Third Wave

Community The Message Is Out Of The Bottle: A Psychedelic Sea-Change At ‘Breaking Convention’
Our psychedelic correspondent Rosalind Stone gives her overview of this Breaking Convention 2017 conference.
Rosalind Stone · August 28th, 2017
Third Wave An Entrepreneur Experimented With Psychedelics and Discovered an Important Lesson
Listen to our interview with Idahosa on The Third Wave Podcast! After years of exploring and innovating, Idahosa Ness is doing something […]
Jack Firneno · May 8th, 2017
Third Wave The Third Wave’s Manifesto

This is the shortened manifesto of how the term 'Third Wave Psychedelic' came to be. 

Paul Austin · October 12th, 2015
Third Wave What Is The Third Wave of Psychedelics?

In this article, discover how the Third Wave of Psychedelics came to be, and what defines it as a current trend. 

Paul Austin · September 16th, 2015