Healing Escapes VETTED

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Tower Isle, St. Mary Parish, Jamaica
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    2 Reviews on “Healing Escapes”

    • Angelina V. 12 months ago

      I was seeking direction to process and heal from some painful personal trauma, and I got more than what I had hoped with my experience with Healing Escapes in Jamaica. With some expected nervousness, I was greeted with extremely personable clinician staff that took care of my comforts as a traveler, and took care of my every need with warm hospitality, setting an amazing tone for the entire retreat. After getting to know me, they tended to every intention I sought. The Jamaiican retreat site was cozy, stunning and peaceful. The safe space the staff and my clinician created with me helped me optimize my journey of self-exploration emotionally and spiritually. My journey changed me. I was able to gain perspective in a way unforseen. Post-journey, I was able to make more meaning-making with my clinician who provided excellent insight and guidance on my next personal steps of healing. My clinician discussed with me about the stages of grief, and I feel like I went through all the stages in an incredible amount of time, and left the retreat feeling more self-liberated and healed from my trauma. I cannot be more thankful and highly recommend this experience, especially to individuals, couples or family members who may be both curious and nervous as they take the upmost care of you. Also I recommend the art, journaling activities and yoga classes, and the exquisite dining and walks on the beach were all nourishing and key elements to my journey, and which brought the entire experience into a holisitic mind, body and heart reset. So much gratitude! See you next year! Cannot thank you enough!!!

    • Diana H. 1 year ago

      Positively, Life-changing. A professionally run and incredible fun retreat. Highly recommend for anyone contemplating a personalized method to navigate through grief, loss and bettering one’s relationship with themselves and inner circle.


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