6 Day Ayahuasca Retreat - Tulum, MX

Ayahuasca Retreat in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    7 Reviews on “6 Day Ayahuasca Retreat - Tulum, MX”

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      Great experience

      Overall an amazing experience. The facilities were lovely, the process itself was tough but deeply meaningful, and the staff and facilitators absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend.

      -Karen, Pennsylvania

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      Amazing homely and safe experience!

      For those of you who wish to try Ayuasca because you think it is a fun experience. I highly recommend you rethink it. For those of you who are doing the inner work and wish to accelerate, this is the right place! This retreat is a safe space for you to go through what comes up as part of your inner work for you. Every aspect of the retreat feels homely and exudes love and care, be it the shamans, the food, or the environment. I highly recommend this place!

      -Simon, Switzerland

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      Words cannot describe this experience

      I am still integrating this retreat! It was a great experience working with Ayahuasca. I had tried other plant medicines but this one really opened my heart to so much in my life. The most healing and transformational retreat I have been to. The staff is so loving, supportive and as soon as you walk into the space, you feel the safety of the container. My life is completely changed. I have so many tools and insights to work with and so grateful that Samskara offers post retreat integration support! That is so important to me.
      -Cullen, CA

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      Not Like Any Other- Amazing

      The location, staff, shaman and organizers at Samskara are incredible! You can tell they have been doing this for a very long time. Very professional, kind, helpful and their ability to hold space was absolutely amazing! The location is like a little slice of heaven. The lush, green jungle and the sounds of the jungle, made each ceremony that much more special.
      The accommodations have air conditioning and are clean. The food was very fresh and you could tell it was prepared with love.
      Upon arrival at Cancun Airport, they had a driver waiting to take me to the location.
      All the extra bonuses you get with Samskara, really make it worth it. The Cacao ceremony, the Temazcal, the extra activities and an amazing massage! The pool is really nice too!
      The music that is played during ceremony was out of this world. This really allowed me to go deep and have such a powerful experience. I could go on and on about this experience and about Samskara! I’m so grateful to have finally found a place that takes deep inner healing and plant medicine seriously! 10/10 Stars!!
      Thank you Samskara!
      Joe, From Houston, Texas

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      This retreat was healing

      I experienced so much in the 6 days that I was at this retreat. I feel like I am still integrating. Highly recommend this retreat. You not only sit in ceremony, you partake in may activities that help your retreat experience. I will be coming back for sure.

      – Pamela, Canada

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      Life changing!

      Definately a retreat you should experience! Anna was great! She was very welcoming, supportive and very organized. The staff was incredible and helped me realize some things around relationships. I didnt expect to receive so much from this retreat. It is not like other places I have sat with the medicine. Highly recommend Samskara retreats. I am full of gratitude for the lessons and healing.

      – Ivan, CA

    • Anna R. Provider 1 year ago

      My time at Samskara was by far one of the most transformative events I’ve had in this lifetime. Every little detail of this retreat was immaculate, from the amenities, the beautiful land, and the most beautiful collection of souls/staff members. This place feels like home, family, and love. The way they plan the week of activities and ceremonies to flow effortlessly, and comfortablely made this experience so much easier. The staff is always there for you, no matter what it is, they are so loving and understanding. They know how to make you dig deep in your soul, and provide all of the tools and wisdom for you to use to transform yourself from the inside out. I really cannot say enough great things about this place. It was there I met my true self and was shown my purpose and direction in life, and I cannot thank this team enough for hosting such a life changing experience. The knowledge and love gained here does not go to waste, it is being spread on everything I touch and its beautiful to see. I will be back to visit anytime Aya calls. xoxo



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