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Psychedelics and Learning Languages
with Idahosa Ness

Summary of Podcast:

Idahosa Ness runs “The Mimic Method,” a website that promises to help you learn foreign languages quickly by immersing you in their sounds and pronunciations. We talk to Idahosa about his experiences with cannabis and other psychedelics, and how they have improved his freestyle rapping, increased his motivation to learn new languages, and helped the growth of his business.

The Mimic Method is the language philosophy that Idahosa came up with while learning Portugese in Brazil, back in 2010. He realised, while listening to Brazilian music, the importance of hearing and pronunciation when trying to learn a foreign language rapidly.

Now he runs the successful website which teaches language “backwards,” with pronunciation first and grammatical rules last.

Idahosa says that his passion for learning new languages comes from wanting to connect with people from different cultures. He doesn’t particularly care about language rules, but he cares about communicating with people around the world. He believes that The Mimic Method is the best way to start having conversations with people in foreign languages.

When it comes to psychedelics, Idahosa is pretty new to the scene. In college Idahosa developed a passion for freestyle rapping – and he found that smoking cannabis helped him get into the “flow” state and rhyme more fluently.

The fact that cannabis increased Idahosa’s creativity led him to investigate other psychedelics. His first LSD experience was only a few months ago, in Australia. He had a very positive experience – he describes seeing the normal rules that we all live by projected into abstractions. The problems humanity creates for itself became clearer, and living became more about nature and simplicity.

Since then, Idahosa has been microdosing once or twice a week. He reports enhancements in focus, productivity, and creativity with no downsides. You can hear the amazement in his voice as he describes his surprise at finding such an effective medicine which costs so little compared to typical pharmaceuticals.

Currently, Idahosa is investigating how set and setting can influence the psychedelic experience. He wants to discover new potential uses of psychedelics by manipulating the environments in which we take them. He hopes that, in the future, people will be able to invent new ways of using psychedelics for creative purposes.

Show Links:

The Mimic Method – learn languages “by ear”

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“Stealing Fire” by Steven Kotler – how we can use psychedelics to accelerate learning and growth

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