Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Tower Isle, St. Mary Parish, Jamaica
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    1 Review on “Mycelia”

    • Maria F. 3 weeks ago

      I brought my 77 year old mother with me to share in the experience and felt completely at ease and safe for us each to have our own journey. We didn’t worry about each other because the staff was so attentive and dedicated to anticipating needs and providing the extra support above and beyond for a handicapped elder. Troy the director was very informative and responsive before we got there and ensured everyone was well taken care of down to every last detail through the entire retreat and even post retreat as we stayed an extra night and day to integrate at another location. They keep the groups small and intimate ensuring personalized support. The mountain villa with it’s panoramic views was clean, gorgeous, spacious and comfortable. The nature was magical, the perfect setting for medicine journeys.
      Mother Nature held us so beautifully. I will never forget the bamboo forest canopy with fire flies and camp fire next to the river. This is definitely a unique feature which sets this retreat apart from the others. That and that the staff is knowledgeable, approachable, attentive and sweet. They genuinely care and want you to have the exact intention and experience you envision possible. I personally found the yoga and yoga nidra leading you into your medicine journey to be the perfect primer so you are relaxed, inward going and expansive to receive. The chef was great, accommodating special diets for our vegan friend and the massage was also great. This is a lovely retreat in safe space with lots of relaxing free time with like minded people and amazing support staff for experiencing psylocibin with your intention.

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