noel says

    I started putting a 100ug 1P-LSD blotter into 100ml of distilled water. Taking 7ml/7ug of this liqiuid already has a recognizable effect on me. Meaning I become a bit more calm/ in deeper touch with myself, but also more anxious if in the wrong environment ( something I can more or less control or let go as an abstract emotion etc. etc.)
    My question would be, if this is already ‘all’ one is supposed to ‘feel’ during microdosing days. I did not dare to microdose during work/uni yet since I wanted some time to experience the effects in a safe environment.
    Somewhere on the internet i read, that you’re supposed to take at least 10ug, if it is 1P even up to 25ug. Is this true? Or is it just fine to do as little as possible until you feel ‘something’, as light as it may be?
    Thank you guys for the help!

    • AvatarTom says

      I’ve found that a little goes a long way. The idea behind microdosing isn’t to trip. The effects should be subtle, but still somewhat perceptible. It sounds like that’s exactly what you’re getting out of it.

      If I were you, I would just stick to the quantity you’re taking now. I also strongly suggest microdosing on university days, especially if you’re attending a lecture or working on research. It’s an enjoyable yet manageable experience. Good luck!

  20. AvatarBrandon says

    Hey, I was wondering if you were to buy the lsd off the streets, how’re you to know why ug the tabs are?. Want to make sure before I test it

  21. Avatarbuddamommy says

    hi i was wondering if u could backward the process. meaning if i disolved 100ug in 10ml, is there any ways that i can put 100ug of lsd back into 1tab form? thank u

    • AvatarBritt at The Third Wave says

      Hi buddamommy,

      Unfortunately, once it’s been dissolved there is no way that I know of to reduce it back to a concentrated form.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll do my best to help out!

      – Britt at The Third Wave

  22. AvatarLSD+CBD says

    Wondering if you can use a CBD tincture instead of water/alcohol to titrate the LSD? Contents of the tincture: CBD extract, MCT oil, lemon essential oil, ginger, turmeric herbs, and stevia.

    • Avatarno says

      I am wondering as well, did you find out yet?
      Would love to hear your experience,
      My tincture contents would be: MCT oil, THC extract and liquid sunflower licithin

    • AvatarKatherineB says

      I’d love to know how this went! I’m looking at microdosing for chronic cluster headaches, but also take CBD for cPTSD. The microdosing could help both.

  23. AvatarIvan Ponyrev says

    How long should I allow the tablets to dissolve in the water? I’ve sen some sources say ‘shortly before injesting’ and others that suggest a couple of days. I was planning on about a twelve hour period overnight. Is this too short? Too long? Obviously I want even distribution without serious decay of the drug.

    • AvatarMatthieu says

      As you mention – people say different things. I get perfect results after 24h! (In ethanol / distilled water mix).

    • AvatarMatthieu says

      That is even easier. I did that too. The math is the same (you will need to know how much is in your bottle though).
      So i put it in a bottle with ethanol and distilled water- that’s all.

  24. AvatarPati says

    Can I use Rum instead of Vodka and would a night be enough to soak it ? I would try it out tomorrow

    • AvatarCosmoBeamer says

      You can order 1p-lsd online legally, depending on the country you are in. For most vendors you need some form of a cryptocurrency, but the quality seems to be top-notch if you pick the right vendor.

      lsd-25 however, is a different story. For that, you are going to have to either find a street-dealer (who knows what it really is) or order of the dark web (use a testing kit first please).

      I recommend the first option.

      Good luck!

  25. AvatarJake says

    Surely an easy way to do this would be to buy vodka miniature bottles which are pre-filled with 50 ml. Drop 100 µg tab into bottle, leave it for a few days, and then use a 5 ml syringe to extract 5 ml of liquid. This will give you a 10 µg dose and the bottle will contain 10 doses.

  26. AvatarCake says

    How long will LSD dissolved in vodka will last? I did this around a year ago, all this time the bottle was in dark place wrapped in foil. In worst case it will be just like drinking vodka, right?

  27. AvatarEric D says

    This is a great post. In the 90s I used to have a bottle of water in my fridge that I had dissolved some acid in. I would take a shot some mornings, and forget about it, then later wonder why I was smiling all day.

    Ah! I remember….

    This is the best way.

    I’m going to try it in whiskey tomorrow.

    • AvatarEric D says

      Got a bottle of Tequila instead.
      Now is it okay to put it right in the freezer?
      People around here usually keep their tequila in the freezer anyway, just worried that the extreme cold temperature might keep the (5) hits of blotter from dissolving.

  28. AvatarMike says

    Hi all,
    I’ve been microdosing here and there for a while, and I expected this to happen eventually, but yesterday my scissor-cut dose may have been a tad too large haha. It’s not that I felt any visual distortions/perceptions, but actually had some weird feeling in my abdomen. Is it normal to feel a heaviness in your belly…not a pain, or nausea per se, but just heavy? Anyway, it lasted a few hours, it was unpleasant, yet somewhat familiar like the shroom experiences I’ve had. Is this avoidable?

  29. AvatarCxF says

    How would you create a volumetric mix with a 200mg capsule?
    Goal: end product microdosing via dropper for sublingual – but open to suggestions.

  30. AvatarNobody Special says

    just finished my second week MD but even as a newbie I thought I’d share my volumetric mixing approach. I ordered all these lab bits and pieces for super accurate measuring; variable pipette and nozzles, mixing cones, inject-able water for clean dilution, and some 30ml syringes. Funny thing, out of all of that the LSD and 30ml syringes showed up first. So I got to thinking, why bother with all these double steps, I’ll just dissolve it in the syringe.

    Note — this mix was converting a 100ug LSD tab to 10ug/ml liquid. Please be safe and double/triple check your own math.

    Steps — cut off a tab with tweezers and a razor blade — pull the plunger out of the syringe — drop the tab into the empty syringe — put the plunger back in — push all the air out — suck up 10ml of gin (all I had in the freezer) — shake the tab and leave it to dissolve for a while — to dose, give it a good shake, then squirt out 1ml into a teaspoon, leaving the rest in the syringe and store it in the fridge. I usually hold the 1ml gin dose in my mouth for a minute before down the hatch.

    Tab strength / syringe liquid measure = LSD strength per 1ml
    100ug / 10ml syringe liquid = 10ug/1ml
    150ug / 15ml syringe liquid = 15ug/1ml
    200ug / 20ml syringe liquid = 10ug/1ml

    Just made up the next week’s syringe in 5min, and since I’m mixing with gin I’ll try leaving it in the freezer, I saw someone here asked about that.

    This might not be the place to share, but some people trying MD aren’t regular recreational drug users, so here’s my tip for those without a go-to drug dealer. It takes some setting up but worth it. Order your LSD online via the Dark Web, order local, not international to avoid customs. Find a reputable vendor and ask them about MD, mine knew all about it which gave me confidence in their tabs.

    Steps — download Tor browser, you’ll need this to access the Darknet — go to site http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/ for a list of Darknet vendors — choose vendor (please don’t ask me to recommend one, do some research as they go down from time to time) — create an account — search a vendor in your country for LSD/or other (even add microdosing) — transfer some bitcoins — place your order — get your LSD in the mail.

    For added security I installed Tor on a removable SD card, I use PGP (GPGTools) to encrypt my address to the vendor, and I use a VPN. Yep, it’s a bit techy, might take a little while to get it going and likely need some more Google research, but super easy once it’s setup. You are still buying illegal drugs so weigh up the risks yourself.

    • AvatarBritt at The Third Wave says

      Hello Mp,

      I would only recommend using regular distilled water. I don’t know for sure but I wouldn’t risk contaminating or altering the LSD due to the witch hazel.

      – Britt @ The Third Wave

  31. AvatarChros says

    Ok, Just making sure Im not doing my math wrong; If I dissolve 200u into 30 ml, and I want a 10ug dose, then I should be taking 1.5ml, right?

    • AvatarArne says

      You weren’t listening in grade 3 when the teacher taught cross-multiplication? Well, neither was I to be honest. Anyway, your question can be expressed as 200 over 30 equals 10 over question-mark:

      200 10
      ___ = ___
      30 ?

      Multiply the available diagonal and then divide by what’s left, so:

      Step 1: 30 x 10 = 300
      Step 2: 300 / 200 = 1.5

      …so yeah, 1.5 ml. And I’m not trying to be pedantic (that happens without any effort on my part), I just see a lot of people here who are having trouble doing the calculations.

  32. AvatarZiggy says


    So just just received 10 tabs of 200ug orange sunshine – 2000ug in total

    Can i go ahead and put this directly into a bottle of 200ml absolute vodka.

    Am i right in saying is will be the same as this – 200ug / 20ml syringe liquid = 10ug/1ml


  33. AvatarDanielle says

    I somehow think the piece of paper completely dissolved (not just the lsd with a square of paper remaining at the bottom) in my dropper bottle. Is that even possible?

    • AvatarDacian Empire says

      Good question Danielle!
      The Blotter paper is usually made from rice.
      If the paper is fully dissolved than that’s what you have.

  34. AvatarJoe says

    Hi there, just wondering if the blotter dissolves completely or you need to remove it from the bottle once you are done with the infusion?

  35. AvatarMonique Hinds says

    Hey how does acid interact in food? For example, if i were to make the liquid lsd and use the droppers in a cold dish where no heat was used, would I still feel the effects?

  36. AvatarSean Murray says

    If someone were to place a 200ug tab into 10ml of vodka in a pippete bottle would one drop be 20ug.

  37. AvatarAlbert Hoffmann says

    A simpler way to do this is to take a ruler and a sharpie and make 10 equal marks on the side of a bottle. Then fill the bottle to the top of the uppermost line with distilled water. To dose, just sip to the top of the next line down and Bob’s your Marley!

    Since tabs vary in potency, and everyone experiences it differently, to regulate doseage it’s easy enough to sip a 1/2 or 3/4 of a dose, or do 1.5, etc.

    • AvatarMarian says

      It might spoil it faster due to the flavoring having an expiration date. But if you plan on mixing lower doses then that shouldn’t be a problem.

  38. AvatarCj says

    Fill a jar with distilled water and place in the gel tabs then run the jar under hot water shaking it a bit for a while until it eventually dissolves the gel tabs

  39. Avatargirche says

    Hey guys.i live in iran and there is only one alcholic product here call “Distillated ethanol 96 %”
    is that good for use ? please some one answer me please

  40. AvatarDajzlr says

    Heres gold for everyone thank me later:
    Take a perfume tester open and clean out in water or alc. Of your choice. Leave a tab in for a few days take papwr out and reseal.

    You now have the most stealth practical and precise microdosing tool thats travel friendly too.

  41. Avatarahmad says

    hey guys.I read LSD microdosing page in thirdwave but the most important question is :
    how long i got to continue microdosing ? is there a goal to achieve ? is bad to microdose forever in your life? these are the most important questions to me.

  42. AvatarZack S says

    After letting the LSD Dilute in distilled water is it best to keep the fridge? Is it ok to leave the bottle at room temp? Also, what is the best way to store LSD Tabs for future use. Thanks!

  43. AvatarJ Ginger says

    I don’t have tabs, I have liquid… was wondering how to do the math with a dropper instead of a tab..!?

  44. AvatarRaul says

    I have LSD in liquid form, each drop is from 100mg to 150mg, depending of the bottle, how do I make the volumetric intro water or alcohol? Anyone?

  45. AvatarRyder Bouldin says

    I am wanting to start back up but I have a question.. I started microdosing a few years ago and have two bottles of the lsd/ distilled water mixture that have been in a cabinet in bottles that have been wrapped in tape to block light.. for a few years.. maybe 4yrs.. not sure. But that was 95%of the lsd I have/had..
    what are the chances that it is still good for microdosing?

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